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Gabriella is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

While at the block party, she starts performing her singing with a band on the porch, singing in Spanish. While performing and dancing, she notices a man standing with her brother Cypriano staring at her. She starts singing in English and approaches Bo singing and dancing around him saying he will fall in love with her. Bo is grinning and tries to keep his eyes on her as she goes around him. When she finishes the song, Cypriano and his friend come over, introducing her as Gabriella. She says it’s Gaby. Bo says she sounds sweeter than a summer breeze whispering through a stand of Mississippi pine. She laughs and says they are not from LA. Luke asks what gave them away. She tells them they have frijoles, chimichanas, quesadillas and Bo says he doesn’t know that but if she hums a few bars he’ll do his best. She tells him to come on and pulls Bo over to the food.

After they get something to eat, she and Bo sit together and she feeds him some food from her plate. Luke remarks about Bo not letting their problems affect his appetite, making her laugh and Bo asks that if he stops eating would their problems be over, making her laugh harder. Cypriano tells them they found the Dukes' RV.

She goes with Cypriano, Bo, and Luke to Tio Paco’s to learn that Tio had the RV and they chopped it. Tio says all that was in the RV was a moving bag. She follows Bo as he goes to get it, confirming it is their snakes. Bo explains how it is an anti-left system. Her and Bo talk while the others fret about the RV’s contents.

When Bo and Luke arrive at her house the next morning, she runs out saying that Cypriano called and he is at Tio Paco’s and found information about the people who stole their RV. Luke says for them to check it out and picks her up to help her in the General. She comments ‘okay’ and sits by Bo in the car.

After arriving, Tio Paco shows them credit card receipts to show them that whoever stole Bo and Luke’s RV had been following them from Hazzard. Bo shows them to her while he looks over them. They listen to Bo and Luke debate on who could have followed them for the tapes. She asks that they don’t know any of the people who are after them and Bo remarks it may be their fatal charm. They all hear a tow truck outside and become alarmed. She follows Bo and Luke outside to see them talk to Deacon and end up befriending her after showing her their rattlesnake security device.

She meets Deacon and when Deacon offers to take them to her junk yard for a transmission, she goes and gets in the General. When Deacon says about there being no snake lose in the car, she smiles as Bo pulls out a corn snake to prove Deacon wrong.

After arriving at Deacons, Deacon offers them a transmission for $600. When they learn she makes BBQ, Bo smiles to Gabriella before asking Deacon to try her BBQ and telling her he’s had better. When she tries the BBQ Bo and Luke have, she agrees to make a deal with them to get the recipe.

She watches Bo and Luke get the transmission. While they are out back working on the General, she brings them both Mexican punch of pineapple and mango. She says it’s her favorite. Bo tells her it’s great and is drinking that what makes her so pretty. She laughs saying he has such a line and she loves it. She goes back inside to help Deacon make her BBQ, periodically looking at Bo.

She sits in an old car with Bo and he explains how he spent most of his time trying to hook a ride on the NASCAR circuit. Bo asks what about her and she says she only sings for fun. She says she is finishing her business degree but that isn’t what she wants. Bo asks what does she want. She says she wants a husband, four kids, two dogs, and a horse. Bo is stunned. Bo tells her she has it all figured out. She says all except the husband, looking at Bo. They kiss. Bo asks if that is her heart he hears racing or his.

Luke pulls up and says they need to get back to camp as something is wrong with ‘Rosco’s hiney’. They arrive and she meets Cletus and Cooter, who are trying to keep Rosco from leaving. She holds onto Bo’s arm in surprise, not knowing what is going on when Anita Blackwell arrives.

While Luke goes off with Anita, she sits with Bo by the camp fire waiting for him to come back.

After Enos arrives and Luke leaves with him, she and Bo go for a walk. They sit on a set of stairs and look at the stars. She asks what Bo will do when it’s over and Bo says he’ll probably go back east and hitch a ride on that old NASCAR. She says they will never see each other again and Bo says he really hopes she’s wrong about that. She starts singing ‘Somewhere between your heart and mine’ and Bo quickly cuts her off asking that she knows that song. She says yes and Bo says it’s a Merle Haggard song. She confirms it and Bo starts playing it on the guitar. She sings again with him playing. Bo starts singing with her. After they finish the song they kiss. They are interrupted by Cooter calling over the radio. Cooter says he needs to go to the Bloody Bucket and when Bo asks why Cooter says ‘because it’s Saturday’.

She and Bo meet up with Luke and Enos at the Bloody Bucket, watching Igor and Patch do business about the tapes. They chase after Patch as he leaves, but Cooter calls over the CB saying Rosco is in trouble. She gets in the General as Enos goes to save Rosco.

When they arrive at the warehouse and Patch goes in, Bo and Luke decide they can’t wait and head in. Bo says she better wait in the car and she agrees before asking Bo if his life is always this exciting. Bo crouches down saying it was dull as dirt until he met her and maybe it’s their chemistry. Luke bodily drags Bo away. She gives Bo a thumbs up as he runs away then lays back in the car.

She wakes up early the next morning when a car arrives to see Bo and Luke still haven’t returned and Igor has arrived. Worried she grabs the C.B. calling for Cooter, Cypriano or anyone else. She then starts the General and drives away to find help.

Gabriella drives around, calling for help. Daisy answer the CB. And she explains that Bo and Luke followed the one eyed man into a warehouse, then more bad men showed up and asks where she is. Daisy says she’s on Pico and she tells Daisy to go west before speeding off in the General to meet Daisy.

She and Daisy find Bo and Luke cornered in an ally. After Bo and Luke run over to the General, the three Dukes get in and Bo drives away. The back window is shot out, making her yell and she yells for Cypriano or Deacon over the CB. She continues to call for them when she gets no response. When they hear Cypriano tell them over the CB that they rammed into the second car they all cheer and Luke says ‘that’s your brother’ to which she says she knows. As Bo takes another hard turn she yells for him to be careful.

They pull onto a number of movie sets to escape Patch and after Patch flips they escape home free.

They celebrate the money they raised at the camp site that night, Gabby hugging Bo.

Her, her brother, and some of his friends go out to Hazzard in a bus. When she arrives she greets Bo and Luke, jumping off the bus into Bo’s arms and he hugs her. She tells him that she missed him and walks with him. She attends the Toby Keith concert with Bo.