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Gail Flatt is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


R.I.P. Henry Flatt[]

Henry’s daughter. While working at the youth center as a gymnast, she jumps off the bars to see Bo and Luke. She greets them and asks if she can help them. They say yes and Luke asks Bo to excuse them before Henry arrives. When the boys ask to speak to him alone, he says Gail already knows all about his past. The Dukes explain how Boss plans to build a housing company over Henry's 'grave' where he faked his death. When Henry gets upset thinking it’s all over, she tells him to keep good thoughts. When Henry gets an idea, he borrows the van and she goes outside with Bo and Luke to see him off. After Bo runs off with a few girls, she and Luke go back upstairs.

Luke gets a guitar and sings for her as he plays. She comments he sure knows how to take a girls mind off her worries. Luke asks about her father being a con man and she says the few times she saw him while growing up and she believed he was a lawyer and it wasn’t until the youth center that she learned what he was. She comments she doesn’t know who has benefited more, the kids or her dad.

When Henry returns, Bo comes over and she asks if Henry got the donation he wanted. Henry says he needs to go back to Hazzard and she says she is going with them and to give her a minute to get dressed. On their way out she asks Peggy to watch the center while they are gone.

When they enter Hazzard, they are chased by Rosco and Enos. Her father admits to them that he stole a body to put in his grave. When the back door is knocked open, the coffin nearly slips out. Her and Henry grab it and she calls for Luke, who comes to help them. She gets the door closed and manages to climb back up front as Bo stops the van. She gets out of the van with Luke and meets Enos before moving to the back with the others. Rosco tells them to open the van. When they show the body to Rosco, Luke distracts him and they all leap in the van as Bo drives away. As they escape, she asks Henry how he could have done that and Henry says no one has ever claimed him. Luke learns about a number on the body and tells her and Henry to run to the farm. Bo pulls over and they run into the woods to cut to the Duke’s home. They arrive at the Duke farm and wait until Enos leaves before going inside.

Later she eats with the Duke men as they discuss the tattoo. After learning Boss is framing Daisy for the body, they steal Jesse’s truck and head to the Boar’s Nest when Bo and Luke pull them over. After Alex and Boss move the coffin into the pickup at the Boar’s Nest, her and Henry take it out before leaving in the pickup, putting the casket in Boss' car.

After they get a call from Daisy, they go to the Veterans Cemetery and start digging with Jesse. After Daisy arrives and they put the body in the hole, she helps Daisy and Jesse cover it up. They confront Boss when he arrives, explaining that they legally claimed the body and his plans are gone.

During the military funeral, Gail and Daisy put the flowers on the grave.