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Garbade's Girl is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Road Pirates[]

While at home she gets a phone call. She answers it as Tri-county video and when Boss says he would like to confirm a shipment from Mr. Garbade she says she will have to check the records for him, flipping through a magazine. She pulls out a small card saying that there is $100,000 in merchandise of color t.v. sets headed for Mr. Garbade’s warehouse in Nashville by way of Hazzard county. Boss hangs up on her.

Later Garbade comes to see her and she tells him that she already has a necklace lined up to buy with the money from their latest hijack. He uses the phone and when he hangs up she tells him she wants to talk about the bracelet to go with the necklace and he agrees to talk about it as they kiss.