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Gary Butler is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


A Baby for the Dukes[]

Shortly after setting up an office in Hazzard, he is approached by Bo and Luke Duke in his office, asking about Mary Lou Tompkins' rights to her baby Jamie even though Emerson P. Craig has a court order saying he has full custody. He tells the boys the court order doesn’t matter if they can get a Judge from Hazzard to make a ruling for a thirty day stay. He adds that everyone involved has to stay in Hazzard county. The boys shake his hand, thanking them and he watches them drive out of town.

Twin Trouble[]

Bo goes to see him, explaining that a girl named Cindy was being accused of stealing in Capitol City despite being with him at the time. He tells Bo that without concrete evidence, it's just Bo's word against Luke's. Bo thanks him and they shake hands before he goes back into the office.