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Gate Guard, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

While working at the gate of JJ Carver’s estate, he sees the General Lee pull up. He exits the gate before approching the driver asking for their names. Bo says they are Bo and Luke Duke. He checks the manifest and says they are expected. He adds sthat he hopes they don’t mind but they have to check the boys and their luggage. He says there are no cameras, tape recorders, or weapons allowed inside. He tells them to step out and Bo agrees saying the most dangerous thing they brought was their personalities. The boys get out and he pats Bo down, who says he’s sorry they ain’t pretty and female. Hethen tells Bo that Mr. Carver is expecting them and to drive through the gate and down the road. Bo thanks him and they drive away, Luke telling them to keep smiling.

Later he opens the gate so everyone can go to the track.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

He opens the gate to let the Dukes leave for town.

He opens the gate to allow J.J. Carver's guests enter the property.

Later when the FBI raid the estate, he is arrested along with all of Carver's associates.