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Gerry is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Gerry lives in the swamp with her grandfather and her sister, rarely seeing other people.


Treasure of Hazzard[]

While her and her sister are in the woods they see Bo walking under their net and they drop it on him. The two run over to restrain him, surprising him. Bo tells them to let him up as he fights to get free. Sam says he sounds pretty and Gerry looks at him, saying ‘better than that, he is real pretty’. Gerry announces that Bo is hers and Sam asks who said. When Sam says she trapped him, Gerry protests that she saw Bo first. Bo asks them to let him up saying ‘there’s enough of me to go around for the both of ya’. She tells Sam to turn Bo loose as she isn’t sharing. Bo nearly gets free but they are all stunned by the arrival of Jeb, who fires a gun to get their attention. When her grandfather tells her to move out of the way, she hangs onto Bo’s arm to prevent her grandfather from shooting at him. Jesse, Luke, and Laura arrive and Jesse says that Bo is his nephew. Jeb tells the girls to turn Bo loose. She stands by Bo’s side as he stands up.

At the house, the girls sit on either side of Bo. Bo explains’ they are looking for the Cumberland Marker. She gets excited saying Jeb taught her how to read from the rock and she can find it with her eyes closed. She stands up offering to show Bo where it is. Bo agrees and stands up to go with her. When her sister tries to show Bo she tells him she knows the long way back. Jeb tells them that neither of them are going to show Bo the marker. They are disappointed when their grandfather says Bo is not allowed back.

Her and her sister are boating on the marsh the next day, sitting up front. They notice to their alarm that two people in a speed boat are aiming to ram them. They try to turn out of the way but they are hit and knocked into the water. Seeing Bo and Luke approaching, they wave them over. Bo mistakes her for Sam and tells her to give him her hand and he’ll get her aboard. He comments ‘get up here sweetheart’ and pulls her out of the water. Bo cheers for her and she thanks him before saying she isn’t Sam. Bo says there has got to be a way to tell them apart. They chase after the ones who ram them down with Bo and Luke.

They arrive on the land and Bo takes her hand, running to where they heard a gunshot. She watches Bo and Luke stop the thieves with dynamite arrows before chasing them on foot with her sister and Daisy. They catch James, tacking him to the ground before watching Daisy knock out Stacy, cheering for her.

After her and her sister leave with Bo in one of the speed boats.