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Gold Fever

Gold Fever is the second episode of season two in The Dukes of Hazzard.

A shady character claiming to be a Texas millionaire, pays Boss Hogg $25,000 to store gold bars in the Hazzard Bank vault. It isn't long before the gold bars are stolen and Bo and Luke blamed. However, the Duke boys discover the bars are made of lead, and that the con man is trying to defraud Boss out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Balladeer: In Hazzard County when you see the Duke boys barreling’ along, you can bet something’s cooking. Now you know there are some people who would rather eat a live rattle snake head first than to sit down in a dentist’s chair, and your lookin’ at one of them. Matter of fact I could have said that getting Jesse to see a dentist was like pulling teeth, but I got my pride.

After getting a tip from Cooter,  Bo and Luke rush after Homer Willis, a traveling dentist with Jesse in the back seat. Jesse doesn’t want to go but Bo and Luke are not taking no for an answer. After catching Homer, Jesse refuses to open his mouth and Luke makes a comment about ‘Widow Campbell’ coming to see Jesse in the middle of the night, distracting him long enough to be given a sedative.  Homer tells them he needs to go to Spenser Creek but he will be back at four. Bo and Luke try to take the drugged Jesse home.

As they drive they nearly crash into a car. Both cars get ran off the road and the new car’s axel snaps. The occupants mention that they sabotaged their own car. They get out and confront Bo and Luke but Harkness, the car owner, gets out to break it up. He asks them about a garage and before Bo and Luke call, the three show off their shooting skills.

Hazard Garage

Harkness talks to Cooter about the car. After learning that it will take a day and a half, Luke offers to show them the Hotel and he asks instead to show him the bank.

Bank of Hazzard

Bo and Luke take Harkness to the Bank and Boss has Rosco take the boys out. Boss and Harkness talk and they agree to let Harkness use the bank vault for the night for $25,000. Buck and Dusty get the items from the car and they show Boss a number of what appears to be gold bars valued at three million dollars. Boss signs a promissory note for the gold before unlocking the vault to allow them to place the gold inside.

Balladeer: Boss is offering H.H. Harkness the use of his deluxe loan car, a deluxe suite at his hotel, and an invite to a deluxe lunch at the Boar’s Nest. You know the smell of big money can turn Boss from a Hogg to a pussy cat. Now I smell a con, and you smell a con, now why you reckon Boss can’t?

Enos opens the door to let Harkness, Rosco, and Boss out. Harkness leaves with Enos to show him the hotel. In the bank, Boss and Rosco discuss why Bo and Luke would bring Harkness to him. Boss suspects that the boys will try and rob the gold and orders Rosco to find the boys and arrest them until the Texan’s leave.

Duke Farm

Enos and Rosco arrive at the Duke Farm. The Dukes are inside having dinner when they hear Rosco calling them. The four go to see what he wants and he tells them that he is arresting them for the accident. Rosco accuses them of planning a heist, confusing all the Dukes. Bo decides to go out the back door. They go out the back window as Jesse and Daisy distracts Rosco. The boys take off in the cars only to nearly be cut off by Enos, who runs into a hay pile. Rosco rushes after them and crashes into Enos. The two manage to go after the boys again, moving onto the road. Bo and Luke turna around and find the road is blocked and Rosco and Enos are taking up both lanes. The boys drive straight through and escape. Luke decides to go after them and find out what is going on.


At the Bank, Boss has decided to spend the night. However he is distracted when Harkness reminds him he promised him lunch and he would like to discuss future business opportunities. Boss, captivated by the offer, decides to leave with him.

On the buildings, Bo and Luke cross the roofs until they drop into the Garage startling Cooter. They ask Cooter if he has any idea what is going on. Cooter explains that the accident was staged and there was something heavy in the trunk. Bo and Luke fill him in and Enos comes in to talk to Cooter, not registering they were there for a moment before they bolt. Enos tips off Rosco and the officers chases after them.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: In order to impress his visitor, Boss shut the Boar’s nest down, dressed Daisy up, and went whole Hogg.

Daisy is serving Boss and Harkness lunch of chitlens and Champaign. Bo and Luke arrive in the back and sneak in. Daisy notices the boys in the kitchen and when Bo trips into dishes she covers it as rats and excuses herself to take care of it. She asks them what is going on. Rosco radios Boss to tell him that Bo and Luke were at the bank, alarming jo, amd Harkness. They head to the bank, Bo and Luke following to make sure they don’t get blamed for anything.


Boss, Harkness, Rosco, and Enos arrive to find Buck and Dusty on the ground. They say someone stole the gold and Boss says it was the Dukes. Enos says it wasn’t them and even offers to ask them since they are right outside. Harkness shoots at them and Rosco and Enos chase.

Balladeer: You know I think that Texas feller missed on purpose. No reason to shoot the only people he can blame.

Rosco and Enos chase Bo and Luke down a side road, nearly hitting Mr. Terwilliger. The boys escape. Bo and Luke try to figure out who it was when Jesse calls them on the C.B. to let them know Cooter is looking for them and they need to head back into town.

Hazzard Garage

Bo and Luke go to Cooter’s and Cooter asks if they want a hole in the ceiling. They find that the car was stolen. Bo notices Buck and Dusty leaving and the boys decide to follow.


Along the way they pick up Enos and Rosco, but loose them by hiding in a livestock truck. They follow Dusty and Buck again to see where they burry the bars. After the two leave the boys check them out to find they are lead. Luke tells Bo to grab a bar and they head to town to fill in Boss.

Bo and Luke are driving when they hear Rosco come in behind them, Bo tries to run but Luke tells him to stop as they need to work with Rosco now. Rosco is excited as he catches them. He finds the bars in the car and is shocked that they really do have it. He makes Bo drive his car with him and Luke riding back to the bank.


Harkness demands Boss to pay up. Boss explains that he can’t afford that and all he can gather together right now is $100,000. Boss tries to eat the note but Harkness explians he made more.

Duke Farm

Seeing how much Jesse's cavity is bothering him, Daisy wants to call the doctor. Jesse objects and they overhear that Rosco has Bo and Luke. Enos comes on the radio, also doubting the boys are gilty, and Daisy and Jesse leave to help.


Boss hands over what he can. As they leave the bank, Rosco shows them that they have the bars. Harkness, Buck, and Dusty pull out their guns. They shoot out the tires of the cars, Bo and Luke still in Rosco’s, and they run in Boss’ loaner car. As they leave Bo and Luke show Boss that the bars were fake and it was a con. Daisy and Jesse arrive and the Dukes all leave in Daisy’s car after Boss threatens to arrest them if they don’t catch Harkness. Daisy hands over the keys to Bo and they head out.


Bo cuts across country to catch up while Enos and Rosco change tires. The Texans shoot out the radiator as Doc Willis arrives. He stops for the Dukes and Bo drives his RV as Luke tries to fill him in. Luke tells Bo to cut them off at Wilken’s Corners and Bo asks what then. Luke suggests making Molotov cocktails using alochol bottles in the RV. Bo catches them and Luke tries to throw the first one but misses. He misses with the second too, but the third and final shot causes the car to wreck. Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Willis capture them.

Balladeer: Which is how the Dukes with the help of Doc Willis caught three Texas swindlers. Or made it easy for the law to catch ‘em. Boss Hogg got his money back and was so grateful to the Duke boys he paid all of Jesse’s dental bills. And as long as Boss was paying, Doc put in four fillings, three gold inlays and a new bridge, across the creek in front of his house. And as for Doc that was his last job. Being a dentist was just too dang dull for him now. When last heard from he was trying to find an RV drag race. So I guess you could rightfully say that in the end Jesse’s ornery tooth saved old Boss Hogg about $3 million. Which proves there’s not telling how things are gonna connect with the Dukes of Hazzard.

Boss, Rosco, and Enos arrive arresting the three. Willis fixes Jesse’s teeth while Bo, Luke, and Daisy try to keep him calm and in the chair.

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  • Jesse Duke hates dentists