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"Good Neighbors Duke" is the eleventh episode of the third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard


While being chased by Rosco, Bo and Luke crash on a piece of land believed to not be owned by anyone. They soon find out they are wrong, and make friends with the new citizens of Hazzard, the Venables. The Venables are actually federal witnesses named Adam (John Larch) and Esther Venable (Cynthia Leake). Adam testified in a ransom case where $2,000,000 in diamonds disappeared, and now, the Venables are being chased by Hickey Burns (William Mims) and Leroy Little (Spencer Milligan), a pair of bounty hunters who think Adam knows where the diamonds are. The Dukes now have to help the Venables avoid Burns and Little, without getting killed doing it. Also, Boss Hogg mistakenly thinks there is uranium in Hazzard.


Balladeer: Now friends, this meeting of the Hazzard County Two-Part Harmony and Crawfish Chowder Society would lead you to think that the Duke boys have got the world by the tail on a downhill pull. But, it ain’t so.

Bo and Luke drive down the road, singing in the car. Ahead, Rosco hides a Bird Sanctuary sign behind a bush. Bo and Luke pass the sign and Rosco asks Flash if she saw the Duke’s violate the sanctuary. Flash barks at him and he tells her not to fuss at him before chasing after the boys. Bo and Luke notice Rosco and Bo says to find out how bad Rosco wants them. Bo speeds off and tricks Rosco into driving through a fence. Rosco kicks a tire in frustration, making it go flat.

Hazzard Garage

While working on a car, Cooter is approached by two men who greet him. They show Cooter two pictures of people they are looking for, saying they are Josiah Benson. Cooter denies knowing them and the men leave.

Venable Farm

Clayton and Dixon stop by to check on Josiah Benson and his daughter. As they leave Dixon comments on how unfriendly the man is and Clayton explains that he's a government witness who was supposed to deliver a ransom of diamonds, however the diamonds were never found.

Town of Hazzard

The two men who talked to Cooter leave. Leroy is upset that they haven't found the Benson family yet but Hickey reminds him no one ever said bounty hunting was an easy job.

Venable Farm

Luke tells Bo to cut through the old Gaylord Farm and double back on Mill Creek Road. Bo agrees and turns in only to find the Farm is no longer abandoned as they go through a fence into a clothes line. They hear Ester yelling and help her up. The boys apologize, explaining they didn’t know anyone lived there anymore. Adam runs over to confront them and Ester tells him it’s alright. Luke says they will clean up the mess they made and repair what they broke. Bo asks if they just moved in and Adam introduces himself before saying they have been there for a month and don't like strangers. When Bo says he hasn’t seen them around town, Adam says they’re car is broke. Luke offers to take them into town and to look at the car. Adam refuses but Ester convinces him to accept. Bo remarks the man gives him a strange feeling and when Luke asks about the daughter Bo admits he likes her. Ester says they accept and goes to put away some laundry while the boys pick up the mess they made.

Boar’s Nest

Boss shows Rosco a model for his 'Hogg Heights' that he intends to build on the old Gaylord Farm. He calls  Cyrus to buy the farm and is angry to learn it was already sold. He says he told Cyrus to hold the farm and after learning Cyrus forgot he remarks he won’t forget to raise the interest rate on Cyrus’ loans. In the bar, Bo, Luke, Adam, and Ester sit at a table, all except Ester having a beer while she has milk. Rosco comes out to see the Dukes and takes one of the feathers from Daisy’s duster. He announces he’s got the boys and approaches the table. Rosco hands Bo and Luke a summons for illegally entering a bird sanctuary. He shows them the feathers from the duster as evidence and angry, Daisy storms over yelling at him for ruining her fancy duster. She asks what does he think Mr. Venable is going to think of their police department. Boss comes out to hear the name and remembers it was the person who bought the property he wanted. When Boss asks about the Gaylord Farm, Bo and Luke suspect what Boss wants. Boss offers to buy the farm from Adam and Ester claiming that it's no good and they don't even have water, but Adam refuses excusing the four of them from the Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: Them Duke boys was raised to take being good neighbors very seriously. Old Bo even gives it a personal touch.

Town of Hazzard

Bo, Luke, Adam, and Ester pick up some lumber from Yellow Pine Lumber Company. The two bounty hunters spot them and move closer to look. Jesse sees Bo and Luke and pulls over. He asks where have they been and the boys explain before making introductions. The two bounty hunters decide that they are the Benson’s. Bo and Luke head back to the Venable Farm to work on the fence and Jesse agrees to show the two around town and do all the negotiations for them. The Bounty Hunters decide to follow Bo and Luke.

Boar’s Nest

Boss gets an idea and concludes his dream isn’t dead yet. He makes a phone call.

Venable Farm

Bo and Luke conclude that the Venables don’t know anything about farming. They prioritize fixing the fence, cleaning up, fix the car, then they will help dig for water. Meanwhile the bounty hunters sneak into the house. They confirm that the Venables and Benson’s are the same people and plant a bug. Outside Bo finishes with the fence and asks Luke how it looks. Luke says he doesn’t want to know before assuring him it’s fine. They go to look at the car but a van drives by and drops their plate. Bo and Luke decide to chase after them to return the plate. The bounty hunters see Bo and Luke and assume the boys saw them in the house before rushing away. Bo is confused and Luke admits he doesn’t know why they van is suddenly speeding away from them. They run Bo and Luke off the road and Bo and Luke are even more confused. They return to the farm to see the others have returned. They tell Adam and Ester about the license plate and how it came from a van behind the house that went down Abernathy road. Alarmed the two run inside to check everything. After confirming everything is alright, Bo helps them move supplies as Luke checks the car. He finds the car is perfectly fine and notices a newspaper clipping that identifies Venable as Josiah Benson. Luke starts to get concerned.

Bo talks to Ester about her and her father. Ester gets upset when she realizes she can’t tell Bo anything and runs into the house. When Luke approaches Bo swears all he did was ask about her family and Luke tells him he believes him and they leave.

On the road to the Venable home, Boss watches Rosco and Cletus set up a toll booth for $5 to pass. Boss says it’s the only road to the farm and they will have to pay. He asks how long do they think it’ll take for the Venables to give up. Cletus asks if it is legal and Rosco questions the amount. Boss changes it to $15.

Ester feeds the chickens and Adam pulls her aside to talk. She tells him that if he wants to move again, she isn't going with him. On the road, Luke tells Bo about what he learned. Luke says it sounds like trouble and asks if Bo’s friend Polly Ann still works at the Gazette. Bo says she does with a laugh and Luke says to go to Cedar City. They see Cletus at his tool road and Bo asks what that is. He sees the license and Luke gives it to him. They are surprised to learn how much the toll is and Luke says there is no point in paying it since the arm won’t reach high enough to clear them. Cletus says it will and he’ll bet them. He raises it to prove it and the boys say they need to try it. They pass under the arm and leave and Cletus realizes they tricked him. Adam and Ester talk and Adam says he is willing to stay but she insists she can’t let anything happen to him.

Ceder City

Bo and Luke arrive at Ceder City and start looking through Harperville and Henning newspapers. Bo asks what he’s looking for and Luke says anything that says ‘Adam Venable’ or ‘Josiah Benson’.

Venable Farm

Adam calls for Bo and Luke but Jesse answers. He says that he and his daughter are going away for a bit and wanted to leave some stuff with the Dukes. Jesse agrees to have Daisy pick it up. Assuming that the package is the diamonds, Hickey plans to steal it. Rosco and Flash pull up behind the van, noticing it doesn’t have a license plate and approaches the van on foot. He knocks on the van and confronts the bounty hunters. Rosco tells them about the plate and they realize that is why Bo and Luke chased them. They lie to Rosco and say they are looking at a uranium deposit.

While Cletus is patrolling, Daisy arrives. He tells her she has to pay the toll and Daisy says she doesn’t have $15. She asks Cletus is she can borrow $20, which he hands over. She gives him on IOU and pulls away. Cletus realizes after she left that she tricked him.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco tells Boss what he learned and Rosco tells him that they found the plate at the Venable Farm. Boss concludes that the uranium is on the farm and he buys the mineral rights to the farm.

Venable Farm

Cletus continues to man the toll and when Hickey and Leroy pulls up, Hickey asks if he can make change for a $50. When Cletus says no, they just drive through as Cletus left the arm up.

Ceder City

Bo and Luke find the article about Harvey Lee Zender and Benson. Bo says he thinks they are Zender’s men but Luke says that isn’t the case. They thank Polly Ann and leave.

Venable Farm

Daisy arrives and picks up a briefcase from the Venables. She then leaves with it. Bo and Luke head to the Venable Farm, concerned they trusted the wrong people. Luke reminds Bo there is more than one side. As Daisy drives Hickey and Leroy fall in behind her. They pass Daisy and force her to stop. The two men confront her and Daisy kicks them before driving away. Daisy calls on the C.B. and Bo and Luke answer. She tells the boys a van is after them and she just picked up a briefcase from the Venables. Daisy crashes through Cletus' toll both and the van follows, causing Cletus to fall into water. Daisy is forced to stop and hits Leroy before taking the briefcase and running on foot. Bo and Luke arrive and Luke looks in the van before Bo leads them after Daisy. Daisy climbs a tree to keep away from the men and Bo and Luke arrive, tackling the bounty hunters. After they wrestle the men escape. Bo and Luke help Daisy out of the tree they all three decide to go confront the Venables. Daisy was going to open the case but the boys say they don’t have the right.

On the back part of the property, Boss and Rosco pull out a Geiger counter to look for the uranium. As they start looking, Rosco accidentally hits Boss on the butt with a pick. Ester and Adam are packing when the Dukes arrive. They decide to come clean to the Dukes. Luke hands over the case, calling him Benson. They ask the Venables about it and learn they never had the diamonds and the bag that they gave Daisy was their family pictures and documents. The Dukes want to help. Luke tells them that the men in the van are bounty hunters form a company in Atlanta and from the tech in the van he figures there is a bug in the house. Boss and Rosco continue to look for the uranium, Boss saying that they are looking where the Venables were and Rosco argues they were looking for water. The needle starts jumping around and they think they found the uranium. Boss and Rosco start digging.

The Dukes and Venables find the bug. They go outside and the Venables say that they will be running for the rest of their lives. Luke decides that they need to ‘kill you for your own good’. Luke has Bo go call Cooter and Jesse on the C.B. and they head out for the plan. They go inside and pretend that Benson was hiring Bo and Luke to sell the diamonds so the bounty hunters will hear. Everyone then sets off. Jesse finishes making a dynamite mix and heads out to help. Boss and Rosco continue to dig. Cletus fixes his toll booth but Bo and Luke crash through, causing Cletus to fall in the water again.

Widows Peak

Bo and Luke park the car and Bo fires a flare to signal Jesse and Cooter. Everyone starts driving again. Bo and Luke are in the front, then Daisy, then the Venables. The Dukes pass Jesse who hands Luke the dynamite through the window. The bounty hunters wait at Widows Peak when the Venables car passes. They fall in behind it. The van is ran off the road by Cooter, buying Bo and Luke time to switch out. Adam and Ester talk on the C.B. to explain they have no breaks. Bo and Luke get out of the car while the van can’t see and jump into Jesse’s pickup, having lit the dynamite. The Bounty hunters watch the car go over the edge and explode, believing the two were inside.

Balladeer: Luke’s plan worked slicker than a greased pig. When Hickey called the Company and reported what he’d seen, well the Company closed the books on the case. And the bounty hunters had gone to all trouble for nothing. Serves them right, huh. Instead of Uranium, Rosco struck water. Thus assuring the Venables a normal life in Hazzard. Well the Toll Bridge had taken it’s toll on Cletus and Boss didn’t get any uranium. But his speed trap was still a gold mine.

Boss and Rosco hit water and get soaked. Cletus continues to patrol the toll in his underclothes. Rosco catches Hoyt Axton. As Axton sings out of state cars, Rosco takes notes about the Sheriff’s traps. During the song he also makes a few cheap shots at Boss. He calls a Varlet.

Balladeer: In case you all didn’t know, a varlet is a good old boy gone bad. And that’s rare, even in Hazzard County.


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  • Hoyt Axton is caught in the Celebrity Speed Trap and performs "Out-of-State Cars"
  • The property is mentioned to be the old 'Gaylord Farm'. It is unknown if this is the same property the Dukes paid the back taxes on for their cousin Gaylord in Duke of Duke.