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Goodbye, General Lee is the eleventh episode of season four of The Dukes of Hazzard.


A hypnotist tricks Luke into thinking that the General Lee is no longer competitive and should be retired ... permanently.


Balladeer: Friends, if you’re wondering why the Duke boys are in such an all fired hurry when they ain’t been chased by nothing and it ain’t Saturday night so they’re not chasing women. Well they're hot to qualify for Boss Hogg’s first annual ‘Hazzard Drag ‘n Fly’ contest. That’s ‘Drag n’ Fly’ contest. Which means all you gotta do to qualify besides being a little bit crazy, is sprint like a jack rabbit in your car, fly like an eagle in your car, and land reasonably upright in your car.

Bo and Luke are heading to the qualification field. Jesse and Daisy sit at the starting line, timing the people who are qualifying in the race. Bo and Luke arrive and prepare to make their qualifying run. Boss, Rosco, and his two drivers watch a citizen, Jim Scugg’s make an attempt but fail. Bo remarks if that is all the better their competition can do they won’t have any problem qualifying, which Luke agrees. The two drivers ask that Boss bought the turbo engine and hired them to beat that kind of competition and Boss says he did it to beat ‘this kind of competition’ as he points out Bo and Luke. The drivers are unimpressed and Boss and Rosco insist they are wrong. Rosco says the General Lee is half human and Boss says each of the Duke boys was born with a silver gas pedal in his mouth. Boss calls Bo over and tells him to go. Bo makes the run an the jump, Daisy and Jesse watching. Boss and Rosco are surprised hearing a crunch as Bo lands and Jesse and Daisy remark they might have to put weight in the trunk to even it out.

Concerned, Bo and Luke get out to see what damage they did. Rosco meanwhile insists that Boss can’t win if the General takes part. Boss sends his drivers away and explains to Rosco that the two drivers were NASCAR drivers who were recently disbarred. Boss says he’s going to make a profit and Rosco says that doesn’t make sense since Boss is providing the prize money. Boss says he plans to endorse products for the winner. They both agree that they just need to get rid of the General Lee. Meanwhile Luke crawls under the car. He looks at the drive shaft but knocks it free and clips the side of his head. Bo becomes alarmed when he hears it. He checks on Luke and quickly calls for help from Daisy, Jesse, and Rosco. Daisy answers while Boss listens and Bo explains that he thinks Luke got hurt bad and needs an ambulance. Daisy says they are on their way. Boss chimes in calling Bo and tells him that he will pay for the hospital trip. Bo crawls back under the car to help Luke. Meanwhile Rosco asks Boss that he’s paying for Luke’s bill since Luke wasn’t the only one he thought got hurt. Boss tells Rosco that he has an idea to make Luke withdraw from the race on his own. Rosco says Luke would not do that in his own right mind. Boss agrees, saying he’s calling in the Professor.


Luke rests in the hospital, not really hurt. He wakes up to see Crandall, who says he’s just there to test Luke’s reflexes. After putting Luke to sleep, Crandall calls in Boss. Boss decides to hurry up and sits by Luke, talking to him about the General saying it’s always breaking down and should be scrapped the net time it breaks down no matter who tries to stop him. After Boss pays the professor and goes outside, where Rosco is waiting. Rosco informs him he just saw Jesse and Daisy arrive and Boss says it’s okay as he’s just there visiting the poor boy who’s bill he’s taking care of. Rosco agrees and adds he’s worried about hypnotizing Luke. Boss says that it’s going to work, however he tells Rosco not to snap near Luke.

Inside the room, Jesse and Luke go and get Luke, waking him up.

Duke Farm

Boss sends Rosco to the Duke Farm after everyone goes to bed to mess with the General. Rosco encounters an owl, calling it a dumb bird before messing under the hood.


The next morning Bo and Luke were out driving when they pass Cletus. Cletus chases after them and Bo greets him on the CB saying Cletus can’t arrest them on private property. Cletus says he has orders to chase them. Luke goes to the main road where they come across a construction job. Luke swerves around it as does Cletus, making them all wonder how they made it. Luke takes another dirt road and the General starts stalling out to all three’s shock. The General stops and Cletus gets out, saying he’s been dreaming to catch them. Bo says he’s lukcy and Luke disagrees saying the General is over the hill and isn’t worth it. Bo and Cletus are both stunned and Bo asks what he’s talking about. Luke says they are going to get rid of the car. Cletus insists he’s joking as there wouldn’t be anything fun if they did. Bo says they can just fix him and Luke says there isn’t an original part left and Bo is either too stupid or stubborn to admit it’s history. Upset Bo says he has half the mind to prove how stupid and stubborn he is right there but Cletus pulls him back and says he’s going to call Cooter to give them a tow and he thinks Luke has been in the sun a little too long while patting Bo’s shoulder, trying to calm him.

Cooter tows the General back, Bo sitting in the General while Luke sits up with Cooter, who also thinks Luke is acting strange.

Police Department

In Boss’ office, he, Banyon, and Spanner take publicity photo’s for Boss’ motor oil. Before another picture can be taken Boss hears Rosco calling him. He responds to the CB before they take another picture, the drivers covering up Boss’s face. They take another picture but Rosco tells Boss over the CB that the General was towed away. Rosco asks about there being an accident and Rosco mentions that he did it himself. Boss sends the others away so he can talk to Rosco in private. Rosco tells Boss that he wants a raise. Boss says he will give him a raise and give him 50% of 50% of 50%. Rosco agrees.

Duke Farm

Daisy comes outside of the house as Bo and Luke explain what happened to Jesse and Cooter. Luke complains and Bo says he wishes Luke would stop it at least until they figure out what is wrong. Luke says everything is wrong and Cooter says not everything. Luke says the General is too old to move and Jesse tells him on behalf of the General he resents that as the next thing they’ll know Luke will be saying he’s too old to move. Cooter says Luke didn’t mean it like that but Luke snaps that he doesn’t need Cooter making excuses for him and it’s nothing personal but he doesn’t want to own the car for another day. Bo reminds them that the car is half his and he has a choice too. Luke says that is besides the point and the car should be replaced. Bo says no and Luke says they should buy out the other. Diasy reminds them they have no money. Luke proposes they do it like when they were kids, to fight. Bo agrees but Jesse tells them to hold it and if they don’t settle down by the time he snaps he will take a strap to them. Luke backs down and agrees and Jesse gives them another way to settle it.

Luke hits a bullseye as Jesse, Diasy, and Cooter watch. Bo also hits a perfect bullseye which everyone cheers for but Luke. Luke says they need to move back five more paces and Cooter counts it out. Daisy and Jesse talk about Luke, saying it’s like he’s a whole different person. Luke hits a bullseye again and Bo tries but just misses. Luke says they are selling the General. Cotoer and Luke go to work on the General, Cooter trying to comfort Bo and Bo apologizes to the others saying he tried.

Friendly Hobie’s Used Cars

Bo hopes Luke will change his mind but as they drive Luke keeps insulting the General. Bo says another problem is the driver, annoying Luke. They arrive at ‘Friendly Hobie’s Used Cars’ and Bo asks that Luke really wants to deal with Hobie. Luke says that Hobie is the only one who might buy the General. They approach Hobie, who shows them a car that they can buy. Bo says they can’t afford it and happily says it looks like they’ll have to just keep the General. Luke reminds Bo that he won and offers 800 for the General. Hobie agrees.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke arrive with the yellow car. Jesse and Daisy watch them return and Luke asks what they think. Jesse remarks that the door work and Luke starts talking about welding the doors, getting orange paint and renaming the car the ‘General Lee II’. Upset, Bo says Luke never said anything about doing that. Jesse agrees saying that is double jeopardy. Luke says it wouldn’t seem right to not have the General Lee in the family. Upset Bo snaps that he wishes Luke had thought of that before he sold their car before going to walk away. Luke pulls him back saying they made a deal to replace the General Lee and that means he has the right to repaint and name the car. He asks Bo if his word means nothing anymore before walking away. Upset Bo tells Jesse that Luke is getting stranger every day and he wants to go talk to Luke. Daisy says to wait as she doesn’t think Luke meant that and Bo says he’s been saying all kinds of weird things. Jesse agrees that he’s been acting strange and for now they need to treat Luke as kind and gentle and with as much understanding as they can.

Police Department

Boss gets a phone call but can’t hear who it is until Rosco reminds him that he’s still wearing a crash helmet. Hobie informs Boss that he bought the General Lee and he wants the $1,000 bonus Boss promised, only he wants Boss to raise it to $2,000 and give it to him in shine. Boss says instead he is raising Hobie’s rent by $2,000. After hanging up, Boss informs Rosco that Luke just sold the General to Hobie and he bought the General from Hobie. Rosco celebrates and says they can repaint the car and use it and Boss tells him he’s going to demolish it. Boss says Rosco is going to shove the car off the cliff into Rainbow Canyon.

Rainbow Canyon

Rosco calls Boss on the CB and reports they are overlooking the cliff. Boss tells him he wants the car over the cliff. Rosco agrees and pushes the General onto the hill. The General starts rolling down the hill and Rosco leaves. Cooter, who is driving nearby, sees the General and rushes over. He gets in front of the General and slows him down, stopping on the edge of the cliff. Cooter gets out and laughs at the General.

Duke Farm

Cotoer tows the General back to the Duke Farm and informs them what happened. Luke says the car wasn’t worth saving and Daisy says she’s going to pretend she didn’t hear that. She reminds Luke that the General didn’t get there alone and when Jesse asks who would want to do that Bo says someone who doesn’t want them to drive the car. Luke says the only one for that is Boss. Bo says they want to keep the General safe and Daisy agrees saying they should hide him in the barn. Jesse reminds her they don’t own the General any more and Luke says they have to take him back to Hobie. Bo asks if he’s out of his mind but Jesse and Luke insist.

Police Department

Boss is filming a comercial with Cletus, Rosco, and his drivers. Boss asks Rosco to tells him more about the General’s destruction. Everyone listens to Rosco describe the crash. They turn on the fan to do another commercial but papers start flying everywhere. As everyone falls around the room, Boss turn off the fan and looks out the window to see the General Lee being driven by Bo and being followed by Luke and Cooter in different vehicles. Boss sends Rosco to arrest Bo for Grand Thief.


Bo leads in the General, Luke in the yellow car, Cooter in his truck, Rosco in his car, then Boss’s two drivers, followed by Cletus. Luke tells Bo to step on it over the CB. Luke says if Rosco catches Bo it’ll be all over. Bo tells them he’s going to go north and asks them to hold back the others. Cooter agrees and he and Luke pull up alongside each other to block the road. Boss’ driver begin to ram into Cooter, intending to get him off the road. Annoyed, Cooter drops his tow hook and catches their car, lifting them off the ground and onto his truck. Rosco gets around Cooter but Cletus is unable to.

Homer, a painter, is about to work on a billboard when he sees the General pass by with Luke. Rosco hits the ladder and he falls onto Cooter’s pickup. Cooter and the painter talk while Cooter drives. Bo pulls into the used car lot but no one is there. He runs back to the street as Luke drives by, jumping in the window. Rosco continues to chase after them but Flash is licking him. Bo and Luke turn around, leading Rosco and Cletus into each other and causing them to stop. When Bo and Luke come back through to see Cooter, Cooter drops the other car. Cooter then swerves to avoid Cletus and Rosco, offering to buy Homer a beer in apology. Bo and Luke talk about how they will start chasing them down again and Bo says he is fine with it as long as they keep Rosco and Cletus off their tail until 4 o'clock. Luke asks what is at 4 and Bo reminds him of the race, saying he doesn't want Boss to win everything, even if they have to win in that car.


Jesse meets them at one of the old still sites and Bo reminds Jesse that Luke got them into this. Bo and Luke start to argue about the General and Luke says he figured that the worst thing that could happen to the General was being owned by them. Jesse remarks that he doesn’t understand Luke. He says one minute Luke is praising the General and ‘just like that’ he’s bad mouthing him. Jesse snaps, confusing Luke. Luke comes out of the hypnotic state, saying that anyone who says he would insult the General is lying. Jesse and Bo are confused by Luke’s change and Bo remarks it doesn’t seem like Luke remembers. Luke is confused but Jesse tells Bo it isn’t important as what is important is Luke doesn’t feel that way anymore. Luke asks what way but Jesse says they need to keep the General from being totaled. Luke is even more confused and Jesse adds they need to buy him back to which Luke asks ‘who sold him?’. Bo hushes him before reminding Jesse they can’t afford it. Jesse gives Bo some money saying he just sold three cords of wood to Zack Whitley, he got a loan on the tractor and with the mortgage money they should have enough to make a deal. Bo gives it back saying they can’t let him do that for them and Jesse says he isn’t doing it for them. He says old timers like him and the General need to stick together especially when young whippersnappers think they are ready for the bone pile, looking at Luke pointedly as he says it. Bo gets excited and Luke asks about the Drag ‘n Fly, which Bo says they can still make it. Jesse watches them leave, smiling.

Police Department

Boss starts yelling at Rosco, saying he had Bo Duke dead to rights on Grand Theft Auto and he let him get away. Rosco, Cletus, and the two drivers explain that they have been looking for the Dukes and they got the car back at least. Boss says he doesn’t want it, he wants it destroyed. Rosco says he’ll go do it but Boss tells him and Cletus to sit down. He says Banyon and Spanner will handle it but they remind him that they are supposed to be in the drag ‘n fly. Boss says they have plenty of time to get some explosives, drive out to the gravel pits and blow up the General.

Friendly Hobie’s Used Cars

Bo and Luke drive up to Hobie who is still upset over being cheated by Boss and tells them about the two men who took the General with Dynamite to the gravel pits to blow it up. Alarmed, Bo and Luke head off.


While heading after the General, Bo jumps a truck to get back on the road. Banyon drives the General, Spanner is in their car, and Bo is driving the yellow car with Luke. Realizing they won’t make it, Banyon decides to stop there and blow it up. Banyon runs off the road and lights the dynamite while Spanner stops on the road, forcing Bo and Luke to stop. Banyon puts dynamite in the car while Bo and Luke fight Spanner. Banyon joins the fight and Luke asks where the dynamite is. Learning the fuse is lit, Luke leaves both men with Bo as he run over to the General and tosses out the dynamite which explodes in the air. Bo run over calling him a fool and asking what would he have done if it blew up in his hand. Luke tells him he wouldn’t be standing there thinking about what a fool he’s been. They head out for the drag ‘n fly, deciding to take the General.

Qualification Grounds

Daisy and Jesse watch as the Drag n’ Fly continues. Rosco arrives and parks his car. Daisy worries they will be eliminated and Jesse says they still have five minutes. Boss is worried about his drivers but Rosco points out they aren’t the only ones missing, pointing out Jesse and Daisy.


As Bo and Luke head to the race, Luke is praising the General and Bo says it’s good to hear Luke saying that again.

Qualification Grounds

Boss decides they don’t have any more time to waste and says Rosco is going to do the jump. Rosco asks what if he doesn’t make it and Boss says then he won’t own the winning car and Rosco wouldn’t want that to happen to the guy who signs his paycheck. Boss puts him in the car as Rosco says he’s too old to die. Boss tells him to get out there and win. Rosco lines up his car and says he hopes he doesn’t leave Flash an orphan. Cletus joins Daisy and Jesse and they watch Rosco get the best time and distance so far. Boss celebrates but Jesse and Daisy tell him not to be so sure yet as the General has arrived. The two make the run as the last car, beating Rosco in time and distance. Everyone celebrates and Daisy says they beat Boss twice in the same race.

Bo and Luke push Rosco back to the start line before all three get out of the cars. The boys check on Rosco while Rosco protests. The Dukes say they want to buy the General back. Boss says nothing in the world that would cause him to sell the car back. Luke asks if there is a fine for transporting explosives in an authorized vehicle and Rosco says there is, $1,000 but denies Boss was transporting it. Rosco accidentally tells them Boss had intended to blow up the General for the insurance, shocking the Dukes and Cletus. Rosco tells Boss he should have hypnotized him instead of Luke, stunning the Dukes. Boss tells Rosco to hush but the Dukes all realize what happened. Luke threatens to press charges if they don’t sell back the car. Daisy offers to let Boss keep his prize money and just return the General. Boss hands over the pink slip before threatening Rosco.

Balladeer: And that’s how hypnotizing Luke backfired on the Boss. One thing about Hazzard County. A body’s never over the hill as long as it’s still got the fighting spirit, whether it’s a man or a car.

The Dukes all drive home in the General Lee.


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Hazzard County[]

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  • Hospital


  • This episode is the third time a member of the Duke Family is hospitalized
  • This episode is the first time a main character is hypnotized, the other being Daisy in Heiress Daisy Duke
  • In this episode the Dukes officially lose the General Lee, Luke selling the car to Hobie. However they are given the car back at the end to ensure they do not sue Boss for hypnotizing Luke


  • Bo and Luke drive a yellow Plymouth Roadrunner, similar to Daisy's yellow roadrunner from earlier in the series.