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Gorman is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Nothin' But the Truth[]

He is assigned to go to Hazzard to find a gambling operation. He is picked up in Atlanta by Cletus Hogg who drives him to Hazzard. As they go, Cletus says the Sheriff, Rosco, tells him he’s some kind of special investigator. He nods as he watches Cletus fan himself with a desk drawer, explaining the State Crime Commission. He asks Cletus is he always goes around handcuffed to a piece of wood like that. Cletus tells him no, it used to be a desk drawer and he cut it down for an easier handle. Concerned, he remarks he’s sorry he asked.

He and Cletus arrive at the Duke Farm where he meets Rosco and Boss. He shakes Boss’ hand, asking if the four people he is watching load gambling equipment the organized crime family he was talking about. Boss confirms it naming them as Jesse, Daisy, Bo and Luke. Boss says they are behind everything he can think of and Rosco says it’s the first time they really caught the Dukes with the goods. He says he suggests they take the Dukes right quick and gets back in the car with Cletus. They chase after Jesse and Daisy in the pickup and pull them over.

He goes to the police department and watches Boss charge the four Dukes with running an illegal gambling hall. Boss tells the Dukes that they will also be indicted by the state, to which he smiles to the Dukes to confirm the statement. After the Dukes are taken away, he shakes Boss’ hand and says he’s headed back to the capital.