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Grady Byrd is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Grady had been the Night Watchman at the Gravel Pits for over 20 years. He still lives with his mother.


Officer Daisy Duke[]

Grady goes to Boss’ office in the Police Department to interview for the job of Sheriff. He tries to explain something but when Boss starts yelling he goes quiet, waiting. Boss says for 20 years he has been the night watchman at the Hazzard County Gravel Pit with no one to talk to except the Doberman pincer. He asks to be taken out of the pits and Boss agrees to make him temporary sheriff. He says Grady will follow orders, take a proper share and he says ‘yes sir’ to both. Boss tells him there is one thing and that is he has to keep the Duke Family out of his hair. He says he hears what Boss is saying.

Grady and Boss exit Boss’ office and Enos greets him to which he says ‘howdy Enos’ but Boss tells him to knock off the familiarity with Enos and he’s Sheriff now and Enos is his deputy. Enos asks that he’s the sheriff and he shows him the badge. Enos congratulates him and they go to shake hands but Boss protests and Grady pushes Enos’ hand away telling him to save that for later. Enos asks him what to do about the new directive under the Equal Opportunities Law and he tells him that he will check it out. Grady goes over to Boss and asks what to do about it and Boss says nothing as he’s more concerned about the armed robbers with a reward.

Later Daisy puts in an application to be an officer. He argues there must be a mistake and he may be new to the job but he is sure that he isn’t supposed to hire a Duke. Luke tells him the directive says different, and he is stunned when he reads it over. He protests and Daisy tells him that the official directive says she gets a chance and threatens to write to the state capital. He tells her that she will have to pass a number of exams and Luke and Daisy leave. Enos tells him Daisy would make a good deputy.

As he sits in the office, Boss charges in saying he doesn’t like it when he sees Duke’s walking and telling him ‘howdy do’ and he knows they got trouble. Grady agrees and says Daisy has applied for the job of deputy sheriff. Boss throws the application at him and yells.

Later he spies on Daisy. He gets a call from Enos and tells him to be quiet before he asks what he’s blabbing about. Enos tells him that two bank robbers are headed down State 30 and he asks why Enos didn’t say that in the first place, heading out and saying that he loves this new job. Enos asks if he wants him to back him up and he says that is a good idea but Enos needs to stay back far enough so there is no question that they are Grady’s prisoners. Grady chases after the couple and one starts shooting at him. He continues to chase until one of the bullets hit the windshield. He comments now they got him mad and that tears it. He over takes the car and runs them off the road. He gets out and arrests them.

Grady takes Floyd and Molly to the jail, and locks them in separate cells.

Later he gives Daisy and the two female applicants the written test. He is forced to pass Daisy from the written exam. Grady is annoyed but he doesn’t surrender. When he has a large man be Daisy’s opponent for disarming, Daisy takes him down and he pulls her off him, saying that is enough. The last test is shooting. He tells one woman that she only got two. He then tells Enos to check Mary Ellen. He fails Daisy for only having one hole but Luke digs out all the bullets, showing Daisy shot all five in the same hole and is forced to pass her.

Sometime later he calls Enos on the C.B. and tells Enos to go deal with a missing manhole cover before calling Daisy to send her to break up a fight at the Boar’s Nest.

While he is gathering papers, Boss storms in yelling that Daisy gave him a parking ticket. Boss shows him the ticket and he takes it from Boss before explaining he can’t tear up a ticket once it’s written. Boss says of course he can unless Grady wants he can pay it himself and Grady needs to keep her off the street. Grady says she is a deputy and Boss says he doesn’t want Daisy to be on patrol and for Grady to give her ‘women’s work’. He says to work her until she quits. Grady sends Daisy to clean floors.

The next day he is playing poker with Boss who addresses him as Cousin Grady and says so far in his new job he’s ‘batting 500’. He says Grady struck out with Daisy but he did well with the bank robbers. Boss asks him what he’s going to do with his third of the reward. Alarmed he asks ‘third’ and Boss says yes as they are partners. He asks about it being a third again and Boss says that’s the Hazzard tradition. Grady argues it should be 50/50. The bartender comes in and informs them that the bank robbers escaped. Boss yells that they need to go, but he is sitting in shock and Boss yells at him to move or he’ll get nothing.

Grady and Boss arrive at the jail and he asks what happened to his prisoners. Daisy apologizes and explains that they tricked her. She says she will go get them and Grady says he ought to fire her. He tells her to hand over her badge and she says not until she gets her prisoners. Boss insists and she slams the badge into Grady’s hand, stabbing him with the pin. He goes to the phone and tries to call the Highway Patrol. Boss yells at him that if he does that, the reward will be claimed by everyone. When someone answers he says to ‘keep smiling’ before hanging up.

They go outside to find his car is gone and concludes Daisy took his car. He gets in the back of Boss’ car with him, saying if they don’t find the crooks before Daisy he can kiss his reward goodbye. Boss says he needs to drive and he protests he’s never driven big car like that but obeys.

In the car they hear what they believe to be the State Highway Patrol over the C.B. saying where the escaped prisoners are. Boss asks him how the highway patrol knows about this and Grady says that he’s been with Boss and he hasn’t the foggiest. Boss yells at him and Boss says if they don’t catch them then Grady will owe him the third Grady was supposed to get. Grady asks what kind of job is this, as he’s owing money that he doesn’t even have yet.

When they arrive at the Choctaw Trail and Swamp road crossing, Boss asks what way should they go and he decides Swamp Road. As they drive Boss says they are wasting time. Grady says his sixth sense tells him it’s this one but Boss says to have a sixth sense he needs the other five but he has none.

Enos radios him over the C.B. to let him know Daisy has been taken hostage, shocking him. Enos tells them they are getting picked up at Morgan’s Airfield and he is told to cut through Bobcat Flats. They arrive at the airfield to see Daisy has three prisoners. He pulls out his gun saying they are his prisoners but Cooter says Daisy made the capture.

He watches Daisy get a medal for her assistance and the 10 thousand dollar check, then listens as Daisy get her job back at the Boar’s Nest.

Jude Emery[]

Grady is chasing Bo and Luke with Enos. They reach Roslyn Road and Bo tricks him into going the other way. He cuts around the boys and blocks the road, forcing them to stop. He tells the boys that they aren’t the only one’s who knows the county and he used to dohis 'courting right here’ making Bo question him about the spot. When Jude gets out of the General he asks who the stranger is. Enos says he has a bulge and Grady yells for him to get his hands up. Enos shows him that it was a gun. He asks if Jude has a permit and Jude goes to answer but Grady tells him to hush again. He turns to Bo and Luke saying them consorting with the ‘scroungy looking dude with a gun and a guitar’ means everyone is going to jail.

At the Police department he gets Boss his Judge coat and tells him about Jude havign a 38 special. Jude goes to say he has a permit but is hushed again. Grady adds he also has a guitar. He tells Boss that Luke had a Barlow pocket knife and Luke says the knife can't even cut cold grits. He concludes he’s got them this time. Enos tells them there is another badge and they see Jude is a Sergeant of the Texas Rangers. Bo tells him ‘Congratulations Sheriff, you just arrested the fuzz’. Boss turns to him exasperated and he asks Enos why he didn’t tell him about that bulge first. He asks Jude why he didn’t say something and Jude says he tried but Grady kept hushing him. He goes to the table with Jude and Jude pulls out a wanted poster for Snake Harmon, handing it to him. He hands it back and listens to Jude explain that he’s been tracking Snake. He asks Jude if he thinks Snake is in Hazzard and Jude says he’s sure of it. When Jude says he is in the Uchee Swamp and he’s going to pick him up, Grady scoffs and shakes his head. Bo tells Jude that the Uchee Swamp is like the Amazon jungle and Jude asks if it's big to which Grady says ‘that bad.’ Jude asks for him to let the boys go, which shocks him and Jude says he will press charges for false arrest if they don't. Boss orders him to let the boys go. He offers his help on the case. When Enos says he wanted to be a Texas Ranger but they don’t have any in Hazzard, Grady says of course not as that isn’t Texas. As Jude leaves he tells him to make more room in his jail as there is about half a dozen in the gang. When Grady asks how he is going to get the whole gang, he tells him it’s one gang and one ranger.

Boss tells him that if a man doesn’t grow he dies and Grady says that is another of his hard sayings. Boss says he has growing pains and dreams. Grady nods and Boss says he wants the road gang and he tells him that is the American Dream. He lowers his voice as Enos is still in the room and tells Boss that he will go in the swamp himself and track down Snake. Boss tells him he couldn’t catch a catfish in a coffee cup and the only way Grady will find him is to follow Bo and Luke.

He watches the Dukes working on the General through the night, telling Boss ‘them Dukes are up to no good just as sure as a hog loves turnips.’ He tells Boss not to worry as he will bring in Snake as soon as he gets a car. Boss asks where is the Sheriff’s car and he says Cooter is fixing it. Boss says to use his personal car and Grady admits he doesn’t have one. Boss asks how he gets to work and he explains he hitchhikes everywhere. Boss says he can’t follow the Dukes’ hitchhiking and Grady says they might spot him but it would be real slick if the Dukes were the ones to give him a ride. Boss says he’d still lose them. He asks if he can use Boss’ and Boss points out how easily recognizable it is. He relents saying he could use his mama’s car. He adds that if he gets a little dent in it his mother will be chewing him out. Boss remarks it is a comfort knowing he’s Sheriff.

After borrowing his mother’s car he follows Bo, Luke, and Willie from the Coffin Works. While following he enjoys watching Patch ram into Bo and Luke. Daisy starts to attempt to run him off the road and he tries to stay on while Willie forces them both into the ditch. He whines for Daisy to look at what she did to his mother’s car. Daisy says she didn’t know it was him and he asks her that doesn’t she know a disguise when she sees one. Daisy apologizes.

While at the police station he mostly ignores Boss as he focus on his mother’s car, saying she is going to do something when she finds the scratch. He says once he got a dent in the car and his mother wouldn’t let him out of the house for a week. Boss, angry, smacks him with his hat. Boss says his head is on the line. Enos comes in with new wanted posters and he tells Enos to wallpaper the men’s room with them and asks if he can’t see that Boss is chewing him out. Boss says that the chances of him finding Snake alone are the same as Daisy being made the next Pope. Enos protests about how the light is off in the bathroom and he takes them saying he will hang them up himself. Looking over them he becomes alarmed. He tells Enos that they aren’t good old boys Bo and Luke are going after but real dangerous felons.

He goes out to the Duke farm and Jesse yells at him saying he sold his soul to Boss and goes to them for help. Grady tells him to swallow his stubbornness for a second and listen. He shows Jesse the posters saying Jesse thinks Bo and Luke went after some Texas ledfoots but these men aren't good old boys out for some fun and he’s worried the boys don’t know what they got into.

After working with Jesse and Cooter; he, Boss, and Enos trap Snakes men to arrest them. When Jesse, Cooter, Bo, and Luke bring Snake back to give him to Jude, he informs them he will be taking charge of the prisoner. When the Dukes run away he follows. They are forced to stop for a moment when Coy and Patch try to confront them. He shoots the ground, telling Coy to drop the gun and when he does Grady tells Enos to arrest them before chasing after the Dukes with Snake at Boss’ insistence. When the Dukes jump the creek he remarks there isn’t another road and they got them. Boss says if they can be lost, Grady will lose them. Grady agrees to Boss’ anger. He damages the car and runs over to arrest Snake. However the Dukes and Cooter inform him that they are now in Placid County. He says he isn’t sheriff there and Bo says he’s hardly Sheriff anywhere to his annoyance. Jude takes his cuff.

Later he and Enos proudly take down the wanted posters of the men they caught.


Grady had done his best to live up to Boss Hogg's low expectations but it became clear that Grady wasn't going to be a success at his new job. He was followed a few episodes later by Buster Moon.