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Grannie Annie

"Granny Annie" is the tenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

When counterfeit $5 dollar bills start turning up, Bo and Luke try to figure out where the bills came from, and it turns out that the bills came from their old friend Granny Annie Coggins (Laurene Tuttle), a local artist who is operating a small-time counterfeiting scheme. Boss Hogg hears of it, and he wants the engraving plates that are used make the bills, because he wants to sell the plates to professional counterfeiter Big Jim Downey (George Murdock) for $25,000. Boss has Granny Annie arrested, and confiscates the engraving plates. Bo and Luke set out to clear Granny Annie's name by stealing the plates back and throwing them into a lake. When Bo and Luke swipe the plates from Big Jim, Big Jim thinks that it is a double cross, so he kidnaps Boss, who he thinks is the one who stole the plates. An emotional Rosco pleads to Bo and Luke to track down Big Jim, and keep Boss from getting killed.

Balladeer: You know one nice thing about driving anywhere in Hazzard County, you’re always sure to run into somebody you know. And they almost did. That’s B.B. Davenport, Cooter’s Cousin. Now what that means in Hazzard County is, ‘y’all want to race’.

While driving, Bo and Luke nearly crash into a pickup. It is being driven by B.B. and Bo challenges him to a race. Bo asks Luke to let him win just this once and Luke says Bo is generous when he’s driving. Luke lets him win and B.B. stops at the Boar’s Nest while the boys head to Grannie Annie’s.

Balladeer: Granny Annie Cargill, the Grandma Moses of Hazzard County. Been selling her stuff in the same spot for over 40 years. She’s been having a going out of business sale for 30 of them.

Bo and Luke finish the roof and go to let Granny Annie know. She notices they are staring at Holly Mae and remarks they are interested in the flowers. Luke agrees but Bo admits it’s Holly Mae and she tells them that the girl is off limits. Granny pays them for the work, despite their refusal, and Bo trips as they leave, embarrassing Luke who laughs at him.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke arrive at the Boar’s Nest to see B.B. and Daisy and learn the Oak Ridge Boys’ are playing, having been caught in a speed trap. Luke greets Ellen as they go in and she goes to talk to him but her boyfriend pulls her away. They greet the bartender, Jimmy, before sitting with B.B. and Daisy. The concert ends and the Dukes and B.B. thank them before they are told about Rosco’s speed trap. The Oak Ridge boys pack up and leave to Nashville. Luke pays for the beers and Daisy gives them to the bartender, who recognizes the serial numbers. After checking he calls over Rosco to tell him about the fake money. Rosco takes it to Boss in the back room and Boss tells him he wants the engraving plates. Boss goes through his book of numbers and tells Rosco to keep an eye on the Duke boys and not let them know what he’s doing. Rosco double checks with the bartender about any more counterfeit bills, something B.B. overhears.

Duke Farm

Luke is working on the General and Bo is unloading Jesse’s truck. Jesse asks since when do they take money from Granny Annie and the boys explain it was forced on them. They get called over the C.B. by B.B. to tell them the money was fake. Jesse asks who would give fake money to someone like Annie. Jesse says for them to go tell Annie what happened. The boys leave but encounter Rosco along the way. They realize Rosco is following them but not trying to catch them. They decide to lose him but are having issues with the oil pump. Luke tells Bo to leap over Klinger Ridge and Rosco loses sight of them.

Boar’s Nest

Boss calls Rosco and informs him that he made a deal with Big Jim Downey.

Granny Annie’s

Bo and Luke go to see Granny and tell her what happened. She gives them a box of five dollar bills saying it was the shine money her late husband left her and for them to get rid of it. They leave for Willow Creek to take care of it, but on the way Rosco pulls out in front of them. Bo slams on the breaks but the box of money Luke was holding scatters into Rosco’s lap. Rosco tells them to get out and Luke says they need to move the car and Bo takes off. Luke tells Bo to cut through the Rail Yard. Bo jumps over a train. Rosco tries as well but he flips his car in the process.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco takes the money to Boss and Boss fires Rosco. He says Jim Downey is on his way and he doesn’t have the plates. Rosco asks why he would make a deal for something he doesn't have yet and Boss says it was greed. Boss rehires Rosco to get the plates.

Coffin Works

Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse meet up at the Coffin works with B.B. Jesse tells the boys they should turn themselves in and tell Rosco where they got it. When the others protest, Luke says that Granny said her husband Erza Cargill ran shine with Jesse. Jesse says Annie and Erza were never married. Jesse sees the ink on Bo and Luke’s hands and realizes that it wasn’t Ezra but Annie. Bo, Luke, and B.B. leave together, B.B. noticing the General is leaking oil.


While Rosco and Enos meet up, Rosco asks if Enos has made it town to Dixville yet, Bo and Luke come down the road, startling all four. Rosco and Enos try to chase after them but Rosco is accidentally sent over a ditch.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: Now when you promise a man like Big Jim Downey something like engraving plates with pictures of presidents, you better deliver. Big Jim has been known to make a mess of folks who didn’t.

Big Jim and his associate Vic look over Boss’ example. Big Jim offers him 25 thousand and is annoyed to learn that Boss doesn’t have the plates. He says they will be at the hotel and Boss promises to call as soon as he gets the plates.

Granny Annie’s

Bo and Luke arrive at Annie’s to see her making counterfeit money. Bo and Luke confront Granny about the money and she explains that she was only making what she would get from welfare. Luke reminds her that he and Bo will be going to jail. She agrees to hand over the plates as Enos and Rosco come in, having followed the trail of oil from the General. Rosco takes them all outside to arrest them. Granny surrenders and pushes Rosco and Enos off the porch to let Bo and Luke escape. Rosco chases after Bo and Luke as Granny has Enos take her to jail. Rosco calls Boss and Bo and Luke listen in and hear Rosco has the engraving plates. Boss calls Rosco off of Bo and Luke and to have him come to the Boar’s Nest. Bo decides to go after Rosco, turning the General around. Rosco calls Boss to tell him the boys are following him. Rosco tries to call Enos to deal with the boys but Enos and Granny are singing over the C.B. Rosco jumps a creek to get away from the boys, and due to the oil pressure the boys fall out. Luke asks what now. Bo suggests dynamite and Luke says to use the blowtorch instead. Luke says they need Granny.

Boar’s Nest

Boss locks up the plates and calls Big Jim. He changes the price to 50,000 enraging Jim. Rosco leaves to arrest Bo and Luke.


Bo and Luke arrive in town. Enos and Granny are playing checkers and Granny decides to cook Enos something to eat, sending him to go grocery shopping. Bo and Luke go to sneak into the jail but Rosco pulls into town and spots them. They take off. They cause Rosco to get his car stuck. Boss calls Rosco over the C.B. and tells him to come back to the Boar’s Nest. Bo and Luke listen to them and Rosco gets his car free. Luke asks Bo if he cares who they take the plates from and Bo says no.

Boar’s Nest

Boss hands over the plates and Big Jim takes them. Vic breaks Boss’ door to prove a point as Bo and Luke arrive, and Rosco reminds Boss about his greed. Luke sabotages the car and Bo, Luke, and B.B. follow Vic and Big Jim. When their car breaks down, Bo distracts them so B.B. can put a smoke grenade under the car. Bo and B.B. take Vic and Jim away from the car for Luke to take the plates. They leave, headed to Hound Dog Lake. Suspicious, Jim finds the plates are gone.

Boar’s Nest

Jim and Vic return to the Boar’s Nest. They tie up Rosco and Big Jim takes his money back, telling Boss about his assumption of the people who work for him. He takes Boss with him, intending to kill him. Rosco gets free enough to use the C.B. and calls Enos but after not getting a response he tries Bo, Luke, and B.B. He tells them what happened and pleads with them to help. They ask which way the men went and Rosco says they went toward Dixville County and he thanks them.


Bo, Luke, and B.B. head out and they call in Jesse and Daisy. Rosco get’s free and heads out to join them. Luke has Bo take Calico Road. The boys catch up and tell them that they are going to cut off Jim and Rosco tells them he’s joined. Luke tells him to set up a roadblock on Tacoola Pass. Rosco agrees saying 'yes Sir' which he instantly questions. Bo and Luke head out. Bo cuts Vic off an Boss is happy to see them. They send the car toward Jesse. Jesse cuts them off to send them to Daisy. She sends them to Rosco. Rosco causes them to crash. B.B. covers them as Rosco, Bo, and Luke get everyone out of the water. Bo and Luke toss the plates in the car and Rosco uses it as evidence to arrest Jim and Vic. Boss is forced to allow it.

Balladeer: Well Big Jim and his side kick were convicted of possession of engraving plates. Boss had to drop all charges against the boys. As for Annie, they let her go too, but her days of counterfeiting five dollar bills was over. See y’all soon.

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  • This is the first episode to have the Celebrity Speed Trap
    • The Oak Ridge Boys perform "Old Time Lovin'"
  • This episode introduces the first relative of Cooter's, B.B. Davenport.