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Gretchen Stanweller, credited as nurse, is a nurse a minor character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Late J.D. Hogg[]

After they give Boss Hogg his physical, the phone rings and she answers it, learning it’s Rosco looking for Boss. She hands over the phone.

After Boss leaves, they get the test results back saying he’s only got two weeks to live. She stands by the Doctor as he calls Boss to inform him of the bad news.

Later they get a call from the hospital. After hanging up, Carney tells her that the report was wrong and was meant for someone else. He tells her to get on the phone and that they got to tell Boss what is going on. She quickly picks up the phone and starts calling around. After getting no answer she continues to try calling different places Boss is typically found at.

Carney asks if she has had any luck and she explains she has gotten no answer at the house, Boss’ office, the bank, and Police Station. At his insistence, she keeps trying. With Maybel’s help they get ahold of Daisy at the Boar’s Nest and she tells Doctor Carney that she has Daisy on the phone.