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Grey Ghost

The Grey Ghost is Boss Hogg's Running Car


They Grey Ghost is Boss Hogg's running car from his younger days in the moonshine buisness.

First Car[]

The Grey Ghost was a 1940's Hot Rod painted white. Boss Hogg used the car during his moonshine runs and gained a name for both himself and the vehicle. It is unknown what happened to the car as Boss Hogg no longer had it in 1979.

Second Car[]

Grey Ghost Jr

After being challenged to a race, Boss gets a second car naming it the 'Grey Ghost Jr.' The second car is a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro painted grey.

It is unknown what happens to this car after the race.

Real Life[]

Grey Ghost 02 is a vehicle at Cooter's Place. During the first season Ben Jones had requested that Cooter have an old Studebaker called the Grey Ghost, but was turned down as Cooter already had a number of vehicles.

The idea was left until Ben Jones created 'Cooter's Place' in Luray, Virginia. He created a 'concept car' for the store and made a 1950's Studebaker into Cooter's Grey Ghost.