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Grits and Greens Strike Again is the 5th episode of the series Enos.


Enos and Turk meet a silent film star in a hunt for teenage muggers that leads them to a high class burglary ring.


Enos: Dear Daisy, the LAPD sure is different. The law don’t shut down in Sunday like it does in Hazzard. Last Sunday, old Turk and me was on this robbery stake out.

Enos waits outside the front of a building called Dustin’s, radioing Turk who is sneaking around the back to ask if they are still in there. Turk says yes and they will probably come out on Enos’ side. Enos says he doesn’t know, burglars are usually like possums, they come out the same way they go in. Turk snaps that these aren’t possums but thieves and for Enos to stay put. Inside the two thieves see Turk and they decide to go ahead and rush him as they can’t wait any longer. Outside, Enos calls Turk and says he was just teasing. He adds the manual says that too and Turk tells Enos to just stay put. Meanwhile behind him the one thief comes out and tackles Turk from behind while the other comes out the side door with a load of fur coats. Enos, up front, notices a truck coming. Turk gets overwhelmed by the thieves and Enos decides to come back anyway. Another thief tackles Enos before he can help Turk but Enos knocks him out. In the process however Enos loses his gun. After a few moments he finds it and shoots out two tires. They manage to catch three thieves and Turk snaps at Enos.

Dempsey goes to see Broggi. He says he just met with the juvenile division. He says they are having a crime wave and they want help. Dempsy asks who Broggi has assigned. Broggi says it’s the perfect team to handle juvenile problems, a team who thinks small. Enos and Turk arrive and Broggi says they were just talking about them. Dempsy approves the selection, saying it was a bang up job they did on the burglary. After Dempsy leaves Broggi shuts the door. He says there is one thing that doesn’t make sense to him and asks Enos to go over the capture again. Enos starts to but Turk stops him when he starts talking about possums. Broggi informs them that they are temporarily assigned to the juvenile division. He says that last night at around 10:30 a woman named Lilly Blackwood left a silent film theater and was headed home when a 14 year old boy attacked her and fled with her purse and her locket.

Enos and Turk go to Lilly Blackwood’s house in uniform. Enos introduces them as the police to which she sarcastically says ‘no’ before asking if they found her locket. When Enos says no they haven’t she shuts the door. Turk tries this time, knocking and explaining they have been assigned to her case. Turk asks if they can come in and talk and she says no, so he says for them to talk there. She explains there was forty three dollars in the purse, which is everything she has until her next social security check but the locket is priceless and on the back it says ‘forever Roger’. She gets annoyed when Turk demonstrates they already know this and snaps for them to find it. She goes to close the door again but Turk stops her, saying it’s dangerous to street walk at night there. She becomes annoyed, snapping at him that she wasn’t ‘streetwalking’ to which Turk tries to explain that wasn’t what he meant. She tells them to find the locket before closing the door. Enos comments that Turk sure had her eating out of his hand, to which Turk give him an annoyed look.

The two leave the apartment and Enos says he forgot to ask about he car. Turk stops at the trash cans and Enos asks what is he doing. Turk says what a person reads tells you what they think. He says the garbage tells you how they live. Turk says she is in trouble. Enos asks how can he tell and Turk says her dog. Enos says she doesn’t have a dog, which Turk agrees before pointing out the dog food cans. Enos asks if she’s eating dog food and Turk says it beats ‘being empty.’ Enos asks if he’s eaten it and Turk asks that he hasn’t.

Enos returns to Lilly’s house with two bags of groceries. When she opens the door he announces he brought a delivery for her. While she protests at first, Enos insists and she opens up a bit to him, telling him about a small French restaurant she used to go to. As she talks, Enos notices a number of pictures of her on the wall from when she was younger. He cuts over her, saying those are all picture of her. Lilly tells Enos about being a silent movie star and that the movie she went to see the night of the mugging was one she starred in with Roger. She explains they were secret lovers and the apartment she currently lives in they used to keep to meet up. She says after Roger died she moved there. Enos promises her that between him and Turk, they’ll do something.

Enos and Turk go to see Broggi, who asks in disbelief that Enos expects him to put more officers on finding this locket. Enos says ‘many hands make light work’ and Turk is exasperated while Broggi is annoyed. He sarcastically asks if Enos wants a hundred or so policeman and misunderstanding Enos says he just needs twenty. Broggi says that the LAPD has more to do than to find a locket for a little old lady. Enos protests that she’s not that old, that she’s about the same age as Broggi which greatly annoys the lieutenant. Turk rolls his eyes in the back. Broggi snaps at him to forget the locket and to get out and find the thieves.

Enos and Turk go to visit the pawn shops, asking about the locket. Enos asks about what they are doing and Turk explains it, annoyed. Enos says asking around doesn’t sound too exciting and Turk asks if Enos thinks police work is all car chases and busting, to which Enos says he tires to keep it that way. Turk finds the locket at one of the pawn shops and is told that a kid wasn’t the one to sell it to the pawn shop. Turk shows the owner Solly his badge, saying that he’s dealt in hot items before and this is three strikes. Solly asks how was he supposed to know it was hot and begs Turk to give him a break as one more citation means he loses his license. Turk agrees to not write it up if he gets a description of the kid. Solly tells him about Banjo but Turk says he needs more. He says there was another kid with him, who drives a yellow hot rod. Turk then leaves. Frustrated the owner makes a phone call.

Doc visits the warehouse, asking the foreman how they did. He is told the boys have brought in about $20,000. Doc expresses displeasure at seeing the kids stole some glass, saying they will have to fence it fast. He gets a call from Solly, who informs him Banjo is holding out on him. He says he’ll break the kids arms before hanging up. As Doc goes to leave, the foreman tells him they are getting more calls every day about the kids holding back. Doc says they will need to make an example of one of them and Banjo is the perfect one.

Banjo meets up with some of the other kids, Wheelman and Ruben informing them that he sold the locket for twenty dollars. One of the two boys expresses concerns if Doc finds out what they did, but Banjo assures him Doc won’t find out. The kid cautions Banjo that the last kid who held out on Doc disappeared.

Enos and Turk are in the car together. Turk says so far all they got is a little old ladies locket, a street kid named Banjo, and a yellow hot rod. He tells Enos this isn’t a case, but a scavenger hunt. Enos parks asking why are these kids hitting the same area so much. Turk says it’s the kids turf and that is proof the kids own it. Enos says they just need to look that area and they will spot the hot rod. Turk tells him that is not necessarily the case, that they are unpredictable and one thing you can always count on with kids is that you can’t count on anything. Enos protests that isn’t what Turk just said and Turk tells him that white men aren’t the only ones who speak with forked tongues. Enos is confused but says Banjo can still be around. Turk tells him not to count on it but Enos insists he needs to have faith. Meanwhile Banjo is nearby, stealing an older man’s wallet. Turk says this isn’t police work but social work. He adds that he does social but doesn’t work to work it. Enos laments that Banjo doesn’t have a home and continues to drive. Enos and Turk are flagged down by the man, who tells them a kid just stole his wallet and got in a yellow hot rod. Enos puts on his Hazzard hat, saying ‘oh ye of little faith’ to which Turk tells him not start preaching.

Banjo and his friend notice a car following them. The boy driving the car tries to speed away but Enos continues after them to Turk’s concern. They speed around a number of smaller roads, Turk getting more agitated with Enos’ driving as he does. Enos’ engine cuts out and Turk snaps ‘poor kid’ to Enos, to which Enos says they drive good for city boys.

Enos and Turk are in Broggi’s office, who is furious that they got away. He asks that the officers were outsmarted by two ‘mugging Muppets’ to which Enos agrees. He asks if they read the paper, asking that Enos can in fact read which Enos confirms as long as it’s English. Broggi says the headline is about the teenage muggings. He says the gangs are being led by a Fagen. Enos asks what is a ‘Fagen’ and Turk explains it’s a word to describe an adult who runs juvenile crime, named after the character in Oliver Twist. Enos is confused, surprising Broggi and Turk who explains it’s a book with no pictures that Enos should read. Broggi tells Turk and Enos to find the gang before they go underground, but Broggi and Enos are confused as Turk has spaced out. Broggi gets Turks attention and dismisses the officers from his office. He laments that his mother wanted him to be a priest.

Banjo’s friend brings the younger boy from earlier to a condemned building, cautioning the boy to watch their ‘alarm’ on the ninth step. The boy steps on it anyway, knocking down a large number of cans and the older boy, exasperated, says Banjo will fix it later. Banjo comes down a latter, greeting the two and leading them into another room. He asks if the older boy had to bring Ruban, the youngest, but the older boy says you don’t bring Ruban, Ruban just follows. Banjo explains to Ruban this is their home. The oldest boy informs Ruban that Doc called a meeting for the day after tomorrow. Banjo warns his friend to clean out the car and get new decals on it as it was spotted. Ruban asks if he can come live with Banjo to avoid his abusive dad and Banjo says he can come by, but the life they live isn’t as ‘good as it looks’.

Enos and Turk go to see Lilly, who makes them tea. She asks why can’t she have her locket back. Enos explains it’s being held as evidence while they look for Banjo in order to find this gang. Turk is annoyed that Enos is telling Lilly all this, and Lilly proposes that she dresses up as ‘an old lady’ and go out as a decoy for them, which Turk is very against. She tells them it can be just like a scene from one of her old films. Enos asks how it went in the film and she admits she was killed to Turk and Enos’ horror. They protest again about it but she insists she is getting her locket back with or without them and she is the only one who knows what the boy looks like.

Lilly walks down the street while Turk and Enos watch her from the car. Turk says it’s been 26 hours and 6 minutes. Enos asks ‘what’s that’ and Turk says the time they lost going along with this plan for the last two days. Enos says they need to protect her asking what else can they do. Turk proposes putting her in jail as she would eat better. Enos says if Broggi finds out about this, Turk interrupts saying he’ll be back pumping gas and Enos will be in the boondocks. Enos says they better not get found out. However Turk notices the ‘snitch’ Bigalow coming up on them. Turk says Bigalow would kill to get something on Turk and when Enos asks why, Turk says it’s because he won’t let the guy date his sister as he’s too old. Bigalow taunts them and Enos and Turk give him smart remarks back. Meanwhile Lilly walks by, trying to tell them subtlety that she will try the other side. Bigalow becomes suspicious and Turk tries to say Lilly is a police woman. Enos and Turk decide for Turk and Bigalow to tail Lilly while Enos stays to look for the yellow car.

Lilly walks through the park, Bigalow and Turk behind her a bit. She is noticed by Banjo. Banjo tosses out a number of firecrackers, distracting Bigalow and Turk while he takes Lilly’s purse. Banjo gets in the yellow car and they speed away. Turk runs to Enos and they give chase. Meanwhile Bigalow stays with Lilly, asking to see her badge.

Enos assures Turk they won’t lose him this time and instead of giving chase Enos plans to lay back and see where they go, impressing Turk. Meanwhile in the park, Lilly explains her role in all this to Bigalow.

Enos and Turk see the boys park outside of a building and slip inside. Turk and Enos get out of the car and Enos remarks Turk might think he’s crazy but since the place is full of kids he wants to unload their guns. Turk says he’s right and when Enos asks if that means they can unload their guns, Turk says Enos is crazy. Enos says if anything happens to the kids, making Turk upset. Turk says no one but them are dumb enough to do this before they both unload the guns. Enos switches hats to his Hazzard patrol cap and they use their handshake, Turk saying ‘grits and greens strike again’. Enos goes around the back while Turk goes up to the front door, knocking. When a large man opens the door, Turk grabs him by his hair from behind the door, drags the man around and shoves him in a trash can.

Around back a number of young teens wait with the foreman as Doc arrives. Doc and the foreman approach them and Doc addresses them, walking up to Banjo. In tells them that by now all the children should know that most of the pawn shops answer to him, and that they are going to learn a new word which is enforcer. Banjo is surrounded by a number of large men before Enos jumps through a window announcing ‘it’s a raid’ confusing everyone. Doc laughs asking ‘really’ and Turk comes through the back door, pulling a gun on Doc and the foreman. The two notice that Turk doesn’t have any bullets and laughs. Enos announces that they are ‘fixing to knock heads and anyone under 18 out’. The young kids flee, only Banjo remaining behind as the ‘enforces’ grab him. Doc says to finish them off and the foreman says they will start with Enos. Turk dives on the foreman and a fight breaks out. Turk is thrown aside but Enos and Turk continue to fight. Enos tells Banjo to run, and the boy does. Doc and the foreman go after him but Doc escapes, hitting Turk with his car. Turk gets back up and he and Enos manage to stop a few of the adults from escaping and arrest two of them. Enos asks if Turk recognizes them and Turk says all ugly looks alike to him. Enos asks that they were the guys they arrested earlier for robbing a warehouse to which Turk agrees.

Enos and Turk report into Broggi who has Bigalow with him. Broggi, annoyed says ‘let me get this straight Strate’ saying they were supposed to find a mugger and according to Bigalow that they persuaded the mugging victim, an elderly woman, to act as bait and it led them to the gang leader who they let escape along with the original mugger. Enos says they caught the burglars from the other night and Broggi asks if they can think of any reason for him not to drop them from the case and suspend them. Enos says no and Broggi walks away with a smug Bigalow. Turk calls after him saying ‘yes Sir’ and Broggi comes back. Turk says they are the only ones who know what Doc looks like. Broggi smirks for a moment before saying what a day it was when they first came into his life. After he leaves Turk is proud of himself until Enos says that was Miss Lilly’s idea, to which Turk reluctantly admits to. Turk says Broggi is a tough cookie and he busted Turk when Turk was a kid. Enos is shocked and Turk says the reason Broggi works behind a desk was because he was ‘shot to pieces in a hold up a few years ago and he still nailed the three dudes’. Turk then asks if Enos minds a little criticism and Enos says not if it’s from Turk. Turk tells him that on a bust, he should never call anyone by their name, like Enos had just done with Banjo. Enos says that he just wanted Banjo to move and Turk says that because Enos knew who Banjo was, Doc figures Enos and Banjo were working together. Enos realizes that Doc may try to kill Banjo now. Turk becomes alarmed and they leave to find Banjo.

Doc vents, furious at being identified by the police after thirty years of never being marked. The foreman says he doesn’t think Banjo had anything to do with this but Doc says the cop called Banjo by his name. Doc admits he knows Banjo is operating alone and doesn’t trust the cops, but the cops still know who he is and he wants the kid. The foreman begs him to just leave it alone, but Doc expresses he wants Banjo dead.

Turk and Enos get lunch and Enos comments that it’s too bad ‘Banjo ain’t a coon’. Turk pauses in eating before saying Enos will notice that he ain’t laughing. Enos says there’s an old coon hunt saying in Hazzard, that if you can’t find the coon you make the coon find you. Turk says the last time Enos mixed possums and burglars they made a bust before asking Enos what he got. Enos says he figured Banjo went underground and there’s no reason the hot rod kid. Turk says Enos is figuring to tail the hot rod kid, but adds that they already changed the paint and decals on the hot rod. Enos says to hit the speed shops but Turk says for Enos to do that and he’ll hit the streets. Turk pulls out a large wad of cash to pay, Enos commenting on it and Turk explains most of it is ‘monopoly money’ covered with two twenties and it’s his ‘street bait’.

Enos talks to a number of shop owners before meeting up with Turk. They both admit they haven’t had any luck. Enos says he is running out of money, confusing Turk. Enos explains that he feels guilty for taking up people’s times so he buys something in every store, stunning Turk. Turk says he can’t just buy something in every store because he feels guilty for taking the peoples time. Turk says he may have a lead. Turk continues walking the streets, playing catch with some kids as he passes before playing basketball with some others. The kids ask about how he got so good and Turk talks to two of the boys about looking for someone with hot wheels. He shows the boys a twenty and says he’ll give the money to anyone to brings him the driver.

Doc is at home when the foreman brings him Ruban, saying he’s a friend of Banjo’s who wants to join the gang.

Turk meets up with Tony, who shines shoes. As the man starts Banjo comes up and pays Tony to leave. Turk notices him and smirks before commenting for Banjo not to ‘bruise the leather.’ Banjo asks if he’s the dude looking for the hot rod. Turk says Banjo can’t be him as he ain’t got a license. Banjo says he’s the driver’s manager. Turk asks if the guy is that good. Banjo says ‘Wheelman’ is the best. Enos arrives and realizing it was a set up, Banjo flees. They loose him and Enos apologizes for blowing it. Turk says ‘we blew it’ before assuring Enos that they have a name now. As they leave, Banjo watches from a hiding place. Enos wonders why he was able to disappear on foot and the two realize Banjo must live nearby.

Banjo runs home, unknowing that he’s being watched by the foreman who informs Doc that Banjo just went in. Ruban flees and Doc and the foreman prepare to go in. Ruban runs over to tell Wheelman what is going on. Ruban admits that he told Doc where Banjo lives. Ruban and Wheelman rush off to help Banjo. Meanwhile the foreman breaks into Banjo’s place with Doc.

Banjo starts packing when he hears his alarms going off. He goes up to the roof and climbs to another building, removing the bridge. He sees Doc and the Foreman chasing after him. Doc says he wants Banjo alive and the foreman jumps over to the other roof, chasing him. Banjo goes down into a nearby building and the foreman chases after him. The foreman nearly falls through a piece of wood, giving Banjo a chance to get away.

Enos and Turk hit a red light when they hear a hot rod. Turk says all cars sound alike and Enos argues that they do not, especially after he’s chased them twice. Enos turns around, saying he bets his life on it but Turk protests that Enos is betting Turk’s life. Enos sees the hot rod and follows them. He catches the car and forces it to pull over. Wheelman tells Ruban to split and talks to Turk and Enos. They reveal they are cops trying to help Banjo. Wheelman informs them that Doc is with Banjo and they leave.

Banjo climbs down a fire escape, reaching the street level but is grabbed by Doc. The foreman catches up and Doc explains that they are taking him out to the country. However Enos arrives, telling them to freeze and he doesn’t want any trouble, addressing Doc as Mr. Fagen. Doc goes to correct him before getting the reference and saying it’s ‘very droll’. He asks where the gun is and Enos says he left it because of the kid. Doc tells the foreman to kill Enos but they find Turk is already in Doc’s car. Turk greets Doc, saying he hates guys like him and to please do something stupid. The foreman tries to leave but trips and falls, hitting a truck and letting Enos arrest him. Turk suggests they will probably get twenty to thirty years before they even get to the heavy stuff.

Enos and Turk are in the police station, trying to hurry up and leave. Broggi yells for Enos, and they stop at the door. Broggi says he just got a call from the Juvenile Division informing him that Enos refuses to testify as the arresting officer. Enos goes to explain and Broggi cuts him off saying he has 27 years on the force, a degree in police science with two years of law and yet he’s no match for Enos’ peasant cunning. He asks why Enos refuses to testify and Turk tries not to laugh as Enos explains he hasn’t refused and they are on their way to the court right now. Turk nods to show this is true. Broggi asks that they are testifying, which Enos says yes and Turk grins before leaving. Enos elaborates they are testifying for the defense before leaving, enraging Broggi who turns to go after them.

In the court room, Judge Matthew Taylor asks about them pleading for Banjo not to be sent to a correctional facility. He asks if this is in the nature of asking for a second chance. Enos goes to stand and Turk fails to stop him as Enos explains it’s for a first chance as Banjo hasn’t had a chance yet. Turk ties to pull Enos back down and Enos pleads for Banjo to be able to have a chance at living in a real home. Turk pulls Enos back to his seat. The judge asks about the petition of guardian ship and Lilly explains that is hers. Enos stands up again to Turks frustration, explaining Lilly was the victim in the robbery. Lily says people sometimes meet in the strangest ways. Taylor decides to agree to the conditions, letting Banjo go on probation at home with Lilly. Everyone grins, happy. Taylor tells Banjo that he’s getting a very unusual chance and to make it work. Lilly says that she doesn’t know if it will, but they will be better off. She immediately begins to correct Banjo’s behavior, having him address the officers as ‘sir’ before leaving to buy him a pizza. Turk and Enos congratulate each other.

Enos: Dear Daisy, I met my first movie star. They’re just like us!


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  • Turk implies that he's had a few rough patches financially, telling Enos eating dog food is better than having nothing.
  • Enos has never read Oliver Twist
  • According to Broggi, his mother wanted him to be a priest
  • Bigelow refers to Enos and Turk as Sam Spade and Clouseau, both private detectives and investigators in fiction.
  • Bigelow admits that he is wearing a hairpiece.
  • Turk says part of why Broggi dislikes him is that he busted Turk for a minor crime when Turk was a kid. He also claims that Broggi got promoted to Lieutenant because he is tough, citing an arrest where Broggi got 'shot to pieces' and still arrested the three perpetrators.
  • Enos is able to recognize the hot rod by the sound of the engine
  • Broggi has a degree in Police Science with two years in law