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Grogan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Miss Tri-Counties[]

When the Miss Tri-County Beauty Contest is being held he helps escort Big Jim Mathers and Jim’s contestant Melanie Dubois to Hazzard so she can register with Boss and Rosco. When Melanie walks away, he and Malone follow her.

Jim joins them a few moments later before hearing Boss and Rosco scramble inside. He tells them to wait there before leaving to find out why. They wait out of the building for Jim when Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke come out, Bo saying hey to him and Grogan checking out Daisy. After Melanie and Daisy talk, they move on.

They go to the Boar’s Nest and sit at a table with Jim to watch the first contest. Daisy wins but forfeits the contest to Melanie.

While everyone is at the Boar’s Nest preparing for the Miss Tri-County race, he and his partner go to Boss’ office to review the map and their plan to ensure Melanie will win.  He tells Malone to wait outside of willow creek and take out anyone who is ahead of Melanie while he will be at Cherokee Bluffs.

While at Cherokee Bluffs, he sees Daisy is in the lead. He picks up a rifle but before he can aim he hears a horn. He drops the gun and runs as the truck, driven by Bo and Luke, chase after him. He jumps on top of the tuck and when Luke hits the breaks he is flung into a bush. He gets up and runs again but the boys drive away.

The next morning they go to the Duke Farm. After waiting for the boys to leave, they go in the house to kidnap Daisy. Surprised to see them, Daisy asks what are they doing in her house. Daisy throws Malone to the ground and he pulls out a gun, telling her to simmer down. He then tells Malone to get her in the car, commenting ‘nice going’ at Malone getting thrown. Once outside he takes Daisy by the arm to put her in the backseat.

As they drive, they hear Luke call over the CB for anyone that sees their car. Daisy tells them that they don’t have a chance now. Malone tells him there is a stopped car up ahead and he says to go around. As Malone does, Daisy tries to jump out of the car. He quickly pulls her back in, saying ‘oh no you don’t.’ He grins and laughs in amusement when Luke calls again for anyone seeing the car, commenting ‘now ain’t that a shame? Nobody’s answering’. He says they have no idea where to find them, however when someone answers Daisy says something tells her they are about to get that idea. He slaps Malone telling him to step on it.

They hear the General arrive behind them when Bo hits the horn. He says he will scare them off, drawing his gun but Daisy protests, hitting him and forcing him to drop the gun out the window. He tries to keep Daisy away from Malone but Malone is forced to stop. He gets out and is confronted by Luke. Luke knocks him out.