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Gussie Peabody, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 5[]

Ding, Dong, the Boss is Dead[]

Gussie calls Lulu Hogg, fixing her nails as she asks if she can speak to Boss. Boss greets her and asks if she heard any interesting phone conversations. She tells him that it’s just one from a payphone, where a lady was talking to a man in Atlanta who was saying he would leave the country. She says the man said something about paying back a ‘fat water-buffalo’ for a crime from twenty years ago. Boss asks if there was a name and she says it sounded like ‘Fly Away’ to which Boss screams it was ‘Calloway’.

Jesse calls her from the Hogg Family home, claiming that Boss Hogg was dead and he had to make arrangements before telling her to connect him to the coffin works. After hanging up she calls Bessie Lou to inform her. She proceeds tell everyone she can about the news.

Later they learn Boss is actually alive.

Comrade Duke[]

Coy calls her on the phone, asking if she can put him through to the FBI in Atlanta. She informs him that all communication outside of Hazzard has been cut off.

Witness: Jesse Duke[]

Vance calls her to see if any calls came through Nashville to the Duke Farm. She denies any such calls, but says one came to the Duke Farm from Capitol City.

Season 6[]

Lulu's Gone Away[]

Daisy goes to see her at work. She convinces Gussie to take a long lunch and Gussie excitedly goes and tells Daisy not to mention a word of this to the Boss, which Daisy promises not to. She leaves, calling ‘bye’ to Daisy as she does.

A Boy's Best Friend[]

Boss has her connect him to Mr. Winkle at the pound.

Heiress Daisy Duke[]

Boss calls her to get him in contact with a Professor Crandall

Dead and Alive[]

While Cooter is out on a tow job, she accepts all of Cooter's calls. The Chickasaw County Operator sends her a call and Luke is surprised she answered, asking why is she taking Cooter's calls. She explains about the job and Luke tells her to let Cooter know that they need him to get Uncle Jesse to bring Artie Bender to Chickasaw County Jail as they are up on charges of grand theft armored truck. She passes on the message.

Play it Again, Luke[]

Boss calls her, saying ‘this is JD Hogg, the source of your sole support’ before ordering her that if any of the Dukes call for the State Police for her to put them on hold and call him back.

Close Call for Daisy[]

Rosco calls her from the Garage, telling her 'Hello from Boss' before telling her to get him the Hazzard Hotel and make it snappy as it's official buisness. She patches him through.


Like Mabel Tillingham and Bessie Lou, Gussie is present off screen more than onscreen. She appeared in two episodes, Ding, Dong, the Boss is Dead and Lulu's Gone Away but she was also talked to on the phone in episodes.