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H.H. Harkness is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A con man who works a routine of going into a place with led bars painted to look like gold, getting the bank to agree to watch the gold and replace it if anything happened, then organizing the gold to be stolen.


Gold Fever[]

They arrive in Hazzard after setting the car to have an accident. When nearly crashing with the General Lee, the axle snaps and he praises Buck on a job well done. He watches Dusty and Buck confront Bo and Luke for a moment before getting out of the car and telling them to knock it off. He apologizes to the boys and shakes their hands, saying he’d be more than happy to pay for any repairs and asks for a garage. Luke tells him about Cooter and offers to call him for them. He thanks them and then offers a target practice to show off for Bo and Luke. He gets two glasses from the car and throws them in the air. After he throws a bottle himself before shooting it.

At the Garage he asks Cooter how is the car and Cooter says if it was a horse they would have to shoot it. Cooter says it’ll take about a day and a half to fix it. Luke offers to show him the ‘Hogg Hilton’ and he remarks it sounds inviting but he will pass before asking to see the bank. Bo and Luke take him over and introduce him to Boss Hogg. After Bo and Luke are escorted out, he introduces himself to Boss Hogg as Harkness of ‘Harkness Oil, Harkness Steal, and of course Harkness Copper’. He tells Boss that he needs to stay over night and he wants to use the bank vault, shocking Boss. Boss tells him that will be expensive and he offers $25,000. He asks if that is acceptable and is told yes. Buck and Dusty bring in the bars and when Boss and Rosco joke about what he could have, he throws off the tarp to show the bars. He tells Boss that they are valued at three million and he was moving some of his gold from Huston to Atlanta. He asks if his gold will be safe and when told yes he agrees. Boss can’t remember his name and he pulls out a paper telling him to sign the promissory note to care for his gold. Boss says that he has his word and Harkness says he would rather has his signature as his signature is more binding than his word. He then leaves with Enos after Boss gives him a loaner car, a free room in the hotel, and offers him to lunch.

When Boss starts to set up for the night with Rosco and Enos in the bank, he asks if Boss plans to camp out. Boss explains the Dukes are still loose and he will personally guard the gold through the night. Alarmed as this will mess with his plans he approaches Boss and reminds him that he was invited to lunch. Boss tries to brush it off and he tells him he thought they could discuss the possibility of moving all his banking business to Boss as he doesn’t trust the big cities. They leave for the Boar’s Nest.

He and Boss are dinning in the Boar’s Nest and are being served by Daisy. He remarks he is mighty impressed. Daisy brings him some candied yams and he refuses before remarking he’s had enough of food before making a pass at her. When Daisy gives him an annoyed look he ignores her. They hear a loud bang and Daisy says it’s some rats, startling him, before leaving to deal with it. A few moments later, Rosco radio’s in to tell them that the Dukes had attacked the bank. Alarmed, he runs to Boss yelling about his gold and reminding Boss that he is responsible. They are told the gold is safe but the Dukes got away. He tells Boss that if anything happens to the gold Boss owes him three million dollars.

They arrive at the bank and he confirms the ‘gold’ is gone before helping Buck and Dusty out of their bonds. He reminds Boss that he owes him money. He asks Buck what happened and is told Buck never saw the attackers. When Boss accuses Bo and Luke of stealing it, Enos says they are right outside and he draws a pistol before shooting at them.

At the bank he, Buck, and Dusty confront Boss. He tells Boss that he must leave for Huston and he is demanding payment. Boss explains that this is a small town and a small bank and he doesn’t have three million. He asks how much Boss has in cash and Boss says he can scrape up $100,000 to which he agrees to take it as a down payment. When Boss eats the agreement he informs Boss that he had a dozen copies made. He grabs Boss by the front of his jacket demanding he get the money now.

Boss gets the money, saying this is the worst day of his life. Harkness tells him if Rosco finds his gold, then this won’t be costing him a penny. Boss screws up his name again, upsetting him and they leave.

Outside, they are stunned when Rosco and Enos arrive with Bo and Luke in addition to the bars. When Boss goes to reclaim his money, he draw a gun saying for nobody to move and that they need to go. Buck says they should make sure no one can follow first and he shoots out Boss’ Cadillac tires. He comments ‘so long suckers’ before leaving.  As they flee they notice the Dukes following. He calls Buck and the two of them shoot at the car until they blow the radiator.

Down the road a few miles he is surprised when an RV cuts onto the road with the Dukes inside. He shoots at them, trying to hit them again. Luke tosses a Molotov Cocktail, which misses. Alarmed he yells that they are bombing them. After their car is blown up, he is helped out by Luke and handed over to Rosco to be arrested.