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Hadley is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dear Diary[]

He and his partner are hired by Boss Hogg to hijack a load of radial tires. They succeed and go to Boss’ office to get their money. Boss hands him the envelope and he opens it and counts it, ignoring Boss protests that he doesn’t need to count. He tells Boss that he’s $1,000 short of their deal and Boss says it’s because the tires were only for small foreign cars so he took a discount. He remarks if Boss doesn’t give them their money he’ll have to take it out of Boss’ hide. Boss protests that they don’t know anything about doing business and he was giving them a break. Boss argues on top of that he didn’t deduct his overhead expenses and he asks if Boss means to fill his fat belly. Boss tells him he eats like a bird and is just naturally plump but then Cletus comes in with a massive tray of food for Boss. When Boss tells them to move, Avery says they aren’t going and he says they will stay. When Cletus draws his gun, he decides to leave but warns Boss at the door that they aren’t through with him yet.

While driving out of town, they hear a CB call between Boss and Jesse Duke. Jesse has a diary belonging to Rosco that Boss is willing to drop a number of charges to get it back. They hear Boss accuse Jesse of wanting to blackmail Rosco with it but they agree to a trade. Realizing that it could be used to blackmail Boss, they decide to go after Jesse and get the diary.

Seeing a pickup he concludes it must be Jesse and tells Avery to run him off. Avery blocks the road but Jesse goes around. When Jesse takes off he sees Avery falling behind in the chase and says ‘move it Avery you’re losing him!’ They see Jesse on the side of the road sitting by his truck and pull up before getting out. He greets Jesse before saying they will take the diary. Jesse asks what diary and he tells Avery to look in the truck. When Avery says he must have it on him he remarks ‘hand it over Duke’ and Jesse says he doesn’t know what they are talking about and he needs a doctor. He checks Jesse before shoving him over and finding the diary. He thanks Jesse before saying they are real sorry to leave him like this before getting back in the car.

They go to a phone booth and he calls Boss, reminding him they aren’t through with him before saying they have a little red book he might be interested in. when Boss asks how he knows they are talking about the same book, he offers to read a page or two. He reads about two of Boss’ exploits before saying it would make real nice reading for the Federal Marshal in Atlanta. He tells Boss he wants $25,000 in small bills to Sycamore Road dead end in one hour, reminding Boss that Avery is good with a gun before hanging up.

They go to the dead end and wait on the car for the money.

They hear a car and he gets up, saying Avery knows what to do before Avery goes to hide. He watches Bo and Luke arrive and as they get out of the car he tells them that is far enough before approaching them. Avery pulls Bo around to the same side of the General and Bo asks where is the diary. He remarks he doesn’t know them and why didn’t Boss come himself. Luke says he’s just lazy he guesses. Luke says all they want is the diary and they’ll give the money and be on their way. Bo yells not before teaching them a lesson about ganging up on their uncle but Luke says for him to take it easy and that isn’t why they came. He tells Bo to take it easy and to hand over the money. Bo says he wants to see the diary first and he pulls it out, saying ‘see it’ before putting it back and telling them he wants to see the money. Luke opens the case and he pulls out a wad of bills. Avery says to give them the diary and he remarks that he could, if the money was real. He tells Avery to feel it, as it feels real but there are slightly smudged serial numbers and the US is a lot more neat than that. He says they have been had. Bo attacks him, punching him and knocking him down. They wrestle on the ground and he grabs a handful of dirt, tossing it in Bo’s eyes. He yells to Avery saying he lost his gun and they need to get out of there. He gets in the car and they drive off.

As they drive off, he looks back to see Bo and Luke following and places the diary on the seat beside him. As they go up Arrowhead road, he hears the engine stalling and asks what is wrong to which Avery says he doesn’t think they’ll make it. The car stalls out and starts going down the hill. He tells Avery to use the emergency break, learning Avery already tried. He realizes they are going to go over the edge and tells Avery to jump for it and be quick as he smells gas. He leaps out and the car goes off the side, being destroyed below. They get up as Bo and Luke arrive, Bo pulling up and asking where the diary is. He tells Bo if he wants it to go and get it, pointing to the wrecked car. When Bo and Luke go to look, he and Avery runs away.