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Hammer is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dukes in Danger[]

While being transported by Randall to the State Pen, he sits in the back seat with Leeman when they see The General Lee drive by with a police officer chasing in reverse. He turns around to watch the odd scene just before Randall goes off the road, flipping the car. He gets out of the car with Leeman, asking if he’s alright. When they make it over to Randall, he notes that the man is out of it and Leeman takes his keys to free them. He then tells Leeman to give him Randall’s gun, which he does, and to get the CB wires. They then flee.

Leeman and Hammer find the Duke Farm and hear Daisy and Jesse talk about mortgage money. Leeman stops them from leaving but Daisy suddenly attacks him. He grabs her and Jesse gets out of the car. He holds Daisy as Leeman takes the mortgage money. He lets Daisy go after she promises to behave. When they hear the CB being used, he pulls out the wires with a smile. When Jesse asks them to leave they refuse. They head toward the house and he comments ‘how about fixing us a little chow sugar?” and Daisy says she isn’t hungry. He comments she is a feisty little filly, touching her and she snaps for him to fix it himself. Jesse agrees to help make it.

While they watch Jesse and Daisy cook, they hear a car. He hides in the living room. When Bo and Luke come into the kitchen, he comes out from behind the wall, saying ‘put ‘em up country boys’ and for them not to try anything cute. Bo says he wouldn’t think of it before attacking him. He hits Bo immediately and continues to hit him, causing Daisy to throw a plate at him. Leeman yells at him, saying to cool it and he shoves Bo into the kitchen table, saying ‘you got off lucky wise guy’. Luke says they must be from the station wagon overturned down the creek and he says that Luke isn’t as dumb as he looks. He explains to the Dukes that they are staying at the Farm until they figure a way out. Leeman tells him to move Bo and Luke into the living room and kill them if they try anything. He tells at them to move and follows them in. When they start talking he tells them to sit and shut their yaps.

He sits in the living room, watching Bo and Luke who are sitting across from him when Hammer brings out some clothes from Bo and Luke’s closet, telling him to take his pick. When Bo protests, he grins but before he can respond they hear a horn. Jesse tells them it’s J.D. Hogg. At Leeman’s instruction, he takes Bo and Luke back to their room. After a few minutes Leeman calls him to bring the boys into the kitchen, which he does. While Leeman argues with Boss, Luke bolts. He goes to follow but Bo trips him, causing him to fall. He gets up and goes out the back door, only for Luke to tackle him to the ground. Luke goes to hit him but he gets out his gun saying ‘okay rube, you bought it.’ Luke says he can still leave as he’s getting in this deep, but he says not as deep as Luke who is aiming for six feet under. However they stop talking at the sound of a siren, signalling Rosco's arrival.

He and Luke go back inside and he tells Hammer it’s the fuzz and they need to split. Leeman refuses and tells him to take Daisy and Jesse. He tells them to move and they do. They go into one of the back rooms. A few moments later Leeman calls him to get in there fast. As he comes into the kitchen, he sees Bo bolt out the door and Leeman runs after him. Luke stands up and he tells Luke if he takes a step he’ll blow him away. A few moments later Leeman returns with Bo. Leeman says next time they try to escape, he and Hammer will just kill Daisy. Leeman leaves the room taking Boss and Rosco with him and he stays to watch the Dukes.

He gets changed into the Duke’s clothes. While Leeman cut the phone lines, he watches Jesse, Luke, Rosco, and Boss in the living room. Hearing a vehicle, they look out the window to see Cooter arriving to deliver Dixie. They hide as the Dukes make Cooter leave. He comes out of hiding once Cooter is gone, annoyed that Boss is eating their food and taking the craw-fish gumbo from him.

After checking the barn, he returns to the house to tell Leeman it all checks out and they can put the captives out there for the night. The Dukes protest but Leeman agrees. Hammer says they will take turns guarding them. Boss tries to bribe Leeman, and when Rosco says Boss has cash, he asks where. Rosco accidentally tells them that Boss is currently wearing a money belt and Leeman takes it, telling him ‘jackpot’.

He takes Bo, Luke, Daisy, Jesse, Rosco, and Boss Hogg into the barn. He tells them all to keep their eyes and mouths shut. He tells Daisy to lay down by him so he can keep an eye on her and she curls up next to Bo. Boss tries to tell him he deserves more respect. Hammer comments ‘down fatso’ and Boss drops. He tells them to keep their eyes and mouth shut again and while Rosco and Boss bicker he yells for them to knock it off. Rosco asks if Flash can says her prayers and he says for all of them to close their eyes.

They wake up in the morning and Bo asks if it’s alright for them to open their eyes. He agrees but says no moving around. The Dukes start talking about breakfast and he agrees to let them, but only Jesse and Daisy to get what they need, telling Bo and Luke to stay where they are, saying if they try anything funny he’ll start shooting. Boss and Rosco approach him saying they have a new offer. He laughs amused as they offer cases of shine and puppies. As Boss and Rosco keep going he gets annoyed and stands up telling them to shut up. Jesse comes over with a bucket of milk before throwing it in his face. Furious and unable to see, he shoots his gun. Luke punches him in the face and he darts into the house to get Leeman. They come back out and when they see Jesse has a shotgun, they take cover. He decides to go into the barn while Jesse reloads but when Bo and Luke shoot arrows, they take cover again. He returns fire and Luke hits a bucket, soaking him. While they continue the fight, he goes into the house, grabbing Randall’s bag and bringing it out. He digs around in it, showing Leeman tear gas. Leeman covers him and he tosses it in the barn. Daisy throws it back, choking them. He tells Leeman for them to bolt to the Sheriff’s car, and after Leeman shoots out the tires they drive away.

As they flee they pass Cletus, Cooter, and Randall who all give chase. He is surprised when a few miles down the road Bo and Luke join the chase, commenting that it’s the plow boys. He marks they change tires fast. He drives as Luke shoots dynamite arrows in the road. On the second one he swerves, running off the road. They are captured by Randall.