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Hank is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Santa Claus Chase[]

Boss Hogg hires them around Christmas to steal a truck of Christmas Trees from Bo and Luke Duke and frame the boys for the theft.

He gets into a sack and lays in the middle of the road. Seeing him, the boys stop with their truck. When Bo opens the sack he points a gun at him and tells Bo and Luke to back up, calling them turkeys and saying if they do no one will get hurt. He ties up Bo and leaves him on the side of the road with Luke as he and Russ steals the truck.

He watches as Russ paints the truck yellow. They walk too the cab of the truck and he tells his partner to give him the plates. He comments so far so good before going to switch them.

They drop off the truck in town and are picked up by Willie. As he gets in the car, he asks if Willie got the money. Willie says he did but it’s nothing compared to what Boss has sitting in his safe. He tells Hank that he’s going to drop him and Russ off at the Boar’s Nest and he wants them to wait there for his call.

While waiting in the Boar’s Nest, they see Bo and Luke come in. He tells his partner they should get out of there but he’s reminded that the boys don’t know what they look like as they were wearing masks. He settles down again.

After Bo and Luke return from Boss’ office the phone rings. He tells Daisy ‘I got it ma’am’ before answering. He talks to Willie and after hanging up tells Russ it’s time to go. As Russ drives he curses and Hank asks what it is, learning the Dukes are following them. Russ asks if he thinks the Dukes recognized him and he says not to wait around to find out and to go. They manage to escape when they nearly cause an accident with a pie truck.

They arrive at the cabin and wait for Willie, helping him unload when he arrives.

As he cleans his shotgun, they talk about a robbery of Boss Hogg's safe at the Boar's Nest. He comments he doesn’t know, hitting them just before Christmas Eve will probably work but they’re gonna recognize them for sure this time. Willie shows him they are going to be dressed as Santa Claus this time.

The next morning they change into Santa Suits and head out to the Boar’s Nest. They go into the Boar’s Nest and pull a gun on Daisy and Jesse. He keeps Jesse and Daisy covered until they are locked in a closet. When Jesse asks if they hijacked the trees he asks “What’s it to you Grandpa” and Jesse tells him he isn't his grandpa and he was just curious. After securing them, he keeps watch in Boss’ office while Russ opens the safe.

After emptying the safe, they leave. They are chased by Daisy and Jesse, then Boss and Rosco. They are forced to pull over when four more vehicles all converge on them. Cletus forces them out of the car and Boss unmasks them. Boss has Rosco and Cletus arrest them.