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Hank Duke is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


After receiving a letter from his Uncle Jeremiah for help, he contacts his cousins Joe and Dixie and heads to Sleepy City to help save the farm from Thaddeus Hogg. He comes up with a plan to follow the stage on horseback in case Hogg tries anything to prevent their arrival.


Go West, Young Dukes[]

June 13, 1872. When the coach is pulled over, he sees one of the masked men about to kill Joe and rides up saying that isn’t a way to start a lasting friendship before shooting the gun out of Frank James’ hand. As the men flee, the horses get spooked and run. Joe says Dixie is still on there and Hank pulls him up on his horse, chasing after it. He gets Joe to the coach, and Joe stops it. They bring the coach back to the drivers and he checks on Dixie. Joe says he was right about the stage. Daisy remarks had they not planned like they did, they would be dead and he says there is no doubt about it. He concludes Thaddeus is a shrewd feller. When Joe asks if they think he’s a Duke he says maybe and maybe not. If they are lucky they will think he was a loner. Dixie decides that she will be a saloon girl and Hank will be a drifter to hide their identities. Hank says with luck, they’ll think Joe was the only one to show. They head out again, Joe slapping his back as he passes.

He arrives in town and goes to the bar. He approaches Dixie asking ‘can I buy you a drink little lady’ and she says why not, asking for champagne. He tells her anything her little heart desires before telling the bartender to get two beers. He pulls Dixie aside, asking if she’s caught anything yet and she says ‘only a draft’. Dixie says outside of Hogg and the Sheriff, all the rats have left town. He remarks that he can’t say he blames them before asking where they are and she says in Hogg’s office. After they share a drink at the bar.

As he and Dixie continue to stand together, they are approached by Frank and Jesse James. When Frank pulls Dixie away saying she should be drinking with a real man, he comments ‘as if you’d know where to find one’. He tells Frank to unhand her. He tells Frank his manners haven’t improved since the last time he saw them. Jesse throws a beer in his face and he grabs the outlaw, pulling him over the bar and throwing him to the ground. He pulls Jesse up and hits him in the face before being grabbed from behind. Joe announces he is joining, having slipped into the saloon unnoticed. With Jesse focused on Joe, he turns and hits Frank. After Frank gets back up he asks Joe if he’s ready to change partners, which Joe agrees. He fights Jesse.

As he is locked in the cell, he tells Hogg that he and his two-bit sheriff isn’t going to get away with this. He learn they know he is a Duke. They leave him there.

While in his cell, Dixie is brought down with food. She puts the tray in his hand, slipping a gun into his hand as well. He thanks her and as she and the deputy leave he looks at the gun, repeating his thanks with a smile.

He calls for the deputy from his cell. When the deputy comes over, he points the gun at him and tells him he’d like to check out of the establishment. He ties up the deputy in his cell and takes his gun. After being free, he goes over to Jeeter’s place where Dixie, Jeeter, and Joe are waiting. Joe greets him and he officially meets Jeeter and thanks him for the horses. They all hear an explosion. He says someone blew the safe and Joe says that money wasn’t Hogg’s, to which he says they better look into it. He tells Dixie and Jeeter to keep them covered as he and Joe go check out the roofs. He and Joe climb onto the roof and watch the saloon, seeing Jesse and Frank come out. He tells them to drop their guns and raise their hands as they are covered, but then they rush to take Thaddeus and Rufus, who just returned, hostage. He puts away his gun and takes shelter as the brothers shoot at them. Dixie brings over his horse and he jumps down onto it.

They chase after the wagon and when they catch up, he jumps onto the back. He hits Frank, knocking him down. He knocks Frank out and captures him. As thanks, Thaddeus returns the farm to Jeremiah.