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Hanson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Witness: Jesse Duke[]

He goes to see Boss Hogg and Rosco, bringing along a gas pump. Boss tells him to show him what he’s selling. Hanson tells him to pretend he is a driver that goes into one of Boss’ many service stations and asks for ten gallons. He then pumps the gas, which the pump goes quickly to Rosco’s surprise. He asks that he pumped ten gallons, to which Boss and Rosco say right. He corrects them, saying ‘wrong’ and picks up the gas can, pouring it out in a glass and showing them it was actually ten ounces. He says by the time the customer finds out he’s been cheated, he’s too far away to complain. Rosco is amused and Boss says it has a certain appeal. He asks how many Hanson has, and he says he has two dozen and if Boss puts them in all his stations in a month he’ll get his investment back. Boss asks how much and he tells him fifty thousand for the entire truck. Boss offers ten and he tells him forty. Boss offers twenty and he agrees. He tells Boss he wants fifteen now and five on delivery. Boss demands five and he asks for fourteen. They go back and forth, settling on ten. He laughs, happy to make the sale. He asks for the money and Boss gives him five thousand before pulling out another five from his desk. Boss grabs his wrist, asking when will he get them. Hanson tells him tomorrow he will give Boss a call and give him a location and time. He adds that if Boss doesn’t show up with the other ten at the time given, he will leave with the merchandise and keep the money for his trouble. Boss agrees and he departs with the gas pump.

Later that afternoon he calls Boss, saying to meet him at Miller's Crossroads the next day at four o'clock. He reminds Boss to bring the rest of the money and to be prompt because one minute after four he will be gone with the ten grand he has and the pumps.

When four o'clock rolls around, Boss doesn't arrive. He leaves town with the pumps and the money.