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"Happy Birthday, General Lee" is the first episode of the seventh season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


The Dukes are celebrating the anniversary of the day that they got the General Lee in 1976, and we see the story of how they got the General Lee -- eight years ago, Luke was just out of the Marines, and Bo was just out of high school. Two Jewel thieves named Ginny (Janie Fricke) and Rick (Sam Melville) hid $50,000 worth gold dust under the dashboard of the car, a Dodge Charger that was painted black at the time. The car was wrecked and taken to a junkyard. Bo and Luke were searching for a race car so they could compete in a local race, which had a prize of $10,000 going to the winner. Their search lead them to the black Dodge Charger. The Dukes bought the car, and took it to Cooter's garage to soup it up and paint it its current color, orange -- the only color Cooter had at his garage at the time. It was Jesse's idea to name it the General Lee. The number 01, as Bo explained, means "From here on out, it's number one all the way." Ginny and Rick went after the Dukes to get the gold dust, but the Dukes managed to stop them, win the race, and keep the General Lee.



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  • This is the third and finale episode to feature a main characters birthday.
  • The Dukes remember that they got the General Lee 8 years before, making the year 1976
    • Bo was just getting out of High School and Luke was beign discharged from the marines. They were already on probation, meaning they had already gotten caught for driving moonshine
    • Rosco was working with Boss Hogg. This is about a year after he lost his pension as One Armed Bandits said he lost his pension a year before the boys went on probation


  • The role of Ginny, one of the jewel thieves, was played by country singer Janie Fricke, who was the only country singer who appeared on the series who did not perform a song or portray herself.
  • Some of the clothing was original such as Luke's plan blue shirt from season 2, Rosco's sheriff's jacket from the first two seasons, and Uncle Jesse's black hat from the first 5 Georiga episodes.
  • In the Flashbacks the Licence Plates were back to the 76 Hazzard County Red Lettered Licence Plates, where as 8 years in the future their the green lettered 1983 Hazzard County Licence Plates.