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'Hard Luck' Jones is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Hard Luck is a moonshiner from Hazzard County. He has been followed extensively by Agent Buchanon and is not overly careful, allowing him to get caught multiple times. He is a long time friend of Jesse Duke. He made the moonshine for Jesse's wedding and the wake for Jesse's wife. He had also been at every birthday party and christening for all the Duke kids.


Follow that Still[]

Hard Luck is on his property checking his still. After tasting the moonshine he concludes that it is ‘smoother than honey with twice the sting of a bee’. He takes a nap only to be woken up by Buchanon who says it’s not his day and he’s going to be taken in again. He asks why the agent is always picking on him and is told it’s because he is always caught with the evidence. Bo and Luke blow up the still and he asks Buchanon what evidence.

He goes back with Bo and Luke to the farm where Jesse and Daisy set out dinner. Jesse tells him that if he gets caught one more time he will have to serve ten years in the Federal Pen. Daisy says he will get caught as his moonshine is so distinct that he may as well sign every jug. Bo tells him that when even one drop shows up all the Fed’s know exactly who to look for. Luke says that he doesn’t even need to be making shine as he has 40 acres of the best ‘bottom land’ in the county. Jesse reminds him he also has many neighbors who are willing to give him enough seeds to get on the straight and narrow. Jesse says grace which prompts him to quickly removes his hat, and Jesse adds the condition that Hard Luck will promise not to make any shine on his property again. He hesitates but then agrees by saying 'amen'.

Hard Luck goes with Bo and Luke to the Boar’s Nest. He looks at the Armored Personnel Carrier that Boss and Rosco are setting up, becoming interested when Luke explains that it can carry 15 marines and ammo for five hours on a single tank. He says marines and Moonshiners got a lot in common and when Luke asks how is that, he says ‘the few, the proud, and neither of them stay in the same place for too long’. Boss agrees telling him ‘he how shines and run away lives to shine another day’.

Later that night he returns to the Boar’s Nest and steals the APC, running over the sign for the war memorial. He takes it to his property and makes moonshine in it through the night.

He returns to his farm to find the APC is gone and the General Lee is there. Assuming that the boys were found by Rosco and fled, he hides the General in the barn and waits for Bo and Luke to return. He explains he stashed the car and apologizes for hot wiring the car. Luke confronts him about the APC and he says he wouldn’t do anything to get them in trouble but after hearing what the APC can do he was tempted. Bo snaps at him saying that it’s touching but they need to get the APC off their property as it was on Duke land when it broke down. Luke tells him to remember that he has never heard of or seen an APC. As the boys leave he wonders where on the Duke Farm they would hide it. He goes to the farm and looks around where he finds the APC. Going inside, and starting to make shine.

He is found by Jesse. Furious, Jesse starts to yell at him and he tells Jesse to hold on and he has no call to get riled up. Jesse reminds him he gave his word not to make whiskey and Hard Luck argues that Jesse gave his word for him. He says he was just keeping in practice and making a few farewell bottles but Jesse tells him he will not. He says he made the shine for Jesse’s wedding and he made the shine for the wake as well. Jesse made the shine for Hard Luck’s wedding. Jesse reminds him of Bo, Luke, and Daisy’s birthdays as well and Hard Luck says he loves them like they were his own. Jesse gets angry again saying he has a hard time showing it. Jesse reminds him Bo and Luke are on probation and this is risking the boys probation. When Jesse demands he gets it off the property Hard Luck says that the track is broke. Jesse says Rosco is going to be waiting to arrest them.

Hard Luck and Jesse go looking for Rosco, finding him at the Boar’s Nest. Hard Luck approaches Rosco, saying he has come to confess. Rosco says everyone knows he runs shine. He is told to confess to Buchanon but they hint it’s about a vehicle. Rosco asks that he took it and he admits ‘just for a little joyride’. He says he’s ready to take his medicine and tells Rosco to slap the cuffs on, take him to jail and let him cleanse his soul on bread and water, as long as it’s not for more than thirty days. Rosco tells him he is going to make a deal with him, that if Hard Luck tells him where it is he won’t arrest him. Hard Luck agrees and goes to lie to Rosco, but they hear Enos on the radio about finding tracks. Rosco tells him the deal if off and goes to leave not having his car. However he is amused when Rosco takes a bike to chase after the vehicle and falls into a puddle.

Hard Luck and Jesse head back to the farm and Bo is setting up to drive off in it. Hard Luck says he’s coming along so if Bo runs into Rosco he can take responsibility for everything in the APC.

While riding in the APC, they open the back to take on Daisy and Luke as they jump and he helps Luke catch Daisy. He then helps break down the still so they can throw it out. Bo tells them they can’t as Buchanon is on them and all the agent has to do is stop and pick it up. Luke tells him and Bo to put the last shell on the Still. Bo blows it up. Luke tells them to bail out as the breaks are gone and he and Jesse jump out the back. They go to the Boar’s Nest to see the aftermath. He watches Jesse pin Daisy with a sharpshooter badge, smiling. He and Buchanon shake hands and Buchanon helps get him a job at a distillery.