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Harley, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Brotherly Love[]

While taking a stretcher to his ambulance, Luke calls out to him. He is surprised and asks what Luke is doing up as he heard Luke has a concussion. Luke says he feels better now and asks if he can use the radio. Harley tells him to go on ahead. Harley adds that he thinks Luke should be in the bed and Luke agrees.

He climbs up front, hearing Luke listening in about a chase commenting about some men driving toward Potter’s Road. Luke says he needs a ride as he has to go help. He asks if Luke is kidding in the condition he is in and Luke says it’s his little brother out there. He says if Harley doesn’t drive he will. Harley agrees, saying he owes Luke a few favors and he heads out.

As he drives, Luke asks can’t it go any faster. He tells Luke he’s going as fast as he can. Luke points out the car and he cuts them off. The car goes into the lake and he stops. Luke gets out, intending on diving into the water and he stops him saying he can’t go in there. Luke insists but Bo arrives a few moments later and says he will dive in. As Bo jumps in, Jesse arrives. Bo surfaces for a moment before diving back under. Enos and Daisy arrive and Bo surfaces with all three of the car’s inhabitants. He and Daisy help support Luke while everyone gets out of the lake.