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Harry is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Officer Daisy Duke[]

A friend of Floyd’s. Floyd calls him in jail after he gets arrested and he remarks that he heard Floyd got caught. Floyd says they are planning to bust out and he needs Harry to steal a plane and meet them. Harry asks where is he supposed to land a plane if he can get one. Floyd tells him there is a place called Morgan’s Airfield. Harry says he’s heard of it but it would be like landing on a postage stamp but he’ll try. He asks when and Floyd says it’ll be sometime tomorrow and to stay by the phone.

He later gets a call from Floyd and sets out for the air field. He lands and picks up Floyd, Molly, and their hostage Daisy. Luke starts shooting dynamite arrows at them making it impossible to take off and Daisy drives the plane into the ground. Bo helps him out of the wreckage and he is arrested by Daisy.