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Harry Bobo, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Heiress Daisy Duke[]

After seeing a newspaper ad for the Boar’s Nest that features Daisy, he recognizes that she looks almost exactly like Carter’s deceased daughter. Informing Carter that he’s had the best lead he’s ever had in finding Carter's missing granddaughter Vivian, he heads to Hazzard County.

After entering the county he is accidentally ran off the road and into a ditch by Rosco and Boss Hogg. He gets out of the car as the two come back and Rosco introduces who they are. Much less upset, he says ‘well if this ain’t my lucky day’ before handing over his card, slightly annoyed when the two get his last name wrong. Boss asks what he’s doing in Hazzard and he shows them the Boar’s Nest Ad. He asks if they know who she is and Rosco says of course they do and Boss cuts him off saying ‘maybe we do and maybe we don’t’. He asks what Harry’s interest in and Harry says that Mr. Carter Stewart is his client, his only client. Boss recognizes the name, asking wasn’t he the one who lost his daughter and her husband to a plane crash all those years ago. He confirms but says they never found his granddaughter and she was five at the time. Boss asks what it has to do with the ad and Harry says when Vivian was five she was a spittin’ image of her mama before showing Boss a picture of Vivian’s mother. The two women look almost exactly alike. He says when he saw the resemblance, Boss cuts him off saying he figured the little lady in the ad was Vivian Stewart. He agrees. He adds that Mr. Stewart has authorized $200,000 to anyone responsible for Vivian’s return, providing it really is Vivian. Boss tells him to follow them to the Boar’s Nest and he agrees.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and Boss says they will go inside and he can look at the woman from the ad. Boss adds for him not to say anything. They go inside and he is stunned at the resemblance Daisy has to Vivian’s mother before following Boss and Rosco into Boss’ office. He remarks she is incredible and is a dead ringer for Vivian’s mother. Boss says she is and he asks if the girl is Vivian Stewart. Boss and Rosco both say of course she isn’t, confusing him, and Boss asks hadn’t Harry heard him call the girl Daisy. Boss adds she will be Vivian Stewart. He tells him he doesn’t get it and Boss says he can find a way to make Daisy think she is Vivian Stewart. Offended and upset, Harry asks what makes Boss think he wants any part of this. Boss says his threadbare suit. Boss says if he got even half the money, he could buy a new wardrobe. He reluctantly agrees. Boss then sends Rosco to keep Bo and Luke Duke busy before telling Harry that is how they do business.

Professor Crandall arrives and he asks that the man is a hypnotist and that he’s going to hypnotize Daisy into believing she is Vivian Stewart. Crandall explains that he will program Daisy with all the information Harry will provide including some of Vivian’s characteristics. He isn’t happy about it and when Boss asks if he knows about the family, he confirms it and says he got to know all the secrets real well. They are interrupted by Enos, who Boss sends on a wild goose chase to keep him busy for a few days.

Rosco informs them over the CB that Bo and Luke are headed that way and Boss says they need to do this real fast. Boss tells them that he is going to call Daisy in, then Crandall will take over. After Daisy comes in, he watches Crandall hypnotize her and order her to return at eight that night. Daisy is then woken up and Boss sends her to work. He asks if there is any side effects and Crandall says nothing serious.

That night he helps Crandall program Daisy to be Vivian Stewart. Boss gives Crandall two phrases to decide which personality Daisy will have, Jefferson Davis Hogg being Vivian, and J.D. Hogg being Daisy. He rolls his eyes but is impressed when it works. Crandall then wakes Daisy and sends her home. Boss says it’s time for him to call Carter and he does. He informs Carter that he found Vivian.

He waits with Boss at the Boar’s Nest and Boss thinks Daisy will get there at eight sharp, which she does. They lead Daisy into the office where Boss uses the word to make her into Vivian. After Daisy gets changed, he holds up the picture of Vivian’s mom for Daisy to see. Rosco then arrives.

He helps escort Daisy out when they are confronted by Jesse. Jesse reverts Daisy back to herself for a moment before Boss makes her Vivian again and he helps her into the car. He then drives away to head to Carter’s. However a brown car catches them and runs him off the road. He jumps the car unintentionally. He gets them back on the road safely.

As he drives he hears Boss quiz Daisy, smiling when she gets the questions right.

They arrive at the mansion and he takes Daisy to Carter as Vivian. The two hug and Carter says he can’t thank Harry enough. Boss clears his throat and annoyed, he says the thanks rightfully belongs to Boss Hogg, introducing him as well. He is annoyed when Boss pretends to have known nothing about the reward.

Harry stands with Boss Hogg when Carter asks Daisy a number of questions, giving Boss a subtitle thumbs up when Carter confirms it is Vivian. Boss has a slip up and nearly destroys the whole thing but Boss fixes it and he calms down.

After Boss gets the check they go to leave, saying goodbye to Vonney when they are surprised by the arrival of the General Lee. Luke asks if someone tried to run them off the road and he says they did but he thought it was an accident. Bo says Vonnie was in the car. He realizes it’s very likely since Vonnie would inherit everything if Vivian were to die. He says he’s sorry but he didn’t think this would happen and he’s out. Vonnie admits they were going to kill Vivian and sends the boys to rescue Daisy. She tries to flee but he grabs her arm saying she isn’t going anywhere. Boss says she is going with them as they go try and rescue Daisy.

They reach the hill to see Alan pointing a gun at Daisy, Bo, and Luke. They honk the car horn and give Bo the distraction to take Alan out. He looks over Alan and Vonnie while Boss apologizes to Daisy.

To make it all up to Daisy, he works at the Boar's Nest with Boss Hogg for a bit.