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Harry Joe is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Along Came a Duke[]

Harry Joe and his partner Tiny are hired by Boss Hogg to steal the sword of Stonewall Jackson. They wait until Hastings drives by, the man who should be carrying the sword, before ambushing him. They attempt to shove him in the trunk when they are suddenly tackled by Bo Duke on the hood of a car. The three of them tumble to the ground and he manages to get up only for Bo to punch him in the face. They run to the car and he rides shot gun. He takes off his mask, commenting ‘that kid sure packs a punch.’

They later meet up with Boss and Boss has them put on rent-a-cop uniforms before calling them into the booking room. He presents them to Mr. Hastings saying he can vouch for them to pick up the sword but Hastings declines. Boss sends them to his office saying he will find something else for them to do.

The next morning they go to Atlanta under Boss’ orders and follow Bo and Luke after they leave the museum. They are spotted by the boys but keep behind them. When the radiator goes, Bo and Luke are forced to stop. They get out and pull guns on the boys. He remarks that they will teach the boys a lesson. They are all interrupted when a motorcycle jumps over them, forcing them to duck and drop the gun. The driver picks up their gun and tells them to get out of there and the flee.

He calls Boss and explains their failure. Boss tells him that they will not be paid. He hangs up and tells Tiny, adding that Boss says he doesn’t need them. He says they aren’t leaving Hazzard yet.

When Boss concludes a deal, he goes into the office saying ‘not quite’ to concluding business. Boss says he was thinking about the money he owed them. He takes Boss’ money box and comments about Boss hiding money under newspaper clippings. Boss says the money is for widows and orphans and he says his mama is a widow and Tiny is an orphan before telling Tiny to tie them up starting with the blonde. Boss tires to make a deal but he shoves some paper clipping’s in Boss' mouth. Tiny asks what are they going to do with the sword and he says they are going to sell it to Beauregard Mason.

As Tiny drives he hands him a stack of bills and asks what are they going to do as the others could be on the road by now. He tells him not to ‘get your tail over the dash’ and he has a surprise or two up his sleeve. Seeing the Dukes catch up he pulls out a gun but Tiny says he has a better idea before turning into the school field. After getting off the school grounds they get out of the car. They change cars, only driving away after everyone passed.

As they drive they see the Dukes all come up behind them. They lose the Dukes, only for them to jump above them, alarming him and Tiny. Tiny flips the car. They are pulled out by Luke, Bo, and Jeb and arrested.