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Harry Ray Pearson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hack of Hazzard[]

Wanted for robbery, fraud, and forgery. He steals a gold certificate worth $100,000.

After entering Hazzard, they nearly get into an accident and he asks J.J. why don’t he just slow down a little bit and that he’d like to be rich in this life, not the next one. J.J. remarks there will be posters on them soon. As he looks over the gold certificate he is told to put it away.

They hear a siren and he looks to see Cletus is following them. He tells J.J. he told him to slow down and now he’s picked up the local law. He pulls out his gun and J.J. says to put it away. He reminds J.J. that if Cletus catches them with the gold certificate then they are in lots of trouble. J.J. tells him to put his address on the envelope and a stamp, which he does. When J.J. loses the cop in a construction site, he cheers, saying that was good driving. However he notices Cooter coming towards them and screams ‘look out’ and they crash. Cooter runs over to check on them and remarks it looks like they got off lucky as they were on the wrong side of the road. He checks and remarks that their radiator didn’t get off all that lucky. J.J. and Cooter talk and Cooter says he’ll pick up their car and call them a cab. As Cooter says the cab is coming, he gets the envelope from the car.

Bo and Luke pull up in the cab and Bo jumps out saying ‘good morning gentlemen and where can we take you this fine day?’ as he opens the door for them. J.J. tells them they want to go to town. They get in and are stunned at the condition of the back seat. Luke says they are sorry about that and they are planning to get it fixed. They take off and notice Cletus come after the cab. J.J. offers them money to lose the cop they but refuse saying they will lose him for free. Bo asks if they are in trouble and J.J. says they are with their wives. He remarks that the cop is gaining on them and Luke agrees. However the boys lose Cletus.

They arrive in Town and Bo and Luke explain it will be 50 cents. He pays them but they are approached by Rosco. When they are told to get out, he asks J.J. if he thinks the Sheriff made them and J.J. says to give him the envelope, which he does. They get out and Rosco asks if he knows them, which J.J. denies. Rosco tells them to be on their way as he has business with the boys. They watch from a distance as Rosco goes to get a citation book and Bo and Luke drive away. He remarked ‘those two guys drove away with all our goods’ but J.J. says to relax and it’s safer where it is for now.

They head over to the cab company to see the cab isn’t there. When they see the cab is gone he says maybe ‘that Cooter dude’ could help them locate the boys. They go to the garage and greet Cooter, who apologizes that their car isn’t’ ready yet. Cooter says the cab was impounded, all except the back seat which is at Uncle Charlie’s Upholstery. Cooter gives them directions.

They arrive at Uncle Charlie’s and tie him up. They begin looking around for the back seat of the cab. He finds the seat and calls J.J. over. Before they can search it however, they hear someone arrive and hide under a sheet. They hear Boss and Rosco look until Bo and Luke arrive. After they hear Boss and Rosco announce that Bo and Luke have the certificate and chase them out. They use the back door. They circle around and run directly into the boys, Bo jumping on him and knocking him down. Bo says they will take care of them later before they flee. As he gets up, he is collided into by Rosco, knocking him down again. They get back up and go back into Uncle Charlies, confirming that the certificate is indeed gone. He remarks that those kids must have the certificate as it sure ain’t there. They decide to talk to Cooter to see where the boys live.

They return to the Hazzard Garage and he pays Cooter $65 for his services. They learn the cab driver’s family name is Duke and the letter that was in the back seat got mixed with Cooter’s mail and was already sent out. Relieved, they get in the car and prepare to head out. He says he should call home and alert them that it’s on the way.

After talking to his wife on the phone, he returns to J.J. and tells him that his wife said the cops have got the house under surveillance. He asks what are they going to do now and J.J. says they are going to get the letter back. They go into the post office to see Jesse, and when J.J. asks about Daisy who just left, Jesse says to take a number. He grabs one for J.J. After Jesse tells them that she is headed to Colonial City, they leave to follow her.

They catch up to Daisy and overtake her. They approach her on foot just as Luke tells her over the CB that they are coming. He covers her with a gun and takes the mail sack. He asks what are they going to do about Daisy and J.J. says they are taking her. He has Daisy get in the car between him and J.J. and they leave. When they reach a fork, Daisy says it goes to Shoveltown and he pulls out a map to confirm it. As they drive toward Shoveltown, Daisy explains’ it’s a ghost town.

They arrive in Shoveltown, but Bo and Luke catch up. They take Daisy and the mail bag to a covered location. When Bo and Luke move they shoot at them. He remarks that Bo and Luke aren’t shooting back. The boys move back to their car and they shoot again. He remarks ‘we can’t stay here forever good buddy’ to J.J. and is told to cover J.J. so he can look around. He asks where he’s going and J.J. says to find a better shot. Daisy tries to move and he holds onto her saying she stays there. His attention is diverted when a rock is thrown at him by Luke. Daisy hits his wrist, forcing him to release the gun, and knocks him over. He gets up and gets his gun again to shoot at Daisy. They run to the barn, nearly getting knocked over after Luke shoots a dynamite arrow near them. They get inside and climb into the loft.

Bo and Luke come charging in with a mining cart. They open fire from the loft but the boys take cover. He asks where they went. They become alarmed when they lose track of the boys. Suddenly the loft collapses due to the boys and they fall to the ground. Luke and him fight. Luke knocked him down and pulls him back up as Rosco rolls in. He is startled by Rosco firing his gun and then his arms are tied up by Luke. They are arrested.