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Harvey is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


One Armed Bandits[]

He works at one of the clubs Bo and Luke left two slot machines with. He is getting Rosco a drink when the Sheriff notices the slot machines. Rosco asks him where he got it and Harvey explains they got two. Rosco says he can see that and Harvey says that they wanted more but the other clubs have been taking them all. Rosco asks what other clubs and he lists them off before nervously asking if Rosco is going to make a fuss as he would be rather unpopular if he did. Rosco says he isn’t going to, but as Sheriff he is supposed to know these things. He asks Harvey where he got them, and Harvey says from Bo and Luke Duke. He tells Rosco that the boys are taking only 30% and they get the rest. He asks Rosco that if he picks up any more slots in a raid if they can have them, as they need new carpeting.