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Harvey Dunsmore is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Trouble at Cooter's[]

After getting a call from Boss about 20 furs in Hazzard, he goes to Hazzard and heads with Boss to Rhuebottom’s. Boss shows him the rack saying these furs are the best merchandise Harvey has seen in quite a while. Harvey says they are alright. Boss asks if he hears a small tapping sound and he disregards it saying it’s probably the sound of Boss’ heart at what he thinks Harvey will give him for the furs.

He and Boss walk back to Rhuebottom’s and Boss asks if he doesn’t trust him. He tells Boss that he isn’t about to pay for 20 expensive furs when he only counted 19 and asks if Boss is going to let him count them again or not. Boss agrees as they reach the door. He isn’t amused by Boss’ attitude but waits as he pulls out a key. He tells Boss which one to try when Boss asks which one it might be. As they head storage room, Boss says he will see he isn’t being cheated. He tells ‘J.D’ that he’s not against cheating, only when it’s done against him. They enter the room and he count’s them but when Boss moves the first coat to the last, he asks what Boss is doing. He says that fur was the first one he counted before asking what he’s up to. Boss tries to claim he didn’t see it and he tells him not to try to pull the fur over his eyes. Boss explains that he was short counted and they will renegotiate the deal. They laugh as they leave to get a drink and discuss price.

He and Boss go outside, arguing. Boss tells him that $100,000 for the furs is peanuts compared to what he’s going to get for them. He remarks ‘you drive a hard bargain J.D., but if it’s $100,000 in peanuts that’s what you got. How do you want them? Shelled or unshelled?’ He laughs at his own joke and Boss yells at him.

He listens to Boss, saying it costed him $50,000 to get ahold of them and scoffs. Boss says he just wants to break even and if Harvey gives him $60,000 they’ll be his. Harvey offers 52. Boss asks for 58. He ups to 3 and Boss lowers to 7. He offers 4 and Boss insists 6. He says 5 and Boss agrees. They spit and shake on it. He says he will have a man come by this afternoon to pick them up. He then leaves to return to Atlanta.