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Harvey Essex is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A Revenue Agent that Jesse Duke had known. He knew Jesse Duke enough that Jesse could call him and ask him to come to Hazzard. He has a history with the Duke Family, Boss Hogg, and Rosco Coltrane.


The Big Heist[]

After he gets a call from Jesse saying there is something important, he agrees to meet Luke at the County Building. He arrives and Luke approaches him asking how he is. He asks Luke what he can do for them and Luke asks if he’s interested in someone with liquor money that isn’t declared to the government. Amused Harvey asks who and Luke says he’ll see.

As they wait outside, he starts to get impatient, asking Luke how long it’s going to take. Luke tells him ‘any time now Harv’ adding ‘God Willing’. As they continue to wait he tells Luke something better happen fast or Luke will be in trouble as ‘Uncle Sam don’t like being part of no setup’. They are startled when a masked man runs by and Luke tells him to watch the door as the liquor money will be right out. He watches Boss Hogg run outside screaming that he’s been robbed again of all his liquor money. Amused, he approaches Boss and Rosco greeting them. Boss asks what he’s doing there and Harvey says he overheard their conversation and he figured he and Boss should talk about liquor money and taxes. They go into the Court House to discuss it, laughing how it’s never Boss Hogg’s fault.

Jesse says Harvey will slap Boss with a fine and Luke reminds the others that Harvey will also give them the 10% reward for turning Boss in.