Hatchape County

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A map of Hatchape County

Hatchape County is a fictional county in Georgia. It borders the state of Tennessee to the north, Drexel County to the east, Hazzard County to the south, Choctaw County to the southwest, and Cleridge County to the west.


  • Hatchape County Sheriff Station [1]
  • Hard Labor Creek [2]
  • Hatchape County Orphanage [3]
  • Hatchape Fairgrounds [4]



Season 2

Days of Shine and Roses

Jesse Duke and Boss Hogg hold a race to see who is the better shine runner. They cross into Hatchape County to Hard Labor Creek, however Sheriff Loomis had been informed by Boss that they were coming and had a road block at the county line.

Season 4

Miss Tri-Counties

Hatchape County agrees to participate in Boss Hogg's 'Miss Tri- County Beauty and Talent Contest' and is represented by Melanie Dubois who is the runner up.

Season 5

Coy Meets Girl

A young teen named Bobby Lee runs away from the Orphanage and the Sheriff contacts Hazzard County about finding her. Later the Orphanage assists in having Bobby Lee adopted to a couple named Ed and Myra.

The Hazzardgate Tape

After the new state highway causes Boss Hopkins' business to struggle, he goes to Hazzard to rectify it. However he is arrested instead.

Coy vs. Vance

In 1983, the State Fair is held in Hatchape County. The Dukes attend and the Baxley sisters, Kate and Billie Ann, do motorcycle stunts.


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