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Hatfield is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The New Dukes[]

Hatfield is hired by Boss Hogg to help with his new plan. While Scroggins looks over the mean green machine, he waits by the CB. When Boss calls, he hands the CB to Scroggins. Boss informs them that Bo and Luke left Hazzard and says to hit the test target at two.

He drives the Mean Green Machine off the trailer at Scroggins orders before letting him in and driving to Capitol City. They arrive and drive into the bank. They order the people of the bank to put all the money in the machine before backing out and leaving. As they leave, his partner notices they are being followed. When the car doesn’t back off after Scroggins shoots at them, he stops in the road and burns the car. The three occupants get out before the car is destroyed and he drives away.

As they reload the machine, they celebrate the destruction of the car and the theft of the bank.

Boss and Rosco come out to see them at the hideout, informing them that they heard about the successful robbery. They go inside to show Boss a box labeled ‘printing press.’ When Boss asks to see the money, Scroggins tells him to do the honors and he shows it to Boss. Boss cautions them about Coy and Vance Duke.

The next morning, they go to the post office, and he waits on the trunk while Scroggins picks up mail. When Scroggins comes out, he gets off the trunk and opens it so they can put the packages in. Hearing screeching tires, he looks over to see the dukes and asks Scroggins if they were the hot shots they were warned about. They decide not to wait around to find out and they leave. As they do, they attempt to run Coy and Vance down on the street.

As he drives, he asks if they gave the boys the slip, but Scroggins points them out, showing the boys have caught up. They see another car coming toward them and because it stops, blocking Coy and Vance from following.

Later Boss radio’s them to inform them where the armored car is. They wait by the road before attacking the convoy. After forcing the motorcycle off the road, they take the armored car. Scroggins gets out and steals the plates and he drives off. They are chased by the General Lee within minutes. He informs Scroggins. They go to the hide out after Scroggins shoots out the boys' tires. After getting to the pickup, they put the machine on the trailer, cover it with a tarp, and head back to the hide out, passing Coy and Vance on the road as they do.

When they arrive, he asks Scroggins why they are stopping, as they got the plates and why don’t’ they just take off. Scroggins says he wants to make sure Boss and Rosco can’t report them until they are long gone.

He sits with Scroggins to wait for Boss and Rosco. When they arrive, he shows them the plates and watches Scroggins inform Boss and Rosco that they are betraying them. When Boss and Rosco start to bicker he grins, pulling out a gun and pointing it at Rosco. They tie up Boss and Rosco before leaving.

As he drives, he hears the police officers say they will set up a roadblock. He says he was afraid of that, and Scroggins says to pull over and they will get the machine off the trailer and use that. They get into the tank and race down the road, going through the roadblock and nearly hitting Cletus and Enos, who chase after them. However, the General jumps over them and dynamite is dropped on the tank, forcing them to stop. They are arrested by Rosco.

The Return of the Mean Green Machine[]

After Baxter breaking Hatfield out of prison, Hatfield and Baxter enter Hazzard, driving through the town square and seeing the Hazzard Gold and Silver Emporium. Baxter asks what is going on and he says ‘what we have here is my fat little fink friend’ about Boss Hogg, saying he is probably casing what would be a job for the Mean Green Machine. He remarks that he knew when he broke out of prison that if they came to Hazzard and found Boss, he would lead them right to his machine. He says what he didn’t figure on was Boss showing them a job for it. He remarks he wants to get even with Boss and the Dukes for putting him in jail. When Boss and Rosco leave, he follows saying after they get the money, he is going to even the score and ‘smash down everything in this cow town.’

Having followed Boss and Rosco, they see a demonstration of the Mean Green Machine. Baxter is surprised but Hatfield is smirking almost saying ‘I told you so.’ When the machine is sent back to the warehouse, they follow it back. Hatfield and Baxter go into the building and pull guns on Boss’ men, trying them up and stealing the machine. As they drive away, he suggests that since they have time before making the hit on the emporium, they should find Vance and Coy and destroy the General Lee.

As they go down the road, they notice the General Lee and he remarks that it’s pretty neighborly of them to come out and greet them like this. He is startled when Vance begins shooting dynamite arrows at them. When the General Lee falls away from sight, he says the boys are following them and to torch them, cheering as Baxter uses the flamethrower. He notes there is something wrong with the machine and Vance climbs onto it. He gets out of the hatch and Vance tries to grab him. They fight for the gun, and he knocks Vance off. Seeing Vance is unconscious, he tries to kill him but misses. He tells Baxter to go back so he can finish the dukes off, but it told they can’t as they are having engine problems. He’s angry, saying he was just getting to enjoy himself and they leave.

They take the machine to Boss’ hideout where Baxter questions the logic in it. He says it is the safest place he can think of as Boss would never figure it would be hidden there. When Baxter asks how it’s coming, he snaps that ‘it ain’t’ and says the carburetor is clogged and they need a real mechanic. They leave to find one.

They arrive at the Hazzard Garage to see Jesse and Cooter. Hearing Jesse say they are looking for the machine and that is why he’s carrying a shotgun; he announces Jesse won’t get a chance to use it. He approached Cooter with a gun. He tells Cooter they are going on a ride together but Cooter refuses. He is surprised when Jesse slams a car hood and Cooter grabs him, throwing him to the ground. Cooter starts beating on him, but he is saved by Baxter reclaiming his gun. He tells Baxter to tie up Jesse and for Cooter to get his tools and get in the van as they don’t have time to waste. Jesse asks what their hurry is as Boss Hogg’s bank isn’t going anywhere. He remarks that it’s not Jesse’s business and besides that bank is chicken feed. Cooter says he will go with them if they leave Jesse alone. He remarks for Cooter not to worry about it since Jesse isn’t the duke they want. Cooter asks what they want with him, but he tells him to just get his tools and they’ll show him. He tells Cooter to move it and they get in the van, Cooter between him and Baxter before leaving, praising Baxter.

As they leave, they see the General Lee but are confused when the General doesn’t appear to chase after them. Cooter remarks the boys won’t quit and he agrees, saying they are tougher to lose than a tick on a hound’s tail. Baxter tells him to stop by a construction site as he has an idea, and he watches his partner send a rouge piece of machinery down the road toward the dukes. They leave.

Seeing the Duke boys catch up, he becomes annoyed saying ‘here they come again’. He lets Baxter shoot at them but when Cooter moves to grab him, he calls out to warn his partner before pointing a gun at Cooter and threatening to kill him if he tries that again. Baxter shoots out of the General Lee’s tires, and they lose the boys.

After getting Cooter to the machine, he watches Cooter work. Annoyed, Cooter pushes his gun away to continue working.

After Cooter finishes, he checks it over, telling Baxter that it ‘purrs like a kitten’. Cooter snaps at him and he says for Cooter to just shut up and get in. Baxter expresses surprise and he says they need Cooter for insurance. Baxter and Cooter start bickering, and he gets annoyed. He tells Cooter to get in as they don’t have all day. They get in the machine and drive off.

As they head to town, they spot Enos in the road. Enos tries to stop them, so they use the magnet to take his gun, badge, and belt buckle before destroying his car. A few minutes later Baxter points out the Sheriff’s car and he remarks that the ‘fuzz haven’t stopped us before, they aren’t going to stop us now’. They see Rosco has a bazooka, but he laughs with Rosco accidentally blows up his own car.

As they arrive in Hazzard, he notices Cooter got loose and warns Baxter, who knocks Cooter out. They crash through the emporium, and he uses a magnet to get the box of gold coins. They leave town with their stolen goods.

As they attempt to escape, they are surprised to find Boss and Rosco following them on a motorcycle and the duke boys in the General Lee. They head toward Fairview Junction when the General jumps over them and the road blows up. They are forced to crawl out of the wreckage. He is knocked out by Cooter. Rosco takes him back to prison.