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Hazzard Airport

The Hazzard Airport is one of three known airfields in Hazzard County, including Morgan's Airfield and Amos' Crop Dusting.


The Hazzard Airport has a single strip for take off and landings. There is a hanger to store and repair the planes and a number of smaller buildings. The Hazzard Airport provides support for Crop Dusting services, tours, and lessons for flying.



Season 5[]

Comrade Duke[]

Daisy Duke is getting lessons at the Airport from Darcy. Later the Duke Family meets a girl named Natasha who is trying to escape to some relatives up north. The Dukes ask Darcy to hide her at the airport, which Darcy allows. The men after Natasha find her there however and take her away, Darcy getting hurt in the process.

Season 6[]

High Flying Dukes[]

Joe Ward buys out everything from Darcy. He continues to teach Daisy, teaching her crop dusting. After having to go to the hospital, Daisy takes over the operations from the Airport. Two men sneak onto the property to mix lye into the pesticide mix before also stealing Joe Ward's Plane. After the Dukes resolve the issue, Joe returns to work.