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Hazzard Connection

Hazzard Connection is the eighth episode of season two.

The operator of a traveling demolition derby plans to hide stolen race car engines beneath the hoods of old jalopies. Naturally, Boss Hogg points the finger at Bo and Luke, after they help Cooter haul some old cars to the demolition derby. Bo later goes undercover as a race car driver to expose the con man

Balladeer: There’s places in this part of the south that are so peaceful and quiet that a man can almost sit and listen to his hair grow. In case any of y’all got to be told, this ain’t one of ‘em places.

Bo, Luke, and Cooter are at the Boar’s Nest and Bessie Lou brings them their drinks. Bo and Cooter both like her, but Luke isn’t amused. Bo takes some money from Cooter's pocket to pay her. Luke vents that she walks like a trucker, which Bo happily agrees.


While driving, Luke snaps at Bo for driving too fast and Bo teases him saying he’s jealous that Bessie Lou likes him more than Luke. Luke denies this saying she’s too skinny and she has shoulder’s like a line backer, annoying Luke. Bo and Luke come up on Rosco and Enos’ road block. They are surprised when Rosco ignores them but Enos stops to tell them about the case until Rosco tells him to ignore the Dukes. Bo and Luke wonder what is going on but decide not to look more into it. Rosco confronts the driver, saying he knows they are smuggling and he is going to search the cars, calling Fuzzy and Enos to do so.

Balladeer: While Rosco’s searching, I’m gonna let all y’all in on what’s happening. Cause I don’t want nobody having a nervous bust down from all this here suspense. Old Augie Detweiller’s got hisself a slick operation cooking out in Stilson Canyon. He’s putting stolen racing engines in old jalopies then he’s hauling them out of the county. How ‘bout that? Ol’ Augie, he’s slicker then a bald tired semi on a mile of wet asphalt.

Rosco tears the cars apart completely with Fuzzy and Enos before he is told by Shoulders that he has to put them all together exactly the way they were. Rosco is upset but does.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke are waiting for Cooter, who said he’d be at the farm around noon. Bo says they will probably need a new distributor for the General. Daisy comes out to tell them that Cooter called her from Colonial City and he wants Bo and Luke to go over and pick up a few Junkers for Augie Detweiller’s demo derby and he’ll fix the distributor. They boys agree, happy.

Boar’s Nest


Boss is getting a ‘hair styling’ by Velma Jean from Atlanta. Boss tells Rosco to report as the State Police want them to watch Augie.


Taking the two cars to Augie for $35 a car, Bo and Luke play with the cars, driving to Augie’s and crashing into each other. Luke insults the waitress to make Bo angry and Bo teases Luke saying she is taller than him.

Boar’s Nest

Enos arrives at the Boar’s Nest and tells them that he has a report of significant develop from 9:07 Augie went to see Cooter at the Hazzard garage. 9:14 Cooter calls Bo and Luke to take some cars in. Bo and Luke left for Colonial City at 10:02. Boss wants to charge the boys and Enos argues in defence of Bo and Luke but Boss sends him out and has Rosco keep an eye on Augie.

Hazzard Garage

Enos watches Cooter at the Garage when Bo and Luke arrive with the cars. Luke keeps going about Bessie Lou and Cooter asks if they are through before he gives them the money and asks them to take the cars to Augie Detweiller’s Demolition Derby. Enos documents it.

Race Track

Bo and Luke arrive with the cars and meet Augie and Shoulder’s as they watch a slammer car that tears into a few of the cars. Augie explains it’s got reinforced doors and concrete in the trunk. Bo and Luke question it, as Slammers are illegal and they say had they thought Augie would use the slammer in competition they wouldn’t have brought the cars for any price. Enos and Rosco spy on the conversation.  Augie gives them some money to find more cars. After the boys leave he checks that Rosco and Enos are still watching and explain that he intends to use Bo and Luke as his fall guys. Rosco and Enos set out for the Duke Farm to watch all the Dukes

Duke Farm

Daisy is hanging laundry when she notices Enos. Jesse and Maudine the mule are plowing the fields when they take a break and notice Rosco.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: Spying on his best friends, not to mention to object of his affections, that’s about enough to drive a growing deputy to drink.

Bo, Luke, and Cooter are at the Boar’s nest being spied on by Enos. Daisy approaches him as he orders a glass of buttermilk and confronts him for watching her all day. Enos tries to lie but admits he was doing official police business. Daisy isn’t mad and leaves. She informs the boys of what has been happening, confusing them all. Cooter admits he saw Enos spying and Bo and Luke decide to confront him. Outside Enos goes to leave but his car won’t start. Bo and Luke offer to give him a ride to town. Daisy then sneaks out to fix Enos' car, having disabled it herself.

In the car Luke pretends that the car has no breaks and Enos admits everything about Augie Detweiller and him being wanted by the State Police. Luke reveals it was a trick and Enos gets upset but then the breaks really do go. Luke manages to stop the car by driving into a pond. Enos tells them they are even now but he still has to report to Rosco.

Duke Farm

Daisy is working on the tractor while Bo and Luke fill in Jesse about what is going on. Luke says they know Cooter wouldn’t do set them up knowingly. Luke says to find what Augie is smuggling.

Race Track

Bo and Luke go to Detweiller’s Derby the next day to get a job. Augie refuses at first, suggesting that if they want to try for a job they need to demonstrate what they can do with the General. Bo accepts and Luke tells him good luck and to limit the damage to his half of the car. Annoyed Bo thanks him for the confidence. Luke notices Shoulder’s is using the slammer and is worried but Bo tricks him into wrecking the slammer. Augie admits he’s impressed and Luke informs him that they are on probation. The boys leave, Augie saying he will call them after making a decision about hiring them.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is throwing darts at a picture of Bo and Luke, Rosco holding the darts for him and they discuss the boys helping Augie smuggle. Rosco says he’ll get them and Rosco says to get them with the goods as he wants Augie’s operation. Bo and Luke are in the main room, Bo playing pin ball and Daisy notices the other waitress watching them before sending her back to work.

Race track

Luke and Bo are asked to run over to Choctaw County. The boys agree and leave with the load of cars. As they leave they notice Rosco behind them. Bo and Luke realize that they are likely to be hauling whatever illegal items Augie is wanted for. Rosco radio’s Enos to get a search warrant and meet him at Shelby road near Choctaw County line. Bo and Luke see Rosco keeping back and wonder what he’s doing. Meanwhile Enos rushes out to follow them, nearly crashing into Miss Abby. Enos meets up with Rosco and hands over the search warrant as they drive before heading back into town. The boys drive by Daisy and she takes out Rosco.  Augie and Shoulders’ pass her and Bo and Luke pull off on a dirt road to see if they are being followed. Realizing they are, they are concerned it is someone who is after Augie.  Bo turns around and runs the car off the road. Bo and Luke find it’s Augie and Shoulders. They admit it was a test for the boys and Augie hires them.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is eating a large meal as Rosco is paying more attention to the food then his words. Boss says he’s losing patience with Rosco and he knows he’s trying and threatens to get a new sheriff and divorcing Lulu. Rosco swears that he will solve the case.

Stilson Canyon

Rosco continues to watch Cooter. Bo and Luke sit in the General all night, and they see Augie’s car come into town. They follow Augie back and find he has been at Stilson Canyon. The boys sneak in to investigate. Luke finds an old cave back entrance and Luke looks through the files as Bo checks the shelves. They figured they would find what was being smuggled then call the state police. Not finding anything Luke suggests that there isn’t anything there. Bo says they can’t drive for him and they hide as Shoulder’s comes in. They sneak out and they find out it’s the engines. Bo and Luke continue to hide around the caves, and Luke remembers hearing about two racing engines that were stolen. Bo hears someone and looks over to see one of the men, Hutch, staring at him. Bo knocks him out but the mechanic hears and calls in Billy and Cal. Bo and Luke hide as the two men run in. Luke knocks out one and Bo knocks out the other. Bo and Luke hear the first guy call again and quickly hide. The man comes back and spots Bo. Before he can shoot Bo, Luke kicks the gun away and knocks him out. They decide to take the cars to the state police.


The four men chase after Bo and Luke. Augie and Shoulders see the boys and follow them. Luke calls Cooter over the C.B. as well as Daisy and Jesse, who are leaving the farm. Luke says they are headed to Shelby road and they need to get the truck to Choctaw. Cooter and the Dukes head out to meet up with the boys. Enos spots the truck and calls Rosco, causing him to join in. Enos suggests cutting them off at Jimson Lane and Boss hears the conversation. He asks what is going on and Rosco reports in. Rosco nearly crashes into Cooter however. Jesse and Daisy join the chase and while Daisy gets in front of the boys, Jesse slows down Augie and causes the four henchmen to fly off the road. Jesse stops to check on them while Daisy cuts off Enos. This leaves only Augie after Bo and Luke. Luke tells Bo to keep driving and gets out for the Slammer. Luke causes them to flip and Rosco arrives, arresting them.

Balladeer: Now the evidence ended up in the hands of the State Police, just where it should. Augie and his gang ended up in State prison. And Roscoe ned up in the doghouse, where he was right at home. The boys, Uncle Jesse, and Daisy all went back to making’ a living until the next Hazzard Happening. Because we got all kinds of things to keep life from being dull in Hazzard County. Like that ugly new waitress that Luke was kidding Bo about. Well no, she had an ever uglier sister. It works out like that, sometimes.

Enos and Rosco take in Augie and Shoulders while Bo and Luke deliver the evidence. Boss yells at Rosco. Daisy fixes the tractor while Jesse and the boys work in the fields. Bo and Luke go on a double date with Bessie Lou and her sister.

Hazzard County[]


  • Bessie Lou Perkins is introduced as another waitress at the Boar's Nest. She leaves after this episode leaving Daisy to once again be the sole waitress
    • Both Bo and Cooter like Bessie Lou but she favors Bo