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A map of Hazzard County

Hazzard County is a fictional county in the state of Georgia in the United States. It is the primary location for the Dukes of Hazzard TV series.


In the 19th century, Hazzard County's main residential area was known by the name "Sleepy City" and dominated by the Hogg dynasty.

From 1979-1985, the county was run by Boss Hogg, the corrupt commissioner that will go to extremes to get what he wants.

There are also the Duke Family and Hazzard County's clumsy cops, Rosco P. Coltrane, Enos Strate and Cletus Hogg.


Hazzard County is shown to be primary rural. The majority of the County's residents are farmers with a large number of former and even current moonshiners in the 1970's and 1980's.

Hazzard is surrounded by a number of counties. These include Chickasaw, Osage, Hatchape, Placid, Choctaw, and Sweetwater Counties.

To enter the county, at least from one direction, would require accessing one of three roads being the Interchange, Route 421 and 76 South. [1]


The Official Seal of Hazzard County

Hazzard County is ran by the County Commissioner. There are a number of official judges in the County, including Judge Jefferson Davis Hogg, Judge Druten, Judge Simpson [2], Judge Peabody [3], and Judge Buford Potts [4]. There are a number of positions that are elected seats including the Sheriff and the Supervisory Director. The position of Sheriff is elected every four years[5].

Emergency Services

Hazzard County has it's own Police Department and Fire Department, both located out of the Town of Hazzard. As of the year 2000 Hazzard County still did not have it's own hospital. Medical services were resolved by main medical advisor in the County, Doc Petticord until late 1981 where Doc Appleby took over for unknown reasons. Medical emergencies would be taken to Tri-County Emergency or the hospital in Atlanta.

Education, Sports, and Activities

The highest education level in Hazzard County is the Hazzard County High school. For any higher level learning of college or trade schools, interested persons will have to go to other counties. There is a Hazzard Police Academy for those wishing to join the police force.

Hazzard County sponsors a number of public sports. The Boar's Nest directly sponsors a junior basketball team called the Boar's Nest Bears. [6] There is a Little League Team that owns their own parking lot. [7] Hazzard County also has a Scout Troop that is lead by Troop Leader Cooter Davenport. [8] Children who have an interest in the arts can also join the Tri-County Little Theater Group.[9]

The County has a number of clubs for the adults. These include the Hunting Club, Ladies Auxiliary,[10], 4-H. [11], and the Flower Club[12]. The majority of these clubs are self funded and had raised money while working with a charity for the Hazzard Orphans Fund. [13] Hazzard also appears to have chapters for the U.S.O. and The Grange. [14]

Public Transportation

Hazzard County has a few types of public transportation. For traveling around the county, there is a single Taxi Cab, ran by Ms. Tisdale that will run on demand only.[15] There is a public bus that runs through Hazzard, with stops through the county, particularly one in Hazzard Square. There is a Train Depot in the Town of Hazzard along with a few other towns that is primarily for equipment and goods. The last form of transport is air. Hazzard County has three places accessible for flight, Amos Stigger's Crop Dusting, Morgan's Airfield, and the Hazzard Airport.

Prominent Locations

Towns and Burroughs

Public Locations

Land Features

  • Stilson Canyon [46]
  • Hazzard Pond
  • Hazzard Swamp
  • Uchee Swamp [47]
  • Kitrich Mine [48]
  • Choctaw Indian Caves
  • Lake Chicamahonee [49]
  • Stilston Canyon [50]
  • Henderson Ridge [51]
  • Bronson Canyon- known for red clay [52]
  • Shawnee Indian Cave [53]
  • Razorback Mountain [54]
  • Crater Lake [55]
  • Old Quarry [56]
  • Widow's Peak [57]
  • Silver Mine- located on Pine Ridge Road. Dangerous location [58]
  • Rainbow Mines [59]- a set of mines that crosses into Duke property.
  • Okmulgee Indian Caves [60]- a popular place to cut school
  • Hickory Canyon [61]
  • Northern Meadows [62]
  • Rainbow Canyon [63]
  • Sunset Lake [64]
  • Bottomless Lake [65]

Private Locations

  • Duke Farm
  • Tolliver Farm [66]
  • Hobson Farm [67]
  • Ned Benson's Farm [68]
  • Sumner Farm- owned by Nate Sumner [69]
  • McCullum Farm [70]
  • Petersdorf Farm [71]
  • Davenport Farm [72]
  • Pringle House- thought to be haunted [73]
  • Coltrane Family Home [74]
  • Partridge Farm [75]
  • Marley's Farm [76]

County Events




Other Events

  • Church Fish Fry [90]
  • Hazzard Hayride [91] [92]
  • Costume Clog Dance Party [93]- the county's only public dance, costumes required
  • Annual Retired Moonshiner Get Together [94]- Annual event at the Boar's Nest for prominent Ridge Runner's and their loved ones to talk about their old adventures.
  • Hazzard County Fair
  • Catfish Insider Stomp- dance later added to the county [96]
  • Church Social[97]
  • Hazzard Moon Ball [98]


Hazzard has a number of unique holidays that are specific to the County.

  • Stonewall Jackson Day- an annual holiday. The Town square is decorated, fair booths are set up and all county employees were confederate themed uniforms. [99]
  • Sadie Hogg Day- A holiday dedicated to Sadie Hogg where all the women in Hazzard draw lots to see what jobs they will take over for 24 hours. Sadie Hogg day occurs on 1 April. [100]


Note In Moonrunners movie, the county in which Uncle Jesse and his nephews lived was called Shiloh County.


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