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Coffin works

Hazzard County Coffin Works is a location in Hazzard County. The structure shares the property with Hogg's Heavenly Acres and the Crematorium. The Coffin Works is 20 miles from the Town of Hazzard.[1]


Hazzard County Coffin Works[]

The Coffin Works is a three story building next door to the Crematorium. The building is owned by Boss Hogg. The Coffin Works makes two kinds of coffins; real coffins and ones with fake bottoms to allow Boss Hogg to move moonshine and other contraband without being suspected.

Hogg's Heavenly Acres[]

Hazzard County's cemetery. The cemetery is in a wooded area, accessible by the parking area for the Coffin Works or a back dirt road with a single gate.

Besides the main Cemetery there is also the Veteran's Cemetery. The land was dedicated in 1940 but had never been used as such until 1980 when a veteran named Johnathan Cole was buried there. [2]


The Crematorium and Funeral building are a single story white building next door to the Coffin Works. The building is a one story building and the Crematorium is located in a small annex off the side.


Boss Hogg has a number of employees for the structure. This includes the Funeral Attendants and a guard for the entire compound.The current guard has been working at the Coffin Works for at least 12 years.


Season 1[]

Money to Burn[]

Boss and Rosco continue to run a Moonshine operation to Nashville out of the Coffin Works. While trying to scam the Government out of $1 Million, Boss Hogg hides the money in a coffin and holds a fake funeral. However the coffin with the money was accidentally moved into the crematorium and was burned.

Season 2[]

Granny Annie[]

After Bo and Luke are caught with counterfeit money, Jesse calls a meeting in the Coffin Works, which is now for sale or rent, to discuss what they are going to do about the charges.

Jude Emery[]

Bo and Luke meet with Willie at the Coffin Works building in order to start a test to drive for Snake. They meet inside to have a beer but once Willie starts to test, they leave without.

Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

While planning on how to force boss Hogg to use the money for the Senior Center in the proper way, the Ridge Raiders use the Coffin Works as their main base of operations to hold meeting out of.

R.I.P. Henry Flatt[]

After wrecking their car, the Dukes are forced to walk home and make a short cut through the Cemetery. There they find out that Boss Hogg intends to make a road go through the Cemetery, moving all the graves to another location, and turn the Veteran's Cemetery into a housing development. However the plan is unable to be used due to a Marine being buried in the cemetery.

Season 4[]

Double Dukes[]

Boss has Turk and Moody use the Coffin Works as the base of their operation. They capture Bo and Luke and take them back to the Coffin Works, locking them in coffins. The boys escape. After stealing a large amount of money they return to the Coffin Works to find the boys are gone.

Season 6[]

Dead and Alive[]

Boss Hogg holds a funeral service for Artie Bender at the graveyard despite the fact the artist is actually alive.