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Court House

The Hazzard County Court House is a building in the center of the Town of Hazzard. The single building includes the Hazzard County Building and the Police Department.

According to Bo Duke, the Court House gets a new walkway paved once a month. [1]


The Hazzard County Police Department is a set of offices to include the Commissioner's office in Room 100 and the Sheriff's office in Room 102. [2] This also includes the Sheriff's Impound. The Police Department has it's own entrance but can be accessed by the main court house entrance as well.

County Building

The Hazzard County Building is accessible in the same building as the Court House. It has it's own entrance as well.

This includes offices like Jim Bronke's Attorney at Law Office, Axtell Bail Bonds, the Hazzard County Library, Department of Records, the Hazzard Farm Bureau, and the Hazzard Water and Power Company.

The main Court House has a number of rooms and offices. This includes the Records office in room 104, court room in room 116, Show up Room in room 110, Ident. Bureau in room 115, Traffic Control in room 201, and the Parole Office in room 205. [3]

Registarts office

The County Registrar's Office handles many types of business. All the candidates who are running for any public office must register in this office. [4] Business registrations are all recorded here.[5]

Land Office[]

The Land office is in the County Court house and is used to process all the land claims and deeds as well as pay back taxes. [6]

Record Office

The County Records office is room 204[7] The room is not open to the public and is labeled with 'Authorized Personnel Only'. There are a number of filing cabinets and book shelves with county records.

The majority of the records are kept in the basement. There is a title of Commissioner of Records, but the position has mostly been vacant. [8]


County Commissioner

Sheriff's Department

Court Offices


Hazzard County Court House Bldg (High Octane)

County Building as seen from Atlanta filming location.
Image from season 1, episode 5: High Octane.