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Hazzard derby

An annual Race held in Hazzard County that started in 1981. Not to be confused with the Annual Hazzard County Obstacle Derby which is a different race.


Boss Hogg is the sponsor for the event. The drivers for the race must pay the entry fee in advance which is $200, and sign an entry form.

In the 1981 race the entry's include Bo Duke, Cooter Davenport, Cletus Hogg, Donna Sue, and Rosco Coltrane. After Cooter breaks his leg, Luke Duke substitutes out for him. Billy Boy Harper and Billy Gene Harper were also added to the roster after the entry closed.


Starting line

The race does not have a set course for it's entirety, only some parts. This allows racers to make a few short cuts or choices in the route.

1981 Race [1][]

Fairly quickly in the race, Rosco causes car 40 and car 10, Donna Sue, to flip over taking them from the race.

When Rosco uses a smoke trap, car number 34, Cletus, drives into it and flips. The other drivers wait until the smoke clears.

Trying to squeeze out Bo and Luke, cars 111 and 107, Billy Boy and Billy Gene Harper, crash their cars together.

Car 01, the General Lee, loses all forward gears forcing Bo to go in reverse. Car 76, Luke Duke, has a radiator go causing the car to stall out. Rosco uses Nitros Oxide, crashing into Luke's car and Bo and Luke cross the finish line at the same time, winning the race.