The Dukes of Hazzard Wiki

The Fairgrounds of Hazzard County. The Fairgrounds are owned by Boss Hogg and are rented out for $525 a day. [1]


Hazzard Fair[]

Every Year there is a Hazzard Fair that has multiple events. It is a two week long event. [2]

Mrs. Lulu Hogg's Stakes Race[]

An annual event at the Hazzard Fair that occurs on the last day. Sponsored by Mrs. Lulu Hogg. The winner receives a $10,000 prize.


The register for the event you must have the horse present on the first Thursday


Bill Tolliver and the winning horse

of the Fair by 5pm. The entry fee is $500.

Notable Races:

1978- Burl Tolliver enters his hours Manases who is to be ridden by Sherry Tolliver. The team wins the race by a large margin. [3]

Carnival of Thrills[]

While passing through Hazzard, Diane Benson sets up her Carnival of Thrills to take place at the Fairgrounds. [4] As a publicity stunt the Carnival holds a race which Bo Duke is the winner. The Carnival of Thrills main attraction in Hazzard is Bo Duke performing the Leap for Life, a 32 car jump. Bo and Luke successfully complete the jump without injury. [5]

Tri-County Motocross[]


Annual event that brings a large number of participants from Hazzard to compete in. The race occurs at the Fairgrounds and the winner receives a $500 prize.

In 1981 a number of racers are forced to withdraw after their bikes are stolen. the thieves are discovered in the end. Bo Duke participates in the race and comes in first place.[6]