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High school

Hazzard County High School is a location in Hazzard County.


The Hazzard County High School had a number of organizations within it.

  • Football Team
    • Bo Duke was a linebacker while in attendance at the school [1][2][3][4]
    • Rosco Coltrane was part of the Football team in 1944 and threw two touchdown for the other team. [5]
    • Vance Duke was a linebacker while in attendance [6]
    • Luke Duke played on the football team during his time at school[7]
  • Cheer-leading
    • Daisy Duke was implied to be a cheerleader while in attendance at the school [8]
  • Track and Field [9]
  • Basketball Team [10]
  • School Spelling Bee
    • Daisy Duke participated in the school spelling bee, but lost to both Hughie [11] and Dewey Hogg,[12] who were stated to have cheated.

Hazzard County High school also put on school dances and events.

  • Prom
    • While at School, Daisy was the Prom Queen.[13]


School field

The Hazzard High School is a brick building with a large field for sports. The Field has a fountain on it and is used for sport's training. Equipment and school gear have the school initials of H.H.S.


The Teacher section is teachers of all grades, not just High School

  • Mrs. Crumbly- 1st Grade teacher [14]
  • Ms. Mackery- 4th Grade, always told her students to keep Hazzard Clean. [15]
  • Mr. Broom- Science Teacher. When Bo and Mary Lou Tomkins were in his class, Bo accidentally almost blew up the classroom.[16]
  • Jenny Graham[17]