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Post office

Hazzard County U.S. Post Office, or the Hazzard Post Office, is located in the Town of Hazzard between the Furniture store and the Flower shop. [1] The building is numbered 718. [2]


The post Mistress of the Hazzard Post office is Miz. Emma Tisdale. Miz. Tisdale is very strict on following regulation, therefore everyone who comes in must take a number, even if they are the only person, and must show their ID, even if she knows who they are. The Post office is open from 9 to 5 Monday to Saturday. [3] Every day at 8am mail is delivered to the post office [4] and every afternoon at 3pm the mail for the day is taken up to the main branch in Colonial City.[5]



The inside of the Post Office has one large room. There is a three sided desk area that surrounds where the mail is distributed with the P.O. boxes along the back wall.


Season 1[]

The Big Heist[]

Bo Duke had ordered boots in the mail. He waited outside of the Hazzard Post office until Luke returned to pick him up.

Season 3[]

Enos Strate to the Top[]

Enos Strate frequently goes to the Post Office to pick up letters from the various police departments he has sent applications to. Later Bo, Luke, and Enos goes in to get a number of pictures they had mailed out to Atlanta to be developed.

The Late J.D. Hogg[]

While looking for their next heist, Linc McKay and Dell Webber look over the Post Office.

The Hack of Hazzard[]

While Miz Tisdale is away visiting her mother, Daisy and Jesse Duke take turns running the Post Office. While on a run to take the mail, Daisy is hijacked for the mail bags. However they are recovered by Daisy, Bo, and Luke.

Season 4[]

Miz Tisdale on the Lam[]

Due to a suspected mail fraud called 'Hazzard Highlands', a postal inspector named Sue Ann Blake is sent to Hazzard to investigate. Believing Miz Tisdale is behind the operation, a warrant is issued for her and Sue Ann takes over the post office operations for the duration of the investigation. At 8am when the mail truck is delivered, two men arrive and take the mail. One drops a wallet that belongs to Bo Duke. After the ensuing chase it is found that the culprits are Slocum and Nelson, clearing Bo and Miz Tisdales' names.