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Fire Department

The Hazzard County Fire Department is located in the Town of Hazzard next to the Funeral Home. It is a Volunteer Fire Department with a number of members.


Fire Chief[]

Volunteer Members[]


Season 3[]

The Great Santa Claus Chase[]

After the Bank of Hazzard's fire alarm went off, the fire brigade was called by Rosco. However by the time they arrived they discovered that there was no fire but two harmless smoke bombs.

The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

Hughie Hogg returns to Hazzard and makes a donation of a fire truck to the fire department. Later a call is made that there is a fire at Zach Wheaton’s Farm and all Volunteer Firemen are summoned. Upon arrival however Boss announces it was a false alarm.

Season 4[]

The Great Bank Robbery[]

When a fire is reported in town, many members of the fire department move into action. They take the truck over to the building an prepare to fight the fire. After getting inside they learn it was just a furnace that was lit.

Season 5[]

Enos in Trouble[]

Jesse Duke calls the fire department to inform them of a fire at the Old Cloony Barn. The members of the department leave in such a hurry that three individuals get left behind.They run after the fire truck and manage to jump onto the back.

They arrive at the smoking barn, ignoring a hostage situation to find the source of the smoke. They discover it was staged and there is no real fire.

Season 6[]

A Baby for the Dukes[]

A report comes in about a fire at the old Sawmill. As they report to the scene, they find the fire has become massive, eating up a large area. Despite the reports of people in the fire, they are unable to go inside as they try to get it under control. The people in the fire, the Dukes, escape on their own.


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