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Cooter's Garage

The Hazzard Garage, also sometimes referred to as 'Cooter's' is a Garage located in the Hazzard County, Georgia. The Garage opens at 8 am for business. [1]


The Garage is located in the center of the Town of Hazzard main square. It is next door to Rhuebottom's General Store.[2]

Employees and Owners[]

  • Cooter Davenport- on and off owner since at least 1976
  • B.B. Davenport- occasional employee if Cooter is out of town
  • Longstreet B. Davenport- occasional employee if Cooter is out of town
  • Willis' Father- temporary employee [3]
  • Earl Beckett- temporary hire to help with an influx of cars. Fired after it was revealed he was bombing various locations around Hazzard. [4]
  • Red Perkins- owner from some time after 1985 to sometime before 1997, retired[5]
  • Mavis Perkins- owner from sometime before 1997. Assumed to have returned to Cooter[6]



The Hazzard Garage is a two story building. The main office is in a one story annex attached to the Garage with a door inside to go between them. The main garage has one set of bay doors. There is a set of fuel pumps that are functional.

The Garage also has some space in the back that Cooter is able to use to work on vehicles or park some.


The main garage has two floors, the second floor being a loft. The first floor is a large bay that can house at least a small truck.


The Garage has one large open bay to allow a vehicle to be worked on inside. All of the tools and equipment is stored with a ladder that goes up to the loft. The double doors to enter the bay have a number of license plats on them from various states, including Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Colorado. [7]


The garage has a loft accessible by a ladder from the main garage. Used mostly for storage with a number of signs and boxes, there is also a couch that can be used to sleep on. There is a window near the front of the building that gives a view over the town.