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Bldg 2 - Hazzard Square, Hazzard Gazette

The Hazzard Gazette is a location in the Town of Hazzard. It is the main newspaper for the town and one of the newspapers in Hazzard County.



Season 3[]

By-Line Daisy Duke[]

When a number of tractors are stolen in Hazzard, Daisy is sent to investigate the town meeting about it. Having found when the tractors are being moved, Daisy and Clyde go to take pictures of the thieves. The situation is set up that Bo and Luke appear to be the culprits and Clyde gives Daisy 8 hours until printing time to clear the boys name or he will run the story. When they discover Vic and Corey as the true culprits, he runs the story with their pictures instead.

The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

After Bo and Luke find money connected to the Hazzard Hijack of 1976, a story is run about their discovery in the paper. Later Jesse comes to the Hazzard Gazette to get more information about the hijacking from Mis Tisdale, who is working that afternoon.

Season 6[]

Heiress Daisy Duke[]

Boss prints an ad for the Boar's Nest in the Hazzard Gazette which features a picture of Daisy Duke.

Bo, Luke, and Jesse later come into the Gazette to read through some of the stories published about Carter Stewart and his search for his granddaughter Vivian.