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Toby Keith Concert

The Hazzard Hoe-Down is a charity event designed to raise money for the Hospital-building fund in Hazzard County, Georgia.

In 2000, after 6 charity events with Toby Keith as the main musical attraction, they had raised a total of $35,0000.63. To build the hospital they need to raise 3million, 500 thousand more.


Rattle Snake Sacking Contest[]

Bo contest

Bo Duke sacking a snake

A contest where the participates stand in an enclosed area filled with rattle snakes and need to safely grab as many snakes as possible in a set time and put them in a bag. There is a set time limit

In the year 2000 Bo Duke participated in the event and got four snakes.

Ax Catching Contest[]

A contest where an ax is thrown at the participant and they must catch it before throwing it back at a target

Luke contest

Luke Duke throwing an ax

1999 There was an accident where one of the participants did not catch the ax and was severely injured

2000 Luke Duke participated in the event for the year and won

BBQ Contest[]

Cooking contest to judge the best BBQ sauce. The Hazzard Deputies take the sealed submissions to the judges.

1994- 1997 Jesse Duke won first prize for his BBQ recipe

2000 Cooter Davenport participates using Jesse Dukes recipe. He comes in 2nd place.

Cooter event

Cooter and Daisy putting Coot's submission in a jar


A concert is put on every year. From 1994- 2000, Toby Keith has always put on the concert.


In year 2000, a challenge was given to Hazzard county by Ezra Bushmaster to raise $500,000 in 10 days and he will donate the other three million.

Luke, Daisy, and Bo Duke went to Hollywood with Cooter Davenport, Rosco Coltrane, and Cletus Hogg to meet up with Enos Strate. After succeeding in the challenge Hazzard had put on a Ground Breaking Hoe-Down put on by Toby Keith, Anita Blackwood, and other Country Music singers.