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The Hazzard Homecoming is a festival that was put on in Hazzard County in 1997 to bring back a number of Citizens who had left. The festival was held over the period of a week and Jesse Duke was named the Grand Marshal.

The Hazzard Homecoming was the main attraction for the Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! film.


Jesse Duke and the Citizens of Hazzard organized a number of events during the week long festival, expressing that they are pulling out 'all the stops'. A few events were named.

Possum Cook-off[]

A cooking contest with the main ingredient being possum.

Rattle snake

Judging of the Chili

Rattle Snake Chili Cook-off[]

This event required the contestants to make chili from a rattle snake. Jesse commented this was a hard one as the recipe calls for a live snake at first. Cooter remarks that should thin out the number of contestants.

  • Contestants: Jesse Duke (2nd place)
Tough person

Bertha Jo squares up for the finale

Tough Person Contest[]

Formerly known as the Tough Man contest, this is a multi day event throughout the week. There is no guns, knives, or bottles allowed. Each day is a round of eliminations with the finales on Saturday, the last day of the Homecoming.

Overland Race[]


Bo and Luke load up for the race

As a last minute addition with the purpose of settling a dispute between Jesse Duke and Mama Max; Rosco Coltrane organizes a race where Bo Duke will drive the General Lee with Luke Duke riding shot gun and Buzz Kilroy will drive the Double Zero. The race will occur on Saturday, the last day of the Hazzard Homecoming. The winner would receive $1,000 prize. Mama Max changes the driver to Cam Cutler with Buzz riding shot gun. The terms are also changed. If the General Lee wins, Mama Max will drop the lawsuit. If Double Zero wins, the Dukes will allow Mama Max and her people access to their land to the swamp. In the event of Double Zero winning, the signing of the lease for Hazzard Swamp will occur at the finish line.

  • Results: The General Lee Wins
Bubba and bertha

Bertha Jo and Bubba prepare to be married

Unexpected Event[]

An unexpected E=event was announced during the week of the festival. A wedding will occur at the finish line of the overland race between Daisy Duke and Enos Strate. Rosco, as the Justice of the Peace, was to officiate the wedding and Bertha Jo would be the Maid of Honor. She was later substituted out with Mama Max.

  • Results: At the arrival of her ex-husband, Daisy is unable to go through with it and in place of Daisy and Enos, Bubba and Bertha Jo are married.

Individuals who returned[]

  • Cooter Davenport arrived first. Cooter had left Hazzard County when he was elected to Congress and has been living in Washington D.C. since.
  • Bo Duke arrived second. He had left Hazzard to rejoin the NASCAR circuit and became a famous driver.
  • Daisy Duke left Hazzard when she married. After getting a divorce she went to Duke College and is finishing her PhD in Ecology
  • Luke Duke left Hazzard and became a Senior Smoke Jumper for the Forest Service
  • Enos Strate returned last. He had gone back to the LAPD in 1987 and spent the last 10 years working his way through the ranks. After the Homecoming he returns to LA.
    • It is important to note that between 1997 and 2000 as a result of this event, only Enos Strate did not return to Hazzard for good.