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"Hazzard Hustle" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg opens up a crooked horse-betting saloon in Rapaho County, and in order to keep himself covered, Boss uses the Duke family's phone line to frame the Dukes for it. Big Billie Tucker, the commissioner of Rapaho County, threatens to have Bull, her muscle-bound henchman, kill Boss if he does not include her in the scam. Now the Dukes have to outmaneuver Tucker and Bull, and outsmart Boss.


Balladeer: Sometimes things in Hazzard ain’t what they seem. Now here’s Coy and Vance duke chasing down Hazzard Highway, and it seems like Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane is giving chase for no good reason, as usual. So it seems. But it ain’t. Just seems. That’s the old road to Rapaho County. As you can see, they’ve improved it. What you reckon Rosco’s doing over there? Well it looks like Boss has got a new wrinkle, and it ain’t fat. He’s got enough phone lines to start a legitimate phone company. Or an illegal horse betting joint. Any of you suckers out there wanna bet which?

Coy and Vance are in the General with Coy driving. Rosco is following in his patrol car with Flash in his lap. Vance notices Rosco and Coy remarks that is the first time all week. Deciding to mess with Rosco, they trick him into jumping through a billboard with Rosco’s face on it. Rosco turns on the sirens and remarks that the Dukes are in his way and he’s trying to get back to Boss. In the General, Coy and Vance continue to believe Rosco is chasing them and they don’t feel like arguing with Rosco today. Coy turns off onto a side road, to Rosco’s joy. Vance and Coy are surprised that Rosco wasn’t chasing them but Vance says they need to go get Jesse’s roofing materials.

Rapaho County AJAX field and Seed

Rosco arrives at the AJAX field and Seed and parks next to Boss’ car. He carries a box of phones inside, where Boss was fixing a light. Rosco trips and knocks him and Boss onto the ground with the phones. One phone cord gets around Boss’ neck and he screams about Rosco strangling him. They untangle it and Boss and Rosco get up before carrying the phones into another room. Boss says Swifty Barnes has been helping him set up and should be calling any minute now, while plugging one phone in. Rosco says they’ll open the doors for the bets and the two celebrate.

Swifty is on a phone pole and hooking up the line. He test calls the Duke Farm, where the Dukes are fixing the roof and Jesse answers. After Swifty calls Boss, confirming he hooked into the Duke Family’s phone line. Boss and Rosco celebrate and Boss tells Swifty he is going to be the front man for the joint and to get back quickly. After hanging up, Boss and Rosco start to untangle the phones. Boss says he and Swifty spent weeks setting this up.

The doors open and people flood in to place their bets. In the back Boss and Rosco collect bets over the phone. Rosco tells one caller that they don’t take credit cards while Boss writes down a bet of $100. Boss celebrates with ribs and comments that no one knows they are there. Rosco says they are in another county and Boss says they have milked Hazzard enough and it’s time to spread their greed around. In the parlor Swifty closes the poles. Boss and Rosco watch through a small window as the radio announces the winners.

Duke Farm

Jesse and the boys are sitting down to eat when the phone rings. Jesse expresses it has been going off all day. Daisy gets the phone but no one answers. She hangs it up and tells the others. Jesse says they should report it and the boys and Daisy agree to go, leaving Jesse to do the dishes.


After collecting the house winnings, Swifty heads to the back room. Boss gives Rosco the bones from his meal ‘for the hound dog’ before greeting Swifty. Swifty goes back into the main room and Boss tells Rosco to get ahold of Enos and make sure things are still good in Hazzard. Rosco agrees and picks up the CB.Boss reminds Rosco of the cover story, that they are in the field reassessing county tax property.

Hazzard County

Enos is driving on the road when he hears Rosco call. Enos notes there is a lot of static and asks where they are reassessing. Rosco tells him they are near Rapaho County. Boss gets angry, saying for him to not blab and they can’t let the Dukes know where they are. Boss takes the CB and tells Enos not to tell anyone where they are. Enos says they can count on him as his lips are sealed.

Vance, Daisy, and Coy see Enos and pull up alongside him. Coy tells him to pull over and Enos greets them before getting upset that he spoke. Realizing something is wrong, they chase after Enos. Enos passes through a construction site and a worker falls into water to avoid their cars. Vance pulls in front of Enos and stops him. The Dukes get out of the car and Coy asks why he’s running. Enos tries to talk to them while keeping his mouth shut. The Dukes all remark he’s a good, honest, and reliable man and if Boss and Rosco are building a still it’s none of their business. Enos protests they aren’t and Daisy and Enos go back and forth until Enos admits they are near the Rapaho County Line. Enos then becomes upset realizing what he said. They try to assure him that it’s alright and despite Eno’s protests, they drive away. Enos chases after them.

Town of Rapaho

Bull runs up to Billie to inform her about the horse betting Parlor. Furious, she wants to find the person operating it.


Boss receives all the bets that were made over phone. Meanwhile they hear Enos calling and Rosco answers the call. Rosco says he told Enos not to bother them. Enos explains that he accidental let it slip where they were and furious, Boss tells him that he needs to detain the Dukes or he will be fired. Boss then tells Rosco they are going into Plan B and Rosco says that is his favorite before asking what plan that was. Boss says it is the one that Rosco arrests the Dukes before shoving Rosco out the rear door. In the main room, Swifty continues to run bets.

Hazzard County

The Dukes near the county line with Enos continuing the chase. Daisy remarks there isn’t anything out there and the three Dukes all agree that Boss is up to something shady. They see Rosco ahead of them, having set up a roadblock. Alarmed and too late to stop, Vance tells them all to hold on before jumping over Rosco. Enos follows, also jumping over Rosco before hitting a tree. Worried, the Dukes turn around and head back to check on him. Enos is alright but his car took a heavy hit. They help him out of his car and Enos apologizes to them. Rosco pulls up and tells them they are under arrest. The Dukes and Enos ask why and Rosco says for flying without a license. They attempt to cuff the boys, but Vance and Coy shove the officers over before the three flee. Enos chases after them.


Rosco returns to Boss and Boss asks that he locked up the Dukes. Rosco tells him ‘not exactly’ and says he ran the Dukes away. Rosco says Enos is watching them and Boss laments that Cletus is on vacation and they need every man they can get. Boss hands Rosco a phone to help take bets and Rosco accidentally tangles the phone cords around Boss’ neck.

In the main room, Swifty continues to gather bets when Billie and Bull come into the parlor. They head to the back room. Boss and Rosco try to toss them out but Bull gets their attention by bending the barrel of Rosco’s gun. Billie introduces herself as the Boss of Rapaho County and explains she was elected a week ago. Billie asks who is in charge and Bull disregards Boss and Rosco as being too fat and stupid. The two take offense to the statements but Bull crushes a phone to quiet them. The two quickly agree that they can’t run this and Billie asks who it is. Boss tells them that the Duke Family is running the whole thing and they just work for them. They show the two the phone book as proof, the number being the same for the Duke Farm. Boss says that if they take Route 17 and go three miles east to Willow Corners past the old schoolhouse. There is a fork in the road that will take them to Old Mill Road. The two leave.

Boss tells Rosco to get on the CB and have Enos watch the Dukes and report everything that happens to them. Swifty, seeing Billie and Bull, run in and Boss remarks that they got to move. Swifty goes to close it down while Boss gathers up the money.

Duke Farm

Vance, Coy, and Daisy return to the Farm and Enos watches from over the hill. Inside Jesse is putting the phone in the stove, annoyed with it. The Dukes talk about what Boss could be up to. Bull and Billie arrive at the farm. Billie remarks it’s a ‘heck of a front’ as her and Bull head to the door. Billie knocks and the Dukes invite them in. She greets them, introducing herself. The Dukes introduce themselves and ask what they can do for her. She says she wants a cut of all the money coming out of Rapaho County. The Dukes are confused and ask what they are talking about. When Bull mentions a fat man, they realize it must be Boss Hogg. Vance and Coy try to explain that they have no part in it and Bull says the Sheriff backed up Boss and Billie adds that it is their phone number. Daisy says that would explain the phone. Jesse says their fight is with Boss but Billie tells him not to con her. Vance says it was his and Coy’s operation. Jesse tries to stop them, but Coy says he’s sorry but they won’t drag Daisy and Jesse into it. They agree to go with Billie and Bull to the horse room. The four go outside. Coy hits them with the screen door and the boys drive away in the General. Billie and Bull follow them in their car. Shocked, Enos rushes to follow and runs into a tree.


Bull shoots at them as they drive and Vance jumps the car over the creek. Billie and Bull stop, unable to follow. The boys head out to Rapaho county while Bull gets the car unstuck from the creek. They head back to the horse parlor.


Coy and Vance arrive to find the warehouse has been cleaned out. They look around and Coy wonders if they have the wrong place. However, Vance finds a bet marker and they realize Boss probably packed up and moved his operations. They decide to head back to the farm and check on the others. Enos follows them back.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Jesse are at the kitchen table when the boys return. They inform the two of what they found. Jesse becomes furious and the boys say they need to find the betting operation first. The phone goes off again and Vance says they should find where the line is tied into theirs. The Dukes all set out, Daisy and Jesse in Dixie and Vance and Coy in the General. Enos continues to follow, tripping over a tree.

Rapaho Grange Hall

Rosco and Swifty finish setting up phone lines as the crowds come in. Boss brings in donuts as Swifty informs him the phones are all hooked up and still on the Duke’s line. Boss sends Swifty out again saying they have been losing money. Swifty talks in the speakers, saying the bets close in ten minutes. Rosco becomes excited about the money and Enos calls him and reports in about Billie and Bull with the Dukes. Boss and Rosco tell Enos to arrest the Dukes. Enos asks why and Rosco tells him the boys are speeding.


Enos is still upset about it and notices he’s about to hit a horse drawn wagon. He swerves to avoid it, hitting a tree and losing another fender. He apologizes for scaring the horse before driving away.


Billie and Bull find the AJAX warehouse is empty. Furious, they decide to head back to the Duke Farm.


Vance and Coy drive along the road, looking at the phone lines for any sign of a break. Coy asks Vance what are they going to do when they find one and Vance pulls out a bag he got from the barn before they left the farm.  He tells Coy that when he was in the Merchant Marines he had learned a little about communications. Enos suddenly pulls out behind them and calls them on the CB, apologizing for it but saying he has to arrest them. Enos tries to follow the boys onto another road but accidentally jumps off the road and onto the back of a truck on a car trailer. Enos yells to be let down.

Duke Farm

Billie and Bull check the Duke Farm and find no one is there. Billie says they will have to track the boys down.


Seeing a break, the boys stop. Vance says it looks like they found it before putting on a harness and climbing the pole.

Enos continues to yell at the truck, trying to get the driver to stop.

Grange Hall

Swifty plays the race over the speakers and announces that the races are over for the day, but tells everyone not to forget that tomorrow is the Dixie Derby.


Coy asks how it’s going and Vance tells him he’s going to test the line.

Grange Hall

Boss tells Rosco to keep an eye out for Billie and the Dukes. Swifty brings the winnings in for Boss. Boss and Swifty talk about Plan D and Rosco says that is his favorite. Rosco then asks to run through Plan D again and Swifty explains it is for the Dixie Derby. Swifty adds he’ll call his friend is Savannah. He then calls, telling Merle the deal is on. Vance overhears the conversation on the pole. Merle agrees to call Swifty with the name of the winner of the race before it is officially announced over the radio’s. Vance explains to Coy what is going on.


Enos manages to get the truck driver to stop and he is surprised to see Enos. He tells Enos he’ll get him down before asking how he even got up there. Enos thanks him and says he isn’t sure how either. The man gets him down.

Jesse and Daisy are headed toward the Grange Hall when they see a large number of cars. They conclude that is probably where the parlor is and he calls Coy over the CB. Vance starts down the pole, saying for everyone to meet at Cooter’s. As he gets down, Billie and Bull pull up. Bull pulls a gun on Vance before telling him to come down. While he turns his focus to Coy, Vance jumps off the poll, landing on Bull. Coy starts the General and Vance gets inside. They drive away. Bull gets back in the car and Billie chases them. Coy jumps the creek and Billie tries to follow but doesn’t make it.

Hazzard Garage

That night the Dukes meet at the Garage. Cooter is away on vacation but they have a key. After night fell they four Dukes talk about the situation. Jesse asks for their plan and they admit only Vance knows about it for now.

Grange Hall

The next morning, Boss, Rosco, and Swifty get ready to open the doors. Merle overlooks the race track.

Town of Hazzard

Billie and Bull leave the J.D. Hogg Ritz Plaza Hotel, Bull ripping the door off the car in anger.

In the garage, the Duke’s prepare for Vance’s plan. Jesse hands over some money to the boys, $47 he had saved up, $56 he got for the hogs, and ‘the balance’ saying it adds up to $150. Vance says that is perfect. Daisy comes in, dressed up like a middle aged woman and asks if Boss will recognize her. Coy says she covered up all the parts Boss hired her for and she threatens to hit him with her purse. Vance gives her the money and tells her to wait for Coy’s call on the CB.

Grange Hall

Boss and Rosco watch the crowd arrive, excited. Boss tells Rosco to call Enos and tell him to keep the Dukes and Billie away from them.


Coy and Vance arrive at the phone line. Coy says the Derby starts at 2pm, giving them 20 minutes. Vance starts climbing the pole.

Grange Hall

Daisy and Jesse arrive at the hall and hide behind some hay. Inside Swifty opens the bets and reminds everyone that the bets close in 15 minutes.


The race starts and Vance and Coy wait to hear from Merle. Enos passes them on the road, spotting the boys. Coy drives off, both expecting Enos to follow him. Instead Enos stops and tells Vance to come down from the pole. Vance says he isn’t going anywhere but Coy is leaving. Enos agrees and heads after Coy.


Merle watches Country Dancer win the race. He calls the number given which Vance picks up. He gives the results.


Vance calls the Grange House, pretending to be Merle, and tells them that the winner of the race was Fleet Sunrise.

Grange House

Boss says to raise the odds on the other horses, giving everyone whatever they wants but says the odds on Fleet Sunrise will remain at 1 to 20.


Coy jumps over a barn and Enos gives up the chase. He goes back and picks up Vance. The two leave and call Daisy on the CB telling her to bet on Country Dancer.

Grange Hall

Daisy goes inside to make the bet. She approaches Swifty and asks for the odds on Country Dancer. Swifty says it’s 25 to 1. Daisy says if he makes it 50 to 1 he’s got a deal. Swifty agrees and many others hear the bet and make the same one. They listen to the race. Outside Coy and Vance arrive. They head over to meet up with Jesse and the three go into the Grange Hall.

Outside Billie recognizes Erza Colley’s pickup and remarks that he’s a betting man and follows the road he came from.

Daisy gets excited when Country Dancer is mentioned in the race and starts jumping around, knocking off her disguise. Rosco notices her and sees the other Dukes. He waves Boss over, telling him that the Dukes found them. Boss says the Dukes can’t do anything now.

Billie and Bull pull up and see the General Lee. Meanwhile the race ends with Country Dancer announced to be the winner. Boss and Rosco are shocked and Boss says they aren’t paying the bets but leaving. As they start to gather up all the money, Billie and Bull come in the back and announce they are taking all the money. Billie and Bull leave and Boss and Rosco argue about chasing after them. Rosco’s gun goes off and Vance and Coy run in to see what happened. Boss says Billie took all the money and the boys decide to chase after them.

Boss tells Rosco to join the chase and Rosco refuses. Meanwhile Jesse and all the people who bet all come into the back and confront Boss and Rosco. The two try to claim they were investigating.


The boys catch up to Billie and Bull. Bull shoots out the radiator and Vance tells Coy to hold the General steady while he sits up on the window and releases arrows. Billie flips the car allowing the boys to catch them. The boys take custody of both.

Balladeer: Now that’s more like it. And so, that’s how Boss’ horse room caper came to an end. As well as the careers of Bull and Billie of Rapaho. You know somebody ought to write a song about them two sweethearts. Poor old Boss couldn’t claim the money, cause he told everybody that he wasn’t involved. So the Dukes paid off all the betting folks as old Boss ate his heart out and everything else he’d get his self around. The Dukes presented their share of the winnings to Rev. Frawley for his orphanage. Well the Dukes got the use of their phone back. And things was peaceable once again in Hazzard. But don’t bet on it.

Grange Hall

The Duke Family hands out the bet money and Boss and Rosco eat in the back.

Hazzard County Orphanage

The Dukes donate the winnings to the orphanage.

Duke Farm

All the Dukes fight over using the phone, Daisy winning. She ignores the three men’s protests as she talks on the phone.


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Hazzard County[]

Rapaho County[]

  • AJAX Field and Seed
  • Town of Rapaho
    • Rapaho Drug Store
  • Rapaho Grange Hall


  • Big Billie Tucker is the first female County Commissioner introduced in the series
  • Boss remarks that Cletus is currently on vacation. Cletus was last seen in Big Daddy. He will not appear again until the first Hazzard Reunion Movie.
  • Despite the Hazzard Garage being in the episode, Cooter Davenport was absent. He is also said to be on vacation.